How to Add or Remove Channels in Sun Direct DTH?

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Sun Direct DTH provides a wide array of channels for entertainment and information. Knowing how to add or remove channels on your Sun Direct DTH can enhance your viewing experience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to efficiently manage your channel subscriptions.

Tata Play leads the market with an impressive 33.23% market share, closely trailed by Airtel DTH (Bharat Telemedia) at 26.24%. Sun Direct TV has made significant strides, elevating its market share to 18.43%, while Dish TV presently holds a 22.10% market share.

Did you know that Sun Direct was the first market player as a DTH provider to adopt the advanced MPEG-4 technology offering better compression and strong signal?

Our step-by-step guide will cover all the available ways to act upon these changes via Website, Mobile Application, SMS, or Customer care.

How To Add or Remove Channel in Sun Direct?

The Sun Direct DTH has over 240 channels. You can add or remove channels in essentially three (3) ways:

  • You can do it online by visiting the Sun Direct website
  • You can send an SMS
  • You can use the Sun Direct Mobile App on your Android or iOS device
  • You can make a call on Sun Direct customer care number.

Now, let us get into the nitty-gritty of these three ways!

Adding and Removing Channels in Sun Direct: Official Website

Users that find adding/removing channels easy on the official website, this section is for you.

You can follow the below steps to get going:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official Sun Direct website.
  2. Login to Your Account: Log in using your Sun Direct account credentials, typically your subscriber ID and password.
  3. Access the Channel Section: Look for a section named "Channels" or "Subscription." Click on it to access your channel management.
  4. Select Channels to Add or Remove: Browse through the available Sun Direct channel List and select the ones you want to add or remove from your subscription.
  5. Apply Changes: Follow the on-screen instructions to apply the changes. Confirm your selections, and the website will update your subscription accordingly. Also you can get the S

How to Add Channels in Sun Direct via Sun Direct Mobile App

In today’s era where mobile applications rule our shopping world, DTH service providers  like Airtel DTH, Tata Play DTH, Videocon d2h, Jio DTH, Dish TV  and more are not left behind. Most of them, if not all, have dedicated mobile applications available on Google Playstore and Apple Store to help customers experience a seamless buying journey.

If you wish to modify your Sun Direct channel recharge, then follow the below steps:

  1. Download and Install the App: Visit your app store, search for the Sun Direct mobile app, download it, and install it on your smartphone.
  2. Log In: Open the app, enter your login credentials to access your account.
  3. Access Channel Management: Find and navigate to the section where you can manage your channels or subscription.
  4. Choose Channels for Modification: Select the channels you wish to add or remove from your subscription.
  5. Confirm and Update: Follow the app's prompts to confirm your selections and finalize the changes to your subscription.

Ensure that your Sun Direct account has some balance from where the payment for the new channels can be made otherwise go for Sun Direct DTH recharge if you are lacking funds in your account. Adding or removing channels in Sun Direct mobile app is practically a 2-3 min job. Try it.

How to Add Channels in Sun Direct via SMS

If you are not a browser person and like to follow short processes, then SMS services are at your service to help you add or remove channels.

You can do so by opening up the messaging app of your registered mobile number and sending an SMS to 9600058585, including the channel code.

You can use the below format to add a new pack to your Sun Direct subscription

Type ADD <Channel Code> <Smart Card number or CDSN number>

How to Remove Channels in Sun Direct via SMS

Similarly, if you wish to use SMS services to remove or deactivate undesirable channels in your pack, send an SMS to 9600058585 from your registered mobile number and include your channel code in the text.

You can use the below format to remove a channel from your Sun Direct subscription

Type DROP <Channel Code> <Smart Card number or CDSN number>

Adding and Removing Channels in Sun Direct: Customer Care

If you want to personalize the channel selection process, then Sun Direct Customer Care is your best bet. Pick up your registered mobile number and dial 1800 123 7575 or 1800 103 7575. Alternatively, you can also choose to give a missed call to 7601012345 from your registered number and request a callback.

Once you are connected to a customer care rep, feel free to discuss in detail all the additions and reductions you’d like to make to your Sun Direct channel selection.

Customizing your channel list on Sun Direct DTH is a simple and convenient process that allows you to tailor your viewing experience. Whether you want to add new channels for more entertainment or remove the ones you no longer watch, or even looking to buy a new Sun Direct DTH connection; following the steps outlined in this guide will help you efficiently manage your Sun Direct DTH subscription. Stay tuned for a personalized TV experience!

Sun Direct Channel Add: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add channels to my Sun Direct DTH subscription at any time?

Yes, you can add channels to your Sun Direct DTH subscription at any time through the online portal or mobile app. Simply follow the steps outlined in this guide.

Are there any charges for adding or removing channels?

Yes, adding or removing channels may involve additional charges based on the subscription rates and the channels you choose. The portal will provide you with the cost details before confirming the changes.

How long does it take for the changes to be effective after adding or removing channels?

The changes to your channel subscription on Sun Direct DTH usually take effect within a few minutes to a couple of hours. However, it's recommended to allow up to 24 hours for the changes to be fully implemented.

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