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list of Sun Direct Channels

With over 16 million subscribers and 249+ channels under its roof, Sun Direct offers a diverse range of channels, ensuring you find the right balance between content and budget. This article serves as a guide to help you discover the comprehensive Sun Direct Channel Number List and Prices easily for Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English and more channels.

Sun Direct Channel List:July 2024

Sun Direct DTH has rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing Direct-to-Home (DTH) service providers in India. Enjoy high-definition content with the majority of channels available in HD, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience. Explore the Sun Direct HD channel number list to stay updated on the latest offerings July 2024.

Sun Direct Channel List: Hindi

Discover the finest in Hindi entertainment and information. A comprehensive list of channel numbers plus the subscription fees may be found here. Read on to choose your favourite and customize your TV entertainment experience.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Hindi
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
&TVGECSDRs. 12.00
&TV HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Big MagicGECSDRs. 0.10
BindassGECSDRs. 1.00
ColorsGECSDRs. 19.00
Colors HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Colors RishteyGECSDRs. 1.00
Sony PALGECSDRs. 1.00
Star BharatGECSDRs. 12.00
Star Bharat HDGECHDRs. 15.00
Star PlusGECSDRs. 19.00
Star Plus HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Star UtsavGECSDRs. 1.00
Zee AnmolGECSDRs. 0.10
Zee TVGECSDRs. 19.00
Zee TV HDGECHDRs. 19.00
ZoomGECSDRs. 0.50
Sony MAX 2MoviesSDRs. 1.00
Sony MAX HDMoviesHDRs. 17.00
SET MAXMoviesSDRs. 15.00
Sony WAHMoviesSDRs. 1.00
Star GoldMoviesSDRs. 15.00
Star Gold 2MoviesSDRs. 2.00
Star Gold HDMoviesHDRs. 15.00
Star Gold SelectMoviesSDRs. 2.00
Star Utsav MoviesMoviesSDRs. 1.00
UTV ActionMoviesSDRs. 2.00
UTV MoviesMoviesSDRs. 1.00
Zee Anmol CinemaMoviesSDRs. 0.10
Zee CinemaMoviesSDRs. 15.00
Zee Cinema HDMoviesHDRs. 19.00
Colors CineplexMoviesSDRs. 3.00
&pictures HDMoviesHDRs. 19.00
Colors Cineplex HDMoviesHDRs. 5.00
Cartoon NetworkKidsSDRs. 4.25
Cartoon Network HD+KidsHDRs. 5.00
GubbareKidsSDRs. 0.65
Hungama TVKidsSDRs. 2.00
NickKidsSDRs. 6.00
Nick Jr.KidsSDRs. 1.00
PogoKidsSDRs. 4.25
Sonic NickelodeonKidsSDRs. 2.00
MTVMusicSDRs. 3.00
MTV BeatsMusicSDRs. 0.10
MTV Beats HDMusicHDRs. 1.00
Aaj TakNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.75
News18 Bihar/JharkhandNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
News18 IndiaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
TezNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.25
Zee HindustanNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
Zee NewsNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
Zee Punjab Haryana HimachalNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
News18 Madhya Pradesh/ChhattisgarhNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
CNBC AwaazNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 1.00
The History ChannelInfotainmentSDRs. 3.00
epic TVInfotainmentSDRs. 2.00
History TV18 HDInfotainmentHDRs. 7.00

Sun Direct 229 Plan Channel List

Sun Direct Kannada Super Pack Price comes at Rs 299.The following channels are included:

  • Hindi(1)-Zoom
  • Infotainment(6)-Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic Channel, History TV 18, TLC
  • Kannada(12)-Colors Kannada, Colors Kannada Cinema, Colors Super, Kannada Cinema Club, News18 Kannada, Star Survana, Start Survana Plus, Udaya Comedy, Udaya TV, Udaya Movies, Udaya Music, Zee Kannada
  • Kids(17)-Cartoon Network, Cbeebies, Chintu TV, Chutti TV, Discovery Kids, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Gubare, Hungama TV, Kochu TV, Kushi TV, Nick, Nick Junior, Pogo, Sony Yay, Super Hungama, Sony Nicklodean
  • Malayalam(5)-Malayam Kannada, Surya Comedy, Surya Movies, Surya Music, Surya TV
  • News(11)-Aaj Tak, BBC World News, CNBC TV18, CNN International, CNN News 18, ET Now, India Today, Mirror Now, NDTV 24*7, Times Now, Wion
  • Sports(5)-EuroSports, Start Sports 1 Kannada, Start Sports 2, Start Sports 3, Star Sports First
  • Tamil(8)-Adithaya TV, Colors Tamil, KTV, Sun Life, Sun News, Sun Music, Tamil Cinema Sun TV
  • Telugu(19)-ETV Telugu, ETV Abhiruchi, ETV Andhra Pradesh, ETV Cinema, ETV Life, ETV Plus, ETV Telangana, Gemini Comedy, Gemini Life, Gemini Music, Gemini Movies, Gemini TV, Star MAA Gold, Start MAA Music, Star MAA Movies, Start Maa, Telugu Cinema, Zee Cinemalu, Zee Telugu
  • Others(1)-GNT: Good News Today

Sun Direct Channel List: English

Catch the finest of English channels on Sun Direct, whether it's Romedy Now, Set Pix, Star World, Zee Café, even VH1. Find a comprehensive list of channel numbers, plus subscription costs here, and experience the greatest content available. Also, get the Sun Direct DTH new connection with a customized plan.

Sun Direct Channel Number List English
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
&flixMoviesSDRs. 15.00
&flix HDMoviesHDRs. 19.00
&prive HDMoviesHDRs. 19.00
MN+ HDMoviesHDRs. 10.00
MNXMoviesSDRs. 6.00
MNX HDMoviesHDRs. 9.00
Movies NowMoviesSDRs. 10.00
Movies Now HDMoviesHDRs. 12.00
Romedy NowMoviesSDRs. 6.00
Romedy Now HDMoviesHDRs. 9.00
SET PIXMoviesSDRs. 10.00
Sony PIX HDMoviesHDRs. 15.00
Star MoviesMoviesSDRs. 7.00
Star Movies HDMoviesHDRs. 15.00
Star Movies Select HDMoviesHDRs. 8.00
Discovery KidsKidsSDRs. 3.00
Disney ChannelKidsSDRs. 9.00
Disney International HDKidsHDRs. 14.00
Disney JuniorKidsSDRs. 4.00
Marvel HQKidsSDRs. 4.00
Sony YAY!KidsSDRs. 2.00
CbeebiesKidsSDRs. 5.00
Zee CaféGECSDRs. 15.00
Zee Café HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Star WorldGECSDRs. 4.00
Star World HDGECHDRs. 12.00
Colors Infinity HDGECHDRs. 9.00
Comedy CentralGECSDRs. 5.00
Comedy Central HDGECHDRs. 9.00
Star World Premiere HDGECHDRs. 9.00
VH1MusicSDRs. 1.00
VH1 HDMusicHDRs. 2.00
BBC World NewsNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 1.00
CNBC TV18News & Current AffairsSDRs. 4.00
CNN InternationalNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.50
CNN News18News & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.50
ET NowNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 3.00
India TodayNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 1.00
Mirror NowNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.50
NDTV 24X7News & Current AffairsSDRs. 3.00
Times NowNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 3.00
WIONNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 1.00
Animal PlanetInfotainmentSDRs. 2.00
Animal Planet HD WorldInfotainmentHDRs. 3.00
Discovery ChannelInfotainmentSDRs. 4.00
Discovery HD WorldInfotainmentHDRs. 6.00
Discovery ScienceInfotainmentSDRs. 1.00
Discovery TurboInfotainmentSDRs. 1.00
Fox LifeInfotainmentSDRs. 1.00
Fox Life HDInfotainmentHDRs. 1.00
Nat Geo WildInfotainmentSDRs. 1.00
Nat Geo Wild HDInfotainmentHDRs. 5.00
National GeographicInfotainmentSDRs. 2.00
National Geographic HDInfotainmentHDRs. 10.00
Sony BBC EarthInfotainmentSDRs. 4.00
Sony BBC Earth HDInfotainmentHDRs. 10.00
TLCInfotainmentSDRs. 2.00
TLC HD WorldInfotainmentHDRs. 3.00
Travel XP HDInfotainmentHDRs. 9.00

Sun Direct Sports Channel List

Sun Direct brings you the most recent news from the sporting world. Find a comprehensive list of sports channels, as well as channel numbers and subscription costs, right here. View DD Sports, Star Sports, as well as other sports channels.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Sports
Sun Direct Channel NameSD/HDDRP
EurosportSDRs. 4.00
Eurosport HDHDRs. 6.00
SIXSDRs. 15.00
SIX HDHDRs. 19.00
Sony Ten 1SDRs. 19.00
Sony Ten 1 HDHDRs. 19.00
Sony Ten 2SDRs. 15.00
Sony Ten 2 HDHDRs. 17.00
Sony Ten 3SDRs. 17.00
Sony Ten 4SDRs. 17.00
Sony Ten 4 HDHDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 1SDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 1 BanglaSDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 1 HDHDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 1 HD HindiHDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 1 HindiSDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 1 KannadaSDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 1 TamilSDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 1 TeluguSDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 2SDRs. 6.00
Star Sports 2 HDHDRs. 19.00
Star Sports 3SDRs. 2.00
Star Sports FirstSDRs. 1.00
Star Sports Select 1SDRs. 19.00
Star Sports Select 1 HDHDRs. 19.00
Star Sports Select 2SDRs. 7.00
Star Sports Select 2 HDHDRs. 10.00

Sun Direct Channel List: Tamil

Watch movies, listen to music, and keep up with the newest Tamil news. Here is a comprehensive list of all Sun Direct channels, channel numbers, and subscription costs. Many of the channels also are completely free.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Tamil
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
Colors TamilGECSDRs. 3.00
Jaya TVGECSDRs. 6.00
Colors TamilGECSDRs. 3.00
Mega TVGECSDRs. 3.00
Sun LifeGECSDRs. 9.00
Sun TVGECSDRs. 19.00
Sun TV HDGECHDRs. 19.00
VijayGECSDRs. 19.00
Vijay HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Vijay SuperGECSDRs. 2.00
Zee TamilGECSDRs. 12.00
Vijay MusicMusicSDRs. 1.00
Sun MusicMusicSDRs. 6.00
Sun Music HDMusicHDRs. 19.00
Jaya MaxMusicSDRs. 2.25
KTVMoviesSDRs. 19.00
KTV HDMoviesHDRs. 19.00
Chutti TVKidsSDRs. 6.00
Sun NewsNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 1.00
Jaya PlusNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.50
News18 Tamil NaduNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
Adithya TVComedySDRs. 9.00
Travel XP TamilTravel & LivingSDRs. 1.50
D TamilInfotainmentSDRs. 4.00

 Sun Direct Channel List: Telugu

Now you can find the greatest entertainment and information in Telugu. A comprehensive list of channel plus subscription costs could well be found here. Read down to choose your favourite; get Sun Direct Telugu recharge soon.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Telugu
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
Kushi TVKidsSDRs. 4.00
Gemini MusicMusicSDRs. 4.00
Gemini Music HDMusicHDRs. 19.00
Maa MusicMusicSDRs. 1.00
Gemini ComedyComedySDRs. 5.00
ETV Andhra PradeshNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 1.00
ETV TelanganaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 1.00
Maa GoldMoviesSDRs. 2.00
Maa MoviesMoviesSDRs. 15.00
Maa Movies HDMoviesHDRs. 19.00
Gemini MoviesMoviesSDRs. 17.00
Gemini Movies HDMoviesHDRs. 19.00
ETV CinemaMoviesSDRs. 6.00
Zee CinemaluMoviesSDRs. 10.00
Zee Cinemalu HDMoviesHDRs. 16.00
Zee TeluguGECSDRs. 19.00
Zee Telugu HDGECHDRs. 19.00
ETV LifeGECSDRs. 1.00
ETV PlusGECSDRs. 7.00
Gemini TVGECSDRs. 19.00
Gemini TV HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Maa TVGECSDRs. 19.00
Gemini LifeGECSDRs. 5.00
Maa HDGECHDRs. 19.00
ETV AbhiruchiFood & LifestyleSDRs. 2.00

Sun Direct Channel List: Malayalam

Enjoy Amrita TV, Asianet, JaiHind TV, Media One TV, and more Malayalam stations. On Sun Direct, you can find a comprehensive list of Malayalam channels, together with their channel numbers.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Malayalam
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
Zee KeralamGECSDRs. 0.10
Surya HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Surya TVGECSDRs. 12.00
Flowers TVGECSDRs. 10.00
AsianetGECSDRs. 19.00
Asianet HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Asianet PlusGECSDRs. 5.00
Surya ComedyComedySDRs. 4.00
Kochu TVKidsSDRs. 5.00
Surya MusicMusicSDRs. 4.00
News18 KeralaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
Asianet MoviesMoviesSDRs. 15.00
Surya MoviesMoviesSDRs. 11.00

Sun Direct Channel List: Kannada

Channels like Asianet Suvarna News, Colours Super, Udaya Movies, and many others are available. Here is a comprehensive list of all Sun Direct channels with Kannada channel numbers. Costs are also listed for each channel. A few of the channels below are completely free.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Kannada
CHANNELS NAMESun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreDRP
Zee KannadaGECSDRs. 19.00
Udaya HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Udaya TVGECSDRs. 17.00
Star SuvarnaGECSDRs. 12.00
Star Suvarna HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Colors SuperGECSDRs. 3.00
Colors KannadaGECSDRs. 19.00
Colors Kannada HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Udaya ComedyComedySDRs. 6.00
Udaya MoviesMoviesSDRs. 16.00
Star Suvarna PlusMoviesSDRs. 1.00
Colors Kannada CinemaMoviesSDRs. 2.00
Chintu TVKidsSDRs. 6.00
Udaya MusicMusicSDRs. 6.00
News18 KannadaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10

Sun Direct Channel List: Bengali

Sun Direct provides the finest Bengali TV. The following is a full list of Bengali channels, together with their channel numbers and subscription rates. Choose what you want and personalize your TV user experience.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Bengali
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
Colors BanglaGECSDRs. 7.00
Colors Bangla HDGECHDRs. 14.00
Sony AathGECSDRs. 4.00
Star JalshaGECSDRs. 19.00
Star Jalsha HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Zee BanglaGECSDRs. 19.00
Zee Bangla HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Colors Bangla CinemaMoviesSDRs. 1.00
Star Jalsha MoviesMoviesSDRs. 6.00
Star Jalsha Movies HDMoviesHDRs. 19.00
Zee Bangla CinemaMoviesSDRs. 2.00
Zee 24 GhantaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
News18 BanglaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10

Sun Direct Channel List: Marathi

Experience the finest of Marathi TV by tuning in to stations like ABP Majha, Star Pravah, and Zee Talkies. A comprehensive list of Marathi channels on Sun Direct, and also their channel numbers, can be found here. You could also discover the most recent subscription pricing for every channel here.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Marathi
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
Colors MarathiGECSDRs. 10.00
Colors Marathi HDGECHDRs. 17.00
Zee MarathiGECSDRs. 19.00
Sony MarathiGECSDRs. 4.00
Star PravahGECSDRs. 10.00
Star Pravah HDGECHDRs. 15.00
Zee Marathi HDGECHDRs. 19.00
Zee YuvaGECSDRs. 1.00
Zee TalkiesMoviesSDRs. 2.00
News18 LokmatNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
Zee 24 TaasNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10

Sun Direct Channel List: Odia

If you want to watch news and current affairs channels in Odia on Sun Direct, check out the channel numbers and monthly subscriptions below, then add channels like DD Odia as well as OTV to your bundle.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Odia
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
AlankarMoviesSDRs. 4.00
Zee SarthakGECSDRs. 19.00
TarangGECSDRs. 10.00
Colors OdiaGECSDRs. 6.00
Tarang MusicMusicSDRs. 2.00
PrarthanaDevotionalSDRs. 2.00
News18 OdiaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10
Zee OdishaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 0.10

Sun Direct Channel List: Gujarati

Sun Direct allows you to watch Gujarati stations like DD Girnar and TV9 Gujarati. The entire list of channels, as well as channel numbers and monthly subscriptions, will be seen here.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Gujarati
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
Colors GujaratiGECSDRs. 5.00
Colors Gujarati CinemaNews & Current AffairsSDRs. 1.00

Sun Direct Channel List: Punjabi

Watch stations like DD Punjabi, MH One, PTC News, and many others to receive your weekly dose of Punjabi information and entertainment. The entire list of Punjabi channels on Sun Direct, including channel numbers and subscription rates, can be seen here.

Sun Direct Channel Number List Punjabi
Sun Direct Channel NameSub-GenreSD/HDDRP
DD PunjabiGECSDRs.0.00
MH OneMusicSDRs.0.00
PTC NewsNews & Current AffairsSDRs.0.00
PTC PunjabiGECSDRs.0.00
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal PradeshGECSDRs.0.00
Zee PunjabiGECSDRs.3.54

Sun Direct HD Channel List

Experience your preferred shows and movies in high definition through Sun Direct. Already having a Sun Direct DTH HD connection, discover a comprehensive list of channels, their respective numbers, and subscription rates right here.

Sun Direct Channel HD List
Sun Direct Channel NameSun Direct Channel NumberDRP
&pictures HD882Rs. 22.42
&prive HD910Rs.22.42
&TV HD878Rs. 22.42
Asianet HD854Rs. 22.42
Colors HD870Rs. 22.42
Colors Infinity HD941Rs. 10.62
Colors Kannada HD864Rs. 22.42
Comedy Central HD939Rs. 10.62
Discovery HD World951Rs. 7.08
ETV HD830Rs. 22.42
Gemini Movies HD822Rs. 22.42
Gemini Music HD824Rs. 22.42
Gemini TV HD820Rs. 22.42
HBO HD906Rs. 17.70
History TV18 HD960Rs. 8.26
KTV HD802Rs. 22.42
Mazhavil Manorama HD856Rs. 0.00
MN+ HD917Rs. 11.80
MNX HD918Rs. 10.62
Movies Now HD916Rs. 14.16
MTV Beats HD892Rs. 1.18
Romedy Now HD919Rs. 10.62
SET HD874Rs. 22.42
Sony BBC Earth HD955Rs. 11.80
Sony Max HD885Rs. 20.06
Sony Pix HD904Rs. 17.70
Sony Six HD975Rs. 22.42
Sony Ten 1 HD982Rs. 22.42
Sony Ten 2 HD983Rs. 20.06
Star Bharat HD877Rs. 22.42
Star Maa HD828Rs. 22.42
Star Movies HD914Rs. 22.42
Star Movies Select HD912Rs. 11.80
Star Plus HD872Rs. 22.42
Star Sports 1 HD984Rs. 22.42
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD984Rs. 22.42
Star Sports 2 HD986Rs. 22.42
Star Sports Select 1 HD987Rs. 22.42
Star Sports Select 2 HD988Rs. 11.80
Star Vijay HD806Rs. 22.42
Star World HD931Rs. 10.62
Star World Premiere HD932Rs. 10.62
Sun Music HD804Rs. 22.42
Sun TV HD800Rs. 22.42
Times Now World HD948Rs. 5.90
TLC HD962Rs. 3.54
TravelXP HD964Rs. 10.62
Vh1 HD946Rs. 2.36
Zee Cafe HD930Rs. 22.42
Zee Cinema HD884Rs. 22.42
Zee Telugu HD832Rs. 22.42
Zee TV HD876Rs. 22.42

Sun Direct Channel List: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my channel selection with Sun Direct plans?

Yes, Sun Direct offers customizable plans, allowing you to choose channels based on your preferences. 

Is there a Sun Direct app for channel list and subscription management?

Yes, Sun Direct may offer a mobile app that allows you to view the channel list, manage your subscription, and explore additional features. Check their official app for more details.

Are HD channels included in Sun Direct plans?

Yes, many channels in the Sun Direct channel list are available in high definition (HD), providing superior picture quality.