Launched in December 2007, Sun Direct is part of Sun media group. It is one of the leading DTH providers in India who has created a brand name for itself in the country. The total number of channels and services offered by Sun Direct is 465.

Sun Direct DTH: Best DTH Service Provider in India

Type Details
Company Name Sun Direct DTH Private Limited
Parent Kalanidhi Maran
Founded 2007 (December)
Official Website
Address Murasoli Maran Towers, 73,
MRC Nagar Main Road,
MRC Nagar, Chennai- 600 028
Sun Direct TV, India Customer Care 1800 123 7575 (Toll-Free Number)
7601012345 (Help Line Number)
[email protected]

With over 14 million subscribers, Sun Direct is one of the leading players as the DTH provider. Digital satellite television is a great way to watch TV in India. With services like the ones offered by Sun's Direct, you can watch your favorite shows and movies from anywhere in the country.

Sun Direct Plans and Set-top Box Price

It is always suggested to compare the different DTH providers, and make a choice. Sun Direct offers its customers multiple options when it comes to set-top boxes. We’ve listed them below:

Model Name Description HD Cost SD Cost
Entrustment Model This is the most popular and favored model, providing best-in-class DTH. Sun Direct owns all the rights to the equipment and accessories in this model. INR 657 INR 657
Outright Model The user flat-out owns the DTH connection-Set-Top Box and accessories under this model. INR 3,500 INR 3,500
Rental This model enables customers to rent a new DTH connection, set-top box, and accessories on a monthly basis. A refundable security deposit is taken from the customer. INR 3,500 INR 3,500

Sun Direct DTH Plans and Packages 2023

Sun Direct has a wide-ranging and entertaining list of DTH packs. It offers over 600 channels in SD+ and HD+ resolution across the nation. These plans come in four (4) different bundles:

  1. Sun Direct curated packs:You can select your regional packs in SD. The list of which includes Tamil Economy and Kannada Super and from the HD packs like Telugu Silver, Kannada Gold, etc.
  2. Sun Direct curated packs: You can select from the range of broadcaster bouquets available in Sun Direct like SD Bouquet 2-Tamil Prime SD,SD Bouquet 6-Telugu Super SD and more.
  3. Broadcaster Bouquets: You can select from the range of broadcaster bouquets available in Sun Direct like SD Bouquet 2-Tamil Prime SD,SD Bouquet 6-Telugu Super SD and more.
  4. À la carte: You can select from a range of broadcaster À la carte channels like Colors Bangla, Sony Aath, Jalsha Movies and more

Sun Direct Plans For SD Channels

Mentioned below are some of the most popular Sun Direct DTH plans that you can choose from:

Plan Name No. of channels Validity Cost
Tamil Super 87 channels 1 month Rs 188.14
Telugu Super 120 channels 1 month Rs 287.29
Kannada Value 77 channels 1 month Rs 169.95
Bengali Economy 70 channels 1 month Rs 127.7
Malayalam Super 92 channels 1 month Rs 186.44
Marathi Super 94 channels 1 month Rs 230.51
Odia Super 87 channels 1 month Rs 194.92
ROI Economy 76 channels 1 month Rs 166.01
ROI Value 97 channels 1 month Rs 221.19
ROI Telugu Kushi 107 channels 1 month Rs 255.09

Sun Direct Plans For HD Channels

Plan Name No. of channels Validity Cost
Tamil Prime 50 channels 1 Month Rs 120.34
Kannada Classic 62 channels 1 Month Rs 192.37
Bengali Smart 58 channels 1 Month Rs 151.69
Telugu Classic 72 channels 1 Month Rs 241.53
Malayalam Classic 69 channels 1 Month Rs 180.51
Marathi Smart 51 channels 1 Month Rs 194.07
ROI Ultimate 77 channels 1 Month Rs 1428.81

Sun Direct DTH Refresh

Whether you're a new or past customer, you might not be aware of the account Sun Direct refresh number. After you have recharged your Sun Direct DTH account or updated the channel list, you will see that the changes carried out are reflected in your account immediately. However, sometimes due to an issue, the change in channel pack doesn’t reflect on your account. But don't worry - we'll be sure to update you on any changes that may occur.

Refresh Sun Direct DTH: Online Through The Official Website

Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your Sun Direct STB
  2. Go to channel 36
  3. Now you can visit the official website of Sun Direct.( Donot switch off your TV)
  4. On the top, click on that ‘Help’ tab
  5. You can see a statement like “If unable to view subscribed channel. “Click on it
  6. Sign in using your registered mobile number or customer ID number
  7. Select the error code from the drop-down menu
  8. Click the ‘Refresh' button.

Sun Direct DTH Refresh :Through SMS

  1. Type (error code)(smart card number)in the message space
  2. Send it to 9600058585

Sun Direct DTH Refresh : Through Phone Call

  1. You can dial 1800 123 7575 / 1800 103 7575.
  2. You can also just give a missed call to 7601012345 from your registered mobile number

DTH - The Ultimate Way to Watch TV!

Sun Direct Customer Care

Customers can access Sun Direct DTH Customer Care Support for any product-related, technical, or account issues via various platforms. These include:

  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Toll-free number (1800-103-7575, 1800-123-7575)
  • Regional customer care number details
  • Chat box Services
  • 24*7 Helpline (76010 12345)
  • Complaint Management System (customers need to fill in their registered mobile number to register a new complaint or know the status of their opened complaint)

You can use either of the above platforms to find solutions to your issues like how to reactivate your DTH connection. If you want to upgrade your packages, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sun Direct customer care.

Sun Direct DTH: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sunnxt free for Sun Direct users?

Yes, Sunnxt is free for Sun Direct users.

What is the Sun Direct DTH DPO pack?

Sun Direct DPO packages include Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and other DPO packages. The package has both SD and HD channels.

What are Sun Direct Tamil plans for 1 year ?

Tamil Power SD Pack for Rs.1799

How to upgrade my Sun Direct DTH set-top box?

  • Call at Sun Direct DTH helpline number: 76010 12345
  • By visiting your nearest Sun Direct Sun Shine Center

How to reset my password for Sun Direct account?

Follow the steps below to reset your account password

  • Login into your account using RMN/SMC/CR-ID
  • Select the Forgot Password?
  • Generate and Verify OTP received to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter a new password and confirm it
  • Select Submit

How to modify or change my registered mobile number of Sun Direct account?

Follow the following steps:

  • Login in to your account using RMN/SMC/CR-ID.
  • Select My Profile link from the menu button
  • Enter your password and then select Submit
  • Click on the Change Mobile Number button
  • Enter the New Registered Number, Password
  • Select Submit

How to register a complaint with Sun Direct DTH?

To register a complaint, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Help section, Click on the Complaint Management System.
  • Enter your RMN/SMC/CR-ID and validate it.
  • Select the type of complaint from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the Mobile Number and summary of complaint
  • Click on Submit.

Sun Direct DTH