Best DTH In India: A Comparison & How To Choose

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DTH service providers are in plenty these days. With the several options available, it becomes difficult for subscribers to make the right choice. It is definitely troublesome and time-consuming to browse various websites and read the details. Today the Selectra team has come up with a compilation that helps you choose the best DTH in India. You can find the decisive factors concerning the top DTH service providers right here on this page.

An In-Depth Comparison of The Top DTH Providers In India

NLet us make things easier by providing some data that will give you information that will help you compare the top DTH providers who give the best plans in India, which include Tata Sky, Videocon d2h, Sun Direct, Airtel DTH, DishTV and DD Free Dish.

An Overview of All DTH Providers In India
Name of DTH service provider Tata Sky Videocon d2h Sun Direct Airtel Dish TV DD Free Dish
No: of Channels 652 650 180 563 100 106
SD channels 498 326 115 428 100 106
HD channels 91 61 63 72 15 1
Subscriber base Over 22 million Over 19 million Over 10 million Over 16 million Over 23 million Over 30 million
Contact number 1860 120 6633 91156 91156 1800 123 7575 18001036065 18002700300 1800110510

A Comparison of DTH Providers In India Based On Price

Name of DTH provider Installation charges Basic Set-top box charges Package starts from
Airtel HD Free Rs 1,590 Rs 158 per month
Dish TV Rs 200 Rs 999 Rs 165 per month
Sun Direct Free Rs 1,339 Rs 133 per month
Tata Sky Rs 400 Rs 999 Rs 150 per month
Videocon Free Rs 1,690 Rs 150 per month

The figures in the table are subject to change, depending on new subscriptions and channel additions/ deductions.

While JIO has initiated their fibre broadband services, DTH plans may be implemented soon. The information regarding this is still in the pipeline and not yet announced officially. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Top DTH In India

As you already know, recent times have forced Indian viewers to depend more on spending time indoors. This is when you need to have a solid entertainment system in place. Choosing a great DTH service provider is a priority when it comes to that. So how would you make the decision when there are several options available?

We are going to look into how you can select the best DTH service in India according to your requirements and what you need to consider before finalizing.

1. Set-Top Box

Your set-top box receives the signal transmission and converts it into content readable by your TV set. This affects the quality of the viewing experience. So it is important to know the specification and models of Set-top boxes available with each DTH provider. The model you select should be compatible with the TV equipment as well as the DTH pack you select, especially if you are going for high-tech options like 4K DTH in India. The most common set top box models are:

  • SD- Standard Definition
  • HD -High Definition
  • Ultra HD- 4K

2. Warranty provided

Every DTH service provider will give you a warranty period when you take a new DTH connection. The period may vary according to the operator. Make sure you go through the documents carefully. If you get maintenance contracts along with an extended warranty, then it is a great deal. The most common warranty period is one year.

3. Price and packages

It is not only the charges applied that you need to consider. You may get very cheap options at times. Most DTH providers start their packs from Rs 99/-. What you should compare is how many channels and other benefits you are getting at a particular price. Does the provider offer entertainment plans? Do they offer news plans? These are some questions you need to consider depending on your requirement. Take the time to know which provider offers the best services in a particular price range. If you blindly follow search results on the best cheap DTH service provider India, you may end up getting low-rated packages containing only the basic channels.

4. Offers and discounts

DTH providers give many DTH offers along with new subscriptions. When you are recharging your account, check if there are any free connections along with your package. There will be several offers that give you a bundle package of entertainment, like subscriptions to various OTT platforms. Choose the one that you feel will satisfy your requirements best.

5. Customer support

What comes after is always an important factor in every major decision we take. The same is the case with taking a new DTH online connection. When you are approaching a provider to buy the connection, they are going to be very attentive. Find out from reviews, family, or friends what happens after that stage. Do they provide ongoing customer support? Are their technical service personnel capable of rectifying issues? Will there be problems regarding payment issues? Research well and then choose the best customer service.

A Checklist To Follow To Select The No. 1 DTH Provider In India

We have gone through the most important factors to consider. Now here is a quick fix solution for you. We have prepared a checklist that helps confirm your decision. You can take a printout of the following table and do the check. Based on the answers to the questions, you can shortlist a DTH provider in India that meets all your requirements.

The DTH Checklist

Points to check (YES/NO)
  • Do you want the DTH connection for your business?
  • Do you want HD?
  • Do you prefer 3D content
  • Is DTH portability available
  • Are you satisfied with the number of channels?
  • Are there enough free channels?
  • Do you require more regional content?
  • Does the price and package content suit your needs?
  • Will you have to pay extra for Sports or other interests?
  • Is switching plans easily facilitated ?
  • Does the operator charge more for installation?
  • How long is the turnaround time after paying installation charges?
  • Are the accessories along with installation free of cost?
  • What would be the cost of relocating the connection if needed?
  • Is Digital Video recording possible ?

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