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Atria Convergence Technologies Limited, also known as ACT Fibernet, is a well-known internet service provider (ISP) in India. The company has come a very long way and it has positioned itself as the one of strongest providers of broadband services. Throughout the country, the organization provides fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services. ACT is probably one of the leading five leading internet service providers in India, with millions of subscribers.

The organization is well-known for providing a seamless experience as well as high-speed broadband. It is actually one of the very few companies in India that offers Gigabit internet speeds in a number of circles, like Chennai, Hyderabad, and others. It also delivers personalized broadband packages for different circles that provide some unique incentives such as cashback on Netflix services, free trials of various OTT channels, and much more.

Your data usage can be exhausted with high background data usage of apps. Ensure you check your app settings.

Why You Should Choose ACT Fibernet As Your Broadband Provider

ACT, headquartered in Bangalore, services a host of towns and cities in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, as well as Delhi. They are one of the nation's most well-known cable and telecommunications companies, providing cutting-edge technology to almost 2 million satisfied customers through services such as:

  • Fibernet (Internet over Fiber Optics)
  • Digital TV
  • HDTV

They utilize cutting-edge technologies to constantly evolve in order to satisfy consumer demands in an easy-to-use manner while collaborating with technologies, content, and delivery companies to ensure speed to market, scalability, and leadership. This business is not only setting high standards for consumer service, but they are also evolving and improving for organizational excellence, which results in sustainability and competitive stakeholder returns.

Finally, to ensure that they can adhere to and meet all of their clients' needs, ACT Fibernet provides a variety of broadband plans.

ACT offers services in areas in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi. We've compiled a list of ten major cities, along with their broadband plans, speed, info, and cost.

ACT Broadband Plans Bangalore

Since ACT's headquarters are in Bangalore, the optic fiber network was established there first. The following is a list of ACT's broadband plans in Bangalore. In addition, the package includes free installation, a free modem, a Netflix subscription, among several more benefits.

Plan for ACT Bangalore Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Swift 200 GB 40 Mbps ₹ 710
ACT Rapid Plus 350 GB 75 Mbps ₹ 985
ACT Blaze 450 GB 100 Mbps ₹ 1085
ACT Storm 650 GB 150 Mbps ₹ 1185
ACT Lightning 800 GB 200 Mbps ₹ 1425
ACT Incredible 1000 GB 250 Mbps ₹ 1999
ACT Essential 1500 GB 250 Mbps ₹ 2999
ACT Advance 2000 GB 250 Mbps ₹ 3999
ACT Progress 2500 GB 250 Mbps ₹ 4999
ACT GIGA 3500 GB 1000 Mbps ₹ 5999

ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans Chennai

The plans in Chennai are similar to those in Bangalore, and the plan names may be similar as well, but the prices vary. If you have the latest connection, ACT will provide you with a free installation, a free router, and other interesting benefits.

Plan for ACT Chennai Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Basic 200 GB 50 Mbps ₹ 820
ACT Blaze 500 GB 100 Mbps ₹ 1020
ACT Blast Promo 1000 GB 150 Mbps ₹ 1075
ACT Storm 1250 GB 200 Mbps ₹ 1125
ACT Lightning 1500 GB 250 Mbps ₹ 1325
ACT Incredible 2000 GB 350 Mbps ₹ 1999
ACT GIGA 3000 GB 1 Gbps ₹ 2999

Broadband connections are more effective when it comes to streaming high-quality videos and music, as compared to postpaid or prepaid plans.

ACT Broadband Plans Coimbatore

Coimbatore is also another functional area of Tamil Nadu. You can look over the monthly internet plans mentioned below.

Plan for ACT Coimbatore Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Basic 200 GB 40 Mbps ₹ 675
ACT Rush 350 GB 75 Mbps ₹ 825
ACT Sprint 600 GB 125 Mbps ₹ 1025
ACT Race 750 GB 150 Mbps ₹ 1125
ACT Zoom 1000 GB 175 Mbps ₹ 1325
ACT Bolt 1500 GB 200 Mbps ₹ 1499
ACT Remarkable 3000 GB 200 Mbps ₹ 2999
ACT Exceptional 4000 GB 250 Mbps ₹ 3999
ACT Phenomenal 5000 GB 250 Mbps ₹ 4999

ACT Broadband Fibernet Delhi

Delhi is well connected by ACT-supplied optical fiber. Examine the plans and packages designed specifically for the citizens of Delhi.

Plan for ACT Delhi Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Silver Promo 500 GB 100 Mbps ₹ 799
ACT Platinum Promo 1000 GB 200 Mbps ₹ 1049
ACT Diamond 1500 GB 300 Mbps ₹ 1349
ACT Remarkable 1500 GB 300 Mbps ₹ 2999
ACT Exceptional 2000 GB 300 Mbps ₹ 3999
ACT Phenomenal 2500 GB 300 Mbps ₹ 4999

ACT Internet Plans Hyderabad

The ACT provides its services in Hyderabad as well. Below here are the broadband monthly package details.

Plan for ACT Hyderabad Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
A – Max 500 300 GB 30 Mbps ₹ 500
A – Max 700 500 GB 50 Mbps ₹ 700
A – Max 1075 1000 GB 100 Mbps ₹ 1075
A – Max 1325 1250 GB 150 Mbps ₹ 1325
Incredible 1999 1500 GB 200 Mbps ₹ 1999
ACT GIGA 2000 GB 1 Gbps ₹ 5999

ACT Broadband Internet Plans Kakinada

Since Andhra Pradesh's Kakinada is on the verge of becoming a smart city, ACT's launch of high-speed internet service provides support to residents living in this area. Check out the plans you can avail below.

Plan for ACT Kakinada Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Basic 100 GB 10 Mbps ₹ 424
ACT Silver 200 GB 20 Mbps ₹ 549
ACT Gold 300 GB 40 Mbps ₹ 699
ACT Diamond 400 GB 60 Mbps ₹ 999
ACT Platinum 600 GB 80 Mbps ₹ 1499

ACT Broadband Plans Vijayawada

Another town with an ACT broadband service is Vijayawada. Take a look at the various plans available.

Plan for ACT Vijayawada Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Silver 400 GB 40 Mbps ₹ 574
ACT Silver Plus 500 GB 60 Mbps ₹ 749
ACT Gold 750 GB 100 Mbps ₹ 1024

ACT Broadband Internet Plans Ahmedabad

Gujarat is yet another state that has access to ACT broadband. Browse through these packages listed below to find the right plan for you.

Plan for ACT Ahmedabad Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Advantage 100 Mbps 500 GB ₹ 749
ACT Lightning 150 Mbps 1000 GB ₹ 999
ACT Remarkable 300 Mbps 2500 GB ₹ 1899

ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans Jaipur

Jaipur is also another city that hosts ACT broadband services. Check out the plans available if you’re living in Jaipur.

Plan for ACT Jaipur Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Silver 500 GB 100 Mbps ₹ 749
ACT Gold 1000 GB 150 Mbps ₹ 999
ACT Platinum 1250 GB 150 Mbps ₹ 1249
ACT Remarkable 3500 GB 100 Mbps ₹ 1999
ACT Exceptional 5000 GB 150 Mbps ₹ 2999

ACT Broadband Plans Lucknow

The ACT facility of high-speed wired internet connectivity is accessible in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. These packages will assist you in deciding the right option for you.

Plan for ACT Lucknow Monthly Data Internet Speed Monthly Price
ACT Silver 100 Mbps 500 GB ₹ 749
ACT Gold 150 Mbps 1000 GB ₹ 999
ACT Platinum 150 Mbps 1250 GB ₹ 1249
ACT Remarkable 100 Mbps 3500 GB ₹ 1999
ACT Exceptional 150 Mbps 5000 GB ₹ 2999

When purchasing a broadband service, make sure you get an estimate of the speed you can expect to receive.

ACT broadband customers can also gain advantage of great deals. We've compiled a list of city-specific options, discounts, and prices for well-known plans.

Cities Plans Price Benefits
Bengaluru ACT Swift

ACT Rapid Plus

ACT Blaze

ACT Storm

ACT Lighting

ACT Incredible

₹ 9170

₹ 12470

₹ 13020

₹ 14220

₹ 17100

₹ 23988

Free 2 to 6 Months ACT Swift

1-12 Months Advance rental

Installation Charges

25 GB Free

Chennai ACT Basic

ACT Blaze

ACT Blast Promo

ACT Storm


₹ 9840

₹ 12240

₹ 12900

₹ 13500

₹ 38188

Free 1 Month ACT Basic

Free WiFi Router

1-12 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

Coimbatore ACT Basic

ACT Rush

ACT Sprint

ACT Bolt

ACT Phenomenal

₹ 8100

₹ 9900

₹ 12300

₹ 17988

₹ 59988

Free 1-2 Months ACT Basic

Free WiFi Router

1-12 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

Delhi ACT Sprint

ACT Platinum Promo

ACT Remarkable

ACT Exceptional

₹ 12300

₹ 12588

₹ 35988

₹ 47988

Free 1-2 Months ACT Exceptional

Free WiFi Router

1-12 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

20% additional data every month

Extra GB

Hyderabad A – Max 500

A – Max 1325

Incredible 1999

₹ 9000

₹ 23850

₹ 35982

Free 1-18 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

Kakinada ACT Basic

ACT Silver

ACT Diamond

ACT Platinum

₹ 5088

₹ 6588

₹ 11988

₹ 17988

Free 1-2 Months ACT Basic

WiFi Router

1-12 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

Vijayawada ACT Silver

ACT Silver Plus

ACT Gold

₹ 6888

₹ 8988

₹ 12288

Free 1-12 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

Ahmedabad ACT Advantage

ACT Lightning

ACT Remarkable

₹ 8988

₹ 11988

₹ 22788

Free 1-3 Months ACT Remarkable

1-12 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

Refundable Security Deposit

Jaipur ACT Silver

ACT Gold

ACT Remarkable

ACT Exceptional

₹ 8988

₹ 11988

₹ 23988

₹ 35988

Free 1-2 Months ACT Exceptional

1-12 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

Refundable Security Deposit

Lucknow ACT Silver

ACT Gold

ACT Platinum

ACT Remarkable

₹ 8988

₹ 11988

₹ 14988

₹ 23988

Free 1-2 Months ACT Remarkable

1-12 Months Advance rental

Free Installation

Refundable Security Deposit

How To Set Up A Home Wifi Network With ACT Fibernet

Regardless of which plan you choose, you won't be able to use it until you set up your home network properly. It's not difficult to install a home WiFi network. The steps below will walk you through the process in a short and straightforward manner:

Step 1 : Get The Right Router

Having the correct router is the very first step toward building up a home WiFi network. It's crucial to think about things like the range between the router and the connected devices, the amount of interruption depending on the number of devices running nearby, the transmission speed needed, and protection. The new method of wireless encryption, WPA2, is recommended for the router.

Step 2 : Attach The Router To The Modem

The WAN/WLAN/Internet socket on the router can then be wired to the modem utilising an Ethernet cable. The router must be turned on.

Step 3 : Attach The Computer With An Ethernet cable

Although it is not often mandatory, using an Ethernet cable to link the computer's LAN socket to the router allows you to customize the wireless WiFi configuration without risking losing your connectivity to the router.

Step 4 : Install Router Software

Users can install the program that comes with the router on their computers. Users can then assign their home WiFi network a username, pick a protection level, and generate a long password.

Step 5 : Open Configuration Page

Users must navigate to the router's setup page using a web browser if the router doesn't come with the connection. The router's domain address must be typed into the web browser. This information can be found in the router's manual or other records. You must also type your username and password. The manual includes this information.

Step 6 : Enter The Internet Connection Information

Users must then insert their IP address and DNS details in the next step. This knowledge can be entered automatically by the router, but if it isn't, it can be obtained by linking to the ISP.

Step 7 : Secure The Router

Protecting the router is a frequently ignored yet critical phase in setting up a home networking. A well-protected router will secure any of the computers on the home WiFi network from malware threats as well as hacker cyberattacks. Modifying the username and password, upgrading the router firmware, allowing the router firewall, establishing a guest network, and so on are all crucial steps in router security.

Step 8 : Modify Wireless Settings

Users should alter the description of the home WiFi network that appears on a smartphone when it detects the network in the wireless settings. For maximum security, the security authentication should be set to the most recent update, which is usually WPA2. In this segment, users could also register and set a strong password of their preference.

Step 9 : Decide Where To Place The Router

The router must be carefully positioned in a way that allows the new WiFi link to provide full range until the wireless settings have been installed and saved. Every physical barrier between the WiFi router and the smartphones, such as concrete walls as well as pillars, can prevent users from accessing the strongest WiFi network.

Step 10 : Connect A Device

Finally, any WiFi-enabled gadget will link to the home WiFi network. The computer will start by looking for a network. Users must enter the password provided by the WPA2 encryption when the SSID appears. The WiFi network would be connected to the computer. Users can then evaluate the network with any web browser.

How To Get A New ACT Broadband Connection

You could link to ACT broadband by following the basic steps below:

  • Install the ACT Fibernet app or go to
  • Choose between two types of connections: home broadband and workplace broadband.
  • Fill out the form including your personal information, such as your name, email, phone number, and location.
  • Choose your preferred plan.
  • Choose the leasing time and offer to which you choose to lease.
  • Make a payment and send your order. You should keep uploading your records to complete the transaction in a digital format.

How To Check Plan Information For An Existing ACT Fibernet Connection

All of your account information is available quick and easy! You can review your package information along with your use, by using the ACT Fibernet app.

  • Install the ACT Fibernet client on your computer.
  • Select ‘My Account' from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the ‘View Broadband Plan' option from the drop-down menu.
  • You could also use the ACT Fibernet software to update your contract.

Check whether you're using the latest version of your web browser – newer versions not only provide better security but should also work faster.

How To Contact ACT Broadband Support?

If you want to contact a customer executive for queries related to ACT broadband, you can dial 1800 1022 836 or chat with the support team on their app available on Google Play or App Store. You can even WhatApp their support team on +91 - 99459 99459, or email ACT at

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best ACT plan?

Each city has its own set of internet plans. Popular plans across cities include the ACT bolt, ACT diamond program, ACT lightning, and ACT Rapid.

What is the right modem for ACT Broadband?

For ACT Broadband, you could use a D-link or Netgear modem.

How strong is ACT Fibernet in Delhi?

In Delhi, ACT fibernet is by far the most dependable wired broadband link. You will look at the ACT Delhi plans that are tailored to your needs.

WiFi or Broadband: Which is the Best?

Although WiFi can be unreliable at times, broadband provides a very safe and stable link.

Is Netflix available for free on ACT Fibernet?

Yes, some ACT options include a free monthly Netflix subscription.

Who is the owner of the act Fibernet?

Sunder Raju is the founder and CEO of ACT fibernet Broadband.

Is Airtel broadband better than ACT?

While ACT broadband is known to provide higher internet speed, Airtel comes with more affordable plans and the network caters pan-India compared to limited cities that ACT provides. Hence, depending on your requirement and location, you can consider which network provider suits you better.

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