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Ever since the internet has entered our lives, it has changed the way we live. It is impossible to think about how we did the most basic things without the help of the internet. Indeed, it was a long and taxing process. Earlier offices had fax machines or posts through which they sent and received important documents that now seem so ancient.

There isn't an office in the world that could work efficiently without a computer. We are so dependent on it. But, to keep up with the speed needed for seamless workplace functions, you need a good and strong internet connection.

To match these requirements, many leading broadband service providers in India offer some great packages curated specially for the fast speed businesses require.

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide on what business broadband is, it’s advantages, and how you should consider choosing the right provider for your business.

The amount of data your server can send and receive determines the speed and efficiency of your office and website operations, which is known as bandwidth. So, you should always check how much bandwidth your broadband connection offers.

What Is Business Broadband?

Broadband internet connections are mostly connected to a single ISP's network. Business broadbands can be linked to more than one site to create a WAN (Wide area network). This allows an organisation which have multiple connections on various sites.

Simply put, any connection which is set up in an office space or workplace that is dedicated explicitly for official use is called business broadband. A full-fiber optic connection allows business internet to be faster and more reliable than traditional connections with copper wire. In Business Broadbands, fiber optic connections range from 100mbps to 10 Gbps.

Hence, Business or Corporate broadbands are faster and more secure as they provide connection to hundreds and sometimes thousands at once.

While they are costlier as compared to home broadbands, they are more reliable in comparison to residential plans. Moreover, business connections give quality services and smoother video conferencing services inclusive of their plans which makes up for the added price.

If you are a small start-up, you can very well choose a home broadband plan as it is quicker to install, and small businesses usually don’t demand a more extensive and stronger internal internet connectivity of devices.

However, if you’re working in an industry that needs constant internet access or manage a firm with multiple people accessing the internet at the same time, you should definitely consider getting a business broadband connection.

Advantages of Business Broadbands

There are many advantages of buying a business Broadband. They are incredibly beneficial for huge offices that require solid and secure connections. With today’s increasing competition and security issues that companies face, a business broadband connection can really help! Mentioned below are some of the most prominent benefits.

1) Provides The Fastest Speed

Business broadband connection speed can go up to 10 GBPS, which is very high and even beats the famous leased line connection. It ensures you faster download and upload speeds as compared to home broadband plans. This ensures that you can seamlessly carry out all your operations without worrying about long load times or connectivity issues.

2) Guarantees Consistency

Business broadbands, as compared to other plans, are known for their 24x7 high-speed internet advantage. As corporate or industrial sectors are usually working round the clock, the internet services have to be consistent to avoid any delay at work. Hence, your business can largely benefit from the consistency offered by business broadband connections.

3) Extremely Reliable

Getting a business internet line is a very reliable option, especially when compared to getting a standard broadband plan. This is because these connections enable you to perform thorough checks of performance parameters to ensure you’re getting the best service. Moreover, if you face any issues, their customer support is extremely responsive and ready to help you at any time.

4) A Single Connection Dedicated For You

Usually, a single Broadband is shared within the same area and can cause connectivity problems as it is shared with many customers at once. A business internet plan is solely dedicated to your firm only and thus provides a much stronger connection, which doesn’t just substantially increase the speed, it also provides more security and stability.

5) Cater To A Large Number of People

One of the most significant advantages of getting business broadband is that it can provide a fast-speed and stable connection to a vast number of employees. This is extremely essential for organizations where a massive number of people are connected to single broadband.

6) Delivers The Speed Promised

Suppose a business corporation is promised a certain speed. In that case, it is ensured that the speed is delivered consistently, unlike home broadband plans where there are multiple speed-related issues (low latency) that reoccur despite the promises of high speed, etc.

Read the service level agreements thoroughly (SLAs). To avoid unpleasant shocks later on, go over each sentence and ask all questions at the outset.

7) Service Level Agreements

Business broadbands come with a service level agreement or SLA's, which is an agreement where the service providers promise their client a level of compensation if there is ever a failure from their side to match the outline of the SLA which was promised to them. This level of dedication of service cannot be seen in-home broadband services.

8) Avail Quality Services

Business broadbands are usually unlimited and also come with various services which can be included in the same plan with no extra cost like voice over IP and good quality video conferencing and surveillance etc., which you would have to pay separately for as home plans are much cheaper and extra services cost different prices.

9) Secure Network

Business broadbands offer a very secure network option for your company as there are no other third-party users who can access the connection, eliminating the risk of data leakage/loss, cyberattacks, and hacking by a considerable percentage.

10) Own IP Address

This is probably the best perk of having a business broadband network as you get to have your own IP address, which is a much better option than connecting to a shared IP address which is in the case of a home broadband service.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Business Broadband Connection

Now that you know how beneficial a business broadband connection can be for your company, it all boils down to choosing the right package and provider. We’ve provided certain factors you should consider to choose the right broadband connection for your business.

Static IP Addresses

Having an IP address for a particular corporation is very important as it has many benefits. Most companies want their own IP address as it's secure. Many service providers also include website hosting via the internet, which is another feature to look out for.

Internet Bandwidth Capabilities

Business broadband users require a seamless connection to download and upload multiple files during any time of the day or night. Therefore, a business internet plan needs to have sufficient data capabilities to ensure this smooth functioning of data transfer. Consequently, it is essential to check the bandwidth of plans according to the business operations.

Contention Ratio

A contention ratio is the ratio of the number of users to a broadband network. A contention ratio is a number that describes how many users on a network share the bandwidth. For example, broadband connection for the home network is typically shared by 20 users, which means the contention ratio is 20:1. On the other hand, business broadbands have a contention ratio as low as 5:1 or 1:1.


A service level agreement is significant as it ensures the Business Internet users get extensive support from the service providers when in need.

Business broadband routers also offer enhanced security features such as a VPN server and firewall, as well as content filtering.


Many companies might refrain from seeking a business broadband connection due to the high costs. However, as listed in this guide, the benefits surely outweigh the costs. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, secure and fast internet connection for your business, this is the way to go!

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