How To Change Your DTH Mobile Number (RMN) In 2022

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Are you looking for information on how to update your DTH registered mobile number? Do you want to change the number you were using for DTH services? If so, we are happy to see you here. Welcome to this session where we discuss information regarding DTH mobile number update/change. Before we go into the details we have researched for you, let us start with a gentle reminder. Each DTH service provider has their own set of rules and regulations. So for further clarifications on the procedure, always contact your customer service department.

Did You Know RMN stands for Registered Mobile Number

DTH Customer Care Numbers
DTH Service Provider Toll-Free Number
Tata Play DTH 1800 208 6633
Airtel DTH 1800 103 6065
Videocon d2h DTH 1800 212 212
Dish TV 1800 258 3474
Sun Direct DTH 1800 103 7575

How To Change Your DTH Mobile Number

Here are some guidelines you can follow to get your mobile number updated. We have collected information from the major DTH service providers.

Steps for Airtel DTH Mobile Number Change

As we mentioned earlier, every DTH service provider has its procedure for mobile number updates. Airtel DTH provides a simple method. You can either do your airtel dth number change online or you can seek assistance offline.

Airtel DTH Mobile Number Change-Online

Are you wondering how to change registered mobile number in Airtel DTH? You have to visit their official website. Once inside the website, Enter your Airtel Digital TV customer ID. Then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Search for and find the ‘Change the registered mobile number’ option
  2. Click on the option
  3. Enter the new mobile number you wish to use for continued DTH services.
  4. Confirm the new number by entering it again in the next box
  5. Select the ‘Change number’ button and click on it
  6. You will be given three options for confirmation. You have to choose two out of three.

    • Please enter your Pin Code,
    • Please enter your last recharge amount
    • Please enter your last recharge month.
  7. Enter the right answers for two options
  8. You will receive an OTP in your new registered number.
  9. Verify and confirm by entering the OTP
  10. Once confirmed, your Airtel DTH registered mobile number will be updated.

Airtel DTH Mobile Number Change By Call

If you wish to make the change offline, you should call the Airtel DTH helpline.

  • To make the change offline, approach the Airtel DTH helpline.
  • Your call will be transferred to a customer service executive.
  • You can inform them about your request to change your registered mobile number.
  • Personal information will have to be shared for verification purposes.
  • Once provided, the customer care executive will be able to change/update your registered mobile number.

How To Find Your Airtel DTH Customer ID

Forgot your Airtel DTH customer ID? Don’t worry, it happens to most of us. You can find out your Airtel DTH customer ID easily by following the below steps:

  1. SMS BAL to 54325
  2. Send a missed call on 08130081300
  3. Go to Menu on the Airtel DTH remote-Select My Account

Steps for Tata Play (Tata Sky) DTH Mobile Number Change

If you are wondering how to change the Tata Sky registered mobile number, here is the procedure followed by Tata Sky DTH users. You can do your Tata Sky RMN change both online as well as offline.

FYI Tata Sky DTH is now Tata Play DTH

Tata Sky Dth Mobile Number Change- Online

Here are the steps to be followed to change your Tata Play registered mobile number online.

  1. Enter the Tata Play website
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Go to My Accounts
  4. Select the Profile section
  5. You can view the current registered mobile number and also an alternative number which you have provided.
  6. Click on the Edit Profile Option
  7. Enter your new telephone number which you wish to use for continued DTH services.
  8. Click on Save.
  9. You will receive an SMS for confirmation regarding the registered mobile number update.

Tata Sky Dth Mobile Number Change By Call

If you wish to make the change offline, you should call the Tata Sky helpline.

  • A customer service executive will answer your call and you can state your wish to update /change your registered number.
  • You will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, given address, existing mobile number and some other details.
  • Once provided, the customer care team will update your registered mobile number.

Steps for Videocon d2h DTH Mobile Number Change

Now let us see how to go about with your Videocon d2h mobile number change. Videocon d2h customer service operators need to be informed if you are planning to update your registered mobile number.

It is not possible as of now to update your registered number through the Videocon Infinity App or their website. In case there are new updates, we will be keeping you informed.

So then how does one change or update the registered mobile number for Videocon d2h?

The procedure is quite simple. Please follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Call the customer care team on the number shown below.
  2. Videocon d2h customer care number -9115691156
  3. Give your customer ID to the customer care team.
  4. Inform them about your request to change the RTN.
  5. Give them the new number you wish to continue with.
  6. Allow them to update it on their system.
  7. Once they have confirmed the update, you are good to go!

Steps for Sun Direct DTH Mobile Number Change

Do you want to know how to change Sun direct DTH registered mobile numbers? Find the answers below:-

SunDirect DTH Mobile Number Change- Online

Here's how to change your Sun Direct DTH mobile number online.

  1. Search Google for
  2. Enter the website.
  3. On the right-hand upper corner, you will find three lines. Click on that to enter the screen with two options as given below.

    1. Quick Recharge

    2. My Account

  4. Go To My Account, log in with your CDSN (smart card number) number or registered number or customer ID.
  5. Tap on the three lines on the right-hand corner.
  6. Go to My Profile.
  7. You will be asked to enter your password.
  8. You will see your profile page.
  9. Scroll down to find the option -Change mobile number.

    Enter your new mobile number in the space given.

    Enter your Password


  10. You will be directed to a screen with a message that your number has been updated successfully.

You will also receive an SMS confirming the mobile number change.

SunDirect DTH Mobile Number Change By Call

If you want to change your SunDirect DTH Mobile Number offline, kindly contact the Sun Direct customer service team and follow their instructions

Steps for Dish TV DTH Mobile Number Change

The procedure to update your Dish TV DTH number is also very easy. Dish TV users have three options using which they can change their registered mobile number.

  • Online through the website
  • Via Text message (SMS)
  • Offline with assistance from customer care

Dish TV Mobile Number Change- Online

You can update mobile number changes online in just a few minutes. Let us show you what you have to do.

  1. Enter the website Dishtv. in
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. You will have to provide your existing registered number
  4. Go to My Account
  5. The next screen will give you the option to Edit your profile details including your registered mobile number.
  6. You will be asked if you want to keep your old number as an alternative number. If yes, you can confirm, If no, then update accordingly.
  7. You will then receive a message saying that your details have been updated successfully.

Dish TV Mobile Number change- Via SMS

If you want to change your Dish TV mobile number via SMS, then you can

Send an SMS from your RMN & NON-RMN to 57575


Dish TV Mobile Number Change By Call

If you want to change your registered mobile number offline, all you have to do is approach their customer care team to know how to proceed.

Why Users Change Their DTH Mobile Numbers

Why do subscribers have to change their Registered Mobile numbers? Some of the most common reasons are:

  • They cannot access their current mobile number
  • They have decided to migrate to another DTH service operator
  • They no longer wish to retain DTH services on the current mobile number.

With the advances in technology, DTH mobile number update/change has become relatively simple. If you have any doubts about the process, you can always contact the customer care number of the respective DTH service operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to change my Airtel Registered Mobile Number?

Yes, it is quite simple to change your Airtel Registered Mobile Number. You will get more information at

Before changing my DTH number, what should I take care of?

You should always save your account credentials before changing your registered mobile number. Also, remember to save your important contact numbers. Also, inform your DTH service provider that you are planning to change your account details

What do I need to know I start changing my mobile number?

You need to be aware of the following before you apply for a change of mobile number:-

  • Customer ID
  • Your Current Plan
  • Last Recharge amount
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