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Tata Play, a prominent service provider, offers a wide array of entertainment options starting from Tata Play monthly recharge plans at ₹45 only! Their recharge choices promise diverse plans and channel lists, catering to various user preferences for an enriched viewing experience. In this Tata Play plans guide, we will take you through the latest plans prices, offers and features wherein you can easily compare and choose the best that fulfils your requirement.

Tata Play Recharge Plans

Tata Play DTH offers 600 channels, including HD and regional ones. The subscribers also get to record TV programs and watch them later. Check the Tata Play channel list and then proceed to buy the plan.With Tata Play, users can recharge their Tata Play accounts anytime, anywhere, and enjoy seamless and uninterrupted television viewing experiences.

Despite the company's large portfolio of DTH packs, there are still some customers who are confused about what pack to choose. Moreover, the DTH provider also offers multiple Tata Play emergency recharge offers. Also, it allows users to customize their DTH packages by selecting their preferred Tata play channels. We are here to help you make an informed decision by providing our handy guide on the various Tata Play plans price lists.

What Are Tata Play Recharge Plans for 1 Month?

Tata Play DTH, formerly known as Tata Sky offers subscribers the option to choose from any broadcaster packages or channels offered by the company.' Tata Play Kids Pack,' 'Learn,' 'Entertainment,' 'Spiritual,' and regional packs like Tata Play Tamil Pack and Tata Play Telugu Pack are examples of niche-specific services that draw numerous customers.

The company offers five set-top boxes: Tata Play HD, Tata Play HD+, Tata Play Binge+, Tata Play +HD PVR and Tata Play 4K. Discounted set-top boxes can be purchased from the official website of the DTH service provider. Users can easily recharge using Tata Play Binge App too. Find the best Tata Play recharge plans for 1 month here:

Tata Play Recharge Plans
Tata Play Plans & PacksTata Play Recharge PriceFree For
Tata Play Tamil classic₹45First 5 days
Tata Play Bollywood Masala₹60First 5 days
Tata Play Asomiya Monoronjan₹45First 5 days
Tata Play Telugu Classic₹45First 5 days
Tata Play Har Ghar StartupFree-
Tata Play South Talkies₹60First 5 days
Tata Play Toons+₹60First 10 days
Tata Play Zindagi₹75First 10 days
Tata Play Classic TV₹60First 10 days
Tata Play Romance₹60First 5 days
Tata Play Fun Learn₹60First 5 days
Tata Play Videshi Kahaniyan₹60First 10 days
Tata Play Adbhut Kahaniyan₹60First 10 days
Tata Play Fitness₹59First 5 days
Tata Play Classic Cinema₹59First 10 days
Tata Play Theatre₹75First 10 days
Tata Play Malayalam CinemaNA-
Tata Play Beauty₹60First 10 days
Tata Play Seniors₹60First 10 days
Tata Play Hollywood Local₹60First 5 days
Tata Play JEE Prep₹150First 10 days
Tata Play NEET Prep₹150First 10 days
Tata Play Astro Duniya₹60First 10 days
Tata Play DarshanFree-
Tata Play Tamil Cinema₹45-
Tata Play Kannada Cinema₹45First 5 days
Tata Play Gujarati Cinema₹45-
Tata Play Vedic Maths₹300-
Tata Play Cooking₹60First 5 days
Tata Play Javed Akhtar₹60First 5 days
Tata Play MusicNAFirst 5 days
Tata Play Aradhana₹59First 5 days
Tata Play Bollywood PremiereNA-
Tata Play Smart Games₹59First 5 days
Tata Play Dance Studio₹60First 5 days
Tata Play EnglishNAFirst 5 days
Tata Play Telugu Cinema₹45-
Tata Play Marathi Cinema₹45First 5 days
Tata Play Punjab De Rang₹45First 5 days
Tata Play Bangla Cinema₹45-
Tata Play Smart Manager₹300First 5 days
Tata Play Ibaadat₹59First 5 days
Tata Play Comedy₹60First 5 days
Tata Play Hits HD₹75First 10 days
Tata Play ClassroomFree-
Tata Play Shorts TV₹75First 5 days

Tata Play Binge Combo Plans With Netflix

Tata Play offers Binge Combo plans for users who want to enjoy multiple premium OTT platforms at one place. The Binge Combo packs come with a combination of popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and ZEE5, among others. These Tata Play plans price list offer great value for money, with prices starting at just INR 389 per month.  Find Tata Play monthly recharge plans here:

Tata Play Netflix Combos
Binge Combo Plan NamePrice per monthSD Channels
Netflix Basic Combo₹19919
Netflix Standard Combo₹49919
Netflix Premium Combo₹64919

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Tata Play Recharge: Curated Packs

The below table details a few of the best Tata Play Binge Combo Plans, offers, prices, channels list and validity for the Curated Packs section of Tata Play Recharge Plans. If you are looking for all-time-ready curated packs, do your next recharge to have more entertainment and benefits. Find the detailed list of plans and their Tata Play prices in the table below. These also include the Tata Play HD recharge plans.

Tata Play Curated Recharge Plans
PackagePrice per MonthNo. of Channels
Marathi Super Value₹69.93SD: 20
Bangla Super Value₹75.41SD: 14
Malayalam Super Value₹80.48SD: 12
Odia Super Value77.30₹SD: 17
Bangla Super Value HD₹105.97SD:9
HD: 4
Marathi Super Value HD₹104.91SD: 13
HD: 6
Malayalam Super Value HD₹112.22SD: 8
HD: 3
Kannada Super Value₹117.96SD: 28
Tamil Thalaiva₹150.92SD: 59
Tamil Value₹140.76SD: 32
Hindi Super Value HDS₹152.62SD: 45
HD: 4
Tamil Thalaiva HDS₹156.59SD: 51
HD: 9
Malayalam Dhamaal₹171.22SD: 35
Malayalam Dhamaal HD₹265.62SD: 18
HD: 16
Kannada Dhamaal HD₹273.42SD: 35
HD: 16
Kannada Dhamaal₹171.17SD: 51
Bangla Hindi Super Value₹172.34SD: 62
Bangla Hindi Super Value New₹191.10SD: 75
Telugu Dhamaal₹192.89SD: 58
Telugu Dhamaal HD₹317.55SD: 37
HD: 19
Telugu Sports Kids₹270.64SD: 84
Telugu Sports Kids HD₹428.59SD: 52
HD: 34
Telugu Sports Kids English₹333.48SD: 107
Telugu Sports Kids English HD₹492.23SD: 65
HD: 47
Kannada Super Value HD₹131.74SD: 6
HD: 23
Hindi Super Value₹146.72SD: 49
Odia Hindi Super Value₹163.37SD: 65
Malayalam Tamil Value₹179.17SD: 53
Gujarati Hindi Super Value₹158.76SD: 54
Odia Lite₹233.13SD: 64
Marathi Hindi Super Value₹195.34SD: 58
Hindi Super Value HD₹171.76SD: 40
HD: 10
Gujarati Hindi Super Value HD₹171.77SD: 45
HD: 10
Tamil Thalaiva Kids₹196.35SD: 73
Telugu Super Value HD₹187.16SD: 26
HD: 9
Odia Hindi Dhamaal₹229.04SD: 91
Bangla Hindi Dhamaal₹213.70SD: 89
Odia Hindi Super Value HD₹227.27SD: 43
HD: 24
Odia Hindi Super Value HD New₹317.19SD: 46
HD: 29
Odia Hindi Super Value New₹213.52SD: 73
Gujarati Hindi Dhamaal₹194.73SD: 94
Hindi Dhamaal₹200.15SD: 93
Bangla Hindi Super Value HD₹229.98SD: 37
HD: 28
Bangla Hindi Super Value HD New₹312.35SD: 44
HD: 34
Marathi Hindi Dhamaal₹225.05SD: 98
Kannada Telugu Starter₹255.12SD: 34
Kannada Sports Kids₹257.19SD: 79
Kannada Sports Kids HD₹399.56SD: 49
HD: 30
Kannada Sports Kids English₹329.23SD: 102
Kannada Telugu Prime₹262.01SD: 75
Marathi Hindi Super Value HD₹230.44SD: 44
HD: 14
Malayalam Sports Kids₹246.14SD: 73
Kannada Hindi Dhamaal₹245.03SD: 82
Telugu Hindi Dhamaal₹305.45SD: 97
Tamil Thalaiva Sports Kids₹277.06SD: 85
Tamil Thalaiva Kids HD₹305.86SD: 49
HD: 26
Kannada Telugu Starter HD₹278.60SD: 21
HD: 10
Bangla Hindi Sports Kids₹343.10SD: 105
Hindi Sports Kids₹310.66SD: 109
Bangla Hindi Dhamaal HD₹350.29SD: 56
HD: 37
Odia Hindi Sports Kids₹358.56SD: 106
Marathi Hindi Sports Kids₹332.62SD: 114
Gujarati Hindi Sports Kids₹342.12SD: 110
Tamil Thalaiva Sports Kids English₹353.10SD: 107
Marathi Hindi Dhamaal HD₹364SD: 63
HD: 38
Hindi Dhamaal HD₹341.45SD: 63
HD: 33
Odia Hindi Dhamaal HD₹380.62SD: 60
HD: 34
Gujarati Hindi Dhamaal HD₹336.03SD: 64
HD: 33
Malayalam Sports Kids English₹340.91SD: 84
Gujarati Hindi Sports Kids English₹407.02SD: 135
Marathi Hindi Sports Kids English₹411.01SD: 139
Hindi Sports Kids English₹401.01SD: 135
Malayalam Sports Kids HD₹390.53SD: 46
HD: 30
Odia Hindi Sports Kids English₹394.56SD: 137
Tamil Thalaiva Sports Kids HD₹440.61SD: 55
HD: 32
Hindi Sports Kids HD₹461.02SD: 69
HD: 43
Bangla Hindi Sports Kids HD₹483.81SD: 62
HD: 47
Odia Hindi Sports Kids HD₹504.58SD: 65
HD: 44
Gujarati Hindi Sports Kids HD₹469.55SD: 70
HD: 43
Marathi Hindi Sports Kids HD₹492.80SD: 69
HD: 48
Malayalam Sports Kids English HD₹498.32SD: 47
HD: 42
Tamil Thalaiva Sports Kids English HD₹582.27SD: 70
HD: 52
Gujarati Hindi Sports Kids English HD₹570.88SD: 85
HD: 58
Hindi Sports Kids English HD₹570.88SD: 85
HD: 58
Odia Hindi Sports Kids English HD₹553.86SD: 86
HD: 59
Marathi Hindi Sports Kids English HD₹575.60SD: 84
HD: 63
Kannada Hindi Sports Kids HD₹479.25SD: 64
HD: 44
Bangla Hindi Sports Kids English HD₹575.60SD: 62
HD: 83

Tata Play DTH Plans: Mini or Add On Packs Price List

As the name suggests, Tata Play add ons or mini packs are incredible for adding extra channels to your plan at extremely affordable prices. Check out the number of channels, their Tata Play prices and a detailed list of different Tata Play DTH plans under add-ons in the table below. These also include the Tata Play HD recharge plans.

Tata Play Monthly Recharge Plans: Add ons/Mini Packs
Tata Play Add OnsNo. of ChannelsPrice per month
FTA English NewsSD: 6₹0
FTA Complimentary Pack NewSD: 212
HD: 3
Tamil NewsSD: 6₹3.66
Hindi NewsSD: 18₹4.43
Hindi News HDSD: 18
HD: 2
Bangla Knowledge and LifestyleSD: 4₹9.44
Telugu Knowledge and LifeSD: 6₹16.99
Marathi KidsSD: 5₹18.17
English NewsSD: 12₹19.35
English TV ShowsSD: 4₹19.82
English News HDSD: 12
HD: 2
English Knowledge and LifestyleSD: 13₹24.06
English KidsSD: 7₹28.55
Hindi Knowledge and LifestyleSD: 14₹29.26
Tamil Knowledge and LifestyleSD: 11₹29.74
Kannada KidsSD: 8₹30.22
Malayalam KidsSD: 8₹30.21
Bangla Knowledge and Lifestyle HDHD: 4₹31.15
Hindi SportsSD: 4₹ 36.34
Hindi Sports HDSD: 2
HD: 2
English TV Shows HDSD: 1
HD: 4
Tamil MoviesSD: 5₹44.59
English Kids HDSD: 6
HD: 3
Bangla TV ShowsSD:4₹47.67
Hindi KidsSD:13₹47.20
Telugu KidsSD: 12₹47.20
Tamil Movies HDSD:4
HD: 1
Tamil KidsSD:12₹49.09
Marathi TV ShowsSD:5₹51.45
Telugu Kids HDSD:11
HD: 2
Bangla TV Shows HDSD:1
HD: 3
Tamil Kids HDSD:11
HD: 2
Telugu Knowledge and Lifestyle HDSD:;1
HD: 5
Marathi TV Shows HDSD: 2
HD: 3
Malayalam TV ShowsSD: 6₹58.53
Hindi Movies MiniSD: 12₹59.75
Hindi Sports MegaSD: 6₹59.94
Odia TV ShowsSD:5₹61.36
English MoviesSD: 7₹62.30
English Sports MiniSD: 5₹63.25
Hindi Kids HDSD: 12
HD: 3
Malayalam TV Shows HDSD: 3
HD: 3
₹ 65.14
Hindi Sports Mega HDSD: 2
HD: 4
Hindi Movies Mini HDSD: 7
HD: 5
Telugu Movies HDSD: 2
HD: 3
Hindi TV Shows Mini HDSD: 4
HD: 4
Hindi TV Shows miniSD: 8₹73.72
Tamil TV Shows MiniSD: 8₹73.25
Telugu MoviesSD: 6₹76.46
English Sports Mini HDHD: 5₹81.18
Tamil Knowledge and Lifestyle HDSD: 3
HD: 8
Tamil TV Shows Mini HDSD: 4
HD: 5
English ComboSD: 11₹82.13
English Knowledge and Lifestyle HDSD: 3
HD: 10
Kannada TV ShowsSD: 7₹84.96
Kannada TV Shows HDSD: 3
HD: 4
Hindi Knowledge and Lifestyle HDSD: 4
HD: 10
Telugu TV ShowsSD: 8₹91.57
Telugu TV Shows HDSD: 4
HD: 4
Hindi MoviesSD: 20₹94.16
English Movies HDSD: 1
HD: 8
English SportsSD: 10₹109.97
Tamil TV ShowsSD: 12₹111.01
Hindi TV ShowsSD: 15₹114.50
Hindi Movies HDSD: 12
HD: 8
Tamil TV Shows HDSD: 7
HD: 6
English Sports HDSD: 1
HD: 9
Hindi TV Shows HDSD: 8
HD: 7
Tamil RegionalSD: 31₹141.31
English Combo HDSD: 2
HD: 12

One of the best benefits of having a Tata Play DTH connection is that it has a lot to offer for its users. With regional recharge plans, you can enjoy the DTH services from any corner of the country in your native language.

Also, if you are looking for regional packs like Telugu pack or Tamil, Tata Play Malayalam and Tata Play Kannada plan, select the ones that offer the best price. Find different Tata Play DTH plans and Tata Play HD recharge plans below.

Tata Play Monthly Recharge Plans: Regional Plans
Tata Play Regional Plan NameNo. of ChannelsPrice per month
FTA Kannada RegionalSD: 6₹0
FTA Malayalam RegionalSD: 16₹0
FTA Bengali RegionalSD: 8₹0
FTA Tamil RegionalSD: 6₹0
FTA Telugu RegionalSD: 8₹0
FTA Punjabi RegionalSD: 5₹0
Gujarati RegionalSD: 5₹7.75
Marathi RegionalSD: 9₹62.02
Odia RegionalSD: 12₹71.09
Malayalam Regional HDSD: 7
HD: 3
Bangla RegionalSD: 9₹72.40
Marathi Regional HDSD: 4
HD: 4
Malayalam RegionalSD: 11₹80.33
Bangla Regional HDSD: 5
HD: 4
Kannada RegionalSD: 13₹106.76
Kannada Regional HDSD: 8
HD: 4
Telugu RegionalSD: 20₹135.94
Tamil Regional HDSD: 23
HD: 7
Telugu Regional HDSD: 13
HD: 6

What Is Tata Play Emergency Top Up?

Tata Play Emergency Top Up is a unique feature that gives three days' worth of additional balance to any user's Tata Play account. However, note that this service can be availed of only on the recharge due date or within the next 7 subsequent dates. Here's how you can avail of this feature:

  1. Give a missed call on 080-61-9999-99 from your registered mobile number.
  2. Send a Whatsapp message <Top Up> to 1800.
  3. Log in to your Tata Play account online and visit the 'Get Help' section. By seeking help from the 'Get Help Assistant', you can choose 'Unable to View' and avail of Emergency Top up.

How to Recharge Tata Play Online?

When it comes to recharge, Tata Play offers several options that make it an easy and straightforward process. Some of the popular pathways include the official website of Tata Play, Tata Play App, Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe. You can also use a recharge voucher or electronic top up through your local authorized partner for a recharge. Check out the following sections for detailed information.

Tata Play Recharge Through Official Website or App

Tata Play recharge through its official website consistently remains our top recommendation because there's no online service more reliable and comprehensive than the provider's official website. Here are the steps through which you can complete the Tata Play recharge quickly.

  1. Visit the Tata Play website for quick and easy recharge or open Tata Play Mobile App.
  2. Enter your registered mobile number or Tata Sky subscriber ID.
  3. Add the amount.
  4. Choose your preferred payment method.
  5. Click on 'Proceed to Pay'.

How To Process Tata Play Recharge Via Paytm App?

Paytm app is a Unified Payment Interface that allows users to conveniently process their payments without a long process. Users can recharge their Tata Play DTH connection within minutes. All the users are required to do is log in to the Paytm app to proceed.

  1. Open the Paytm mobile app.
  2. Click on "Recharge & Bill Payments".
  3. Click on "DTH Recharge".
  4. Select "Tata Play" (formerly Tata Sky) as the DTH operator.
  5. Enter the registered mobile number or subscriber ID.
  6. Next, enter the recharge amount.
  7. Click on "Proceed to Recharge".
  8. Select the preferred mode of payment.
  9. Complete the transaction by make the payment.

How To Recharge Tata Play Via PhonePe?

PhonePe is another digital wallet and online payment app that allows you to seamlessly pay your bills within moments. Currently, it is one of the most popular apps among other competitors. Here's how you can process a Tata Play Recharge through PhonePe within minutes.

  1. Open the PhonePe mobile app.
  2. Scroll down to find "Recharge & Pay bills".
  3. Select the DTH operator.
  4. Enter the registered mobile number.
  5. Fill the recharge amount.
  6. Proceed to pay and complete your transaction.

Learn How To Recharge Tata Play Via Google Pay

In the UPI market of competitors, Google Pay is probably the top name on everyone's recommendation list. Similar to PhonePe and Paytm, Google Pay also offers services to complete your Tata Play recharge online through its mobile app. Check out the detailed steps here:

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your phone.
  2. Scroll down to find the "DTH/Cable TV" option.
  3. Search and select "Tata Play DTH".
  4. Enter your subscriber ID or registered mobile number.
  5. Click on "Continue".
  6. Your payment details will be generated.
  7. Complete the payment and enjoy uninterrupted services.

Tata Play Recharge Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recharge my Tata Play DTH connection through WhatsApp?

All you have to do is send a WhatsApp message to 56633 from the registered mobile number of the subscriber.

What is the lowest recharge value?

You can recharge for as low as ₹50.

How to change the registered mobile number in Tata Play DTH account?

Simply follow the steps given below and you will be able to change the registered mobile number you have with the account.

  • Visit the Tata Play DTH website.
  • Sign in to your account using the required credentials.
  • Click on your profile. Choose the "Edit Profile" option.
  • Update the registered mobile number and then save the currently entered data.
  • The new number will be updated as your registered mobile number.

What is Tata Play DTH Network Capacity Price?

The network capacity fee of Tata Play Recharge Plans has been updated by the company the details of which are mentioned below:

For Primary Connections:

  • The network capacity fee is ₹153.40 per month for the first 200 SD channels inclusive of all taxes.
  • The network capacity fee is ₹188.80 per month for more than 200 SD channels inclusive of all taxes.

For Secondary Connections:

  • ₹61.36 per month for the first 200 SD channels, inclusive of all taxes
  • ₹75.52 per month for more than 200 SD channels, inclusive of all taxes

How to avail of the Tata Play Monthly Pack Cashback Offer?

Tata Play is currently offering cashbacks. Grab the offer before the deals are out. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Tata Play Recharge Portal.
  • Log into your account with the required credentials.
  • Select the recharge option.
  • Choose from any Tata Play recharge plans for 1 year.
  • Complete the payment and you get one month of Free Tata Play service as cashback!