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With lockdowns lurking around the corners once more, many companies and individual customers have started actively searching for a reliable service provider. Are you also looking to get a stable connection? Do you need some assistance in choosing between providers like ACT Vs Hathway? Selectra has come up with some solid information to help you decide what's best for your needs.


ACT which stands for Atria Convergence Technologies Limited is a telecommunication service provider based in Bangalore. Their broadband services known as ACT Fibernet is quite popular among different regions in India.


Hathway Cable & Datacom Limited commonly known as Hathway is a leading Indian Broadband service provider. They are a unique multi-system operator who provides high-speed services across 16 cities.

ACT broadband plans Vs Hathway broadband plans

You can take a look at a few of the popular plans for ACT broadband and Hathway broadband based on speed. This will help you compare the two. We have given the details below:-

Plans with speed up to 30 Mbps

ACT fibernet has comparatively fewer plans with lower speed.

ACT-Rs 685 /-ACT Fibernet offers a 15 Mbps plan with 100GB of data.

ACT-Rs 959/-ACT Fibernet offers a 50 Mbps plan with 240GB of data. The users can enjoy 1500GB of additional data also monthly.

Hathway fibernet gives many more options for low speeds. There are plans for 20 Mbps,30 Mbps and also 50 Mbps. Hathway provides plans which differ from region to region. The most chosen plan is for Rs 699/-

Hathway-Rs 699Hathway offers a 20 Mbps plan which has 100GB of data.

Plans with speed up to 50 Mbps

ACT-Rs 959/-ACT Fibernet provides 240GB in a month having 50 Mbps speed. Users can get additional data of 1500GB and 512 Kbps after-FUP speed in this plan.

Hathway-Rs 999/-Hathway provides 500GB of data in a month having 50 Mbps speed. You also get 4 Mbps after -FUP speed in this plan

Based on the above two popular plans, ACT Fibernet provides the cheaper plan.

Plans with speed over 100 Mbps

ACT-Rs 1,159/-ACT Fibernet offers 400GB monthly data with 100 Mbps speed. You get 1 Mbps after-FUP speed

Hathway-Rs 999/-Hathway gives 1000GB of data per month with 100 Mbps. You will get 5 Mbps after-FUP speed. The minimum subscription period is 3 months.

ACT-Rs 1,999/-ACT Fibernet offers 150 Mbps plans beginning at Rs 1,999.

Hathway-Rs 1,299/-Hathway provides another plan for a 150 Mbps plan with 1000GB of data.

Here we can see that in the category for plans with speed over 100 Mbps, Hathway has lower prices.

Kindly refer to ACT and Hathway for information on plans in detail. Here we have selected a few best/popular plans from the entire list for your convenience.

A comparison between the best plans - ACT Vs Hathway

The onset of the pandemic has stirred both companies into action. They have introduced several plans to assist smooth connectivity required for work-from-home subscribers. You can see for yourself and compare among the best plans provided by ACT as well as Hathway.

ACT broadband - Best plans available

Plan Name Speed Data Monthly Price
ACT Silver Promo 100Mbps 500GB Rs 749
ACT Platinum Promo 150Mbps 1000GB Rs 999
ACT Diamond 150Mbps 1250GB Rs 1,249
ACT Remarkable 125Mbps 1500GB Rs 2,999
ACT Exceptional 150Mbps 2000GB Rs 3,999
ACT Phenomenal 150Mbps 2500GB Rs 4,999

Hathway broadband - Best plans available

Plan Name Speed Data Quarterly Price
HD Elite 50Mpbs 50GB Rs 2,549
HD3 Stream 50Mbps 100GB Rs 2,999
HD Bliss 50Mbps 150GB Rs 3,899
HD4 Stream 50Mbps 200GB Rs 4,499
Infinite 2Mbps Unlimited 2Mbps Unlimited Rs 2,399

Compare the speed tests

ACT Speed Test

Please find below the average results obtained for ACT Fibernet speed tests

  • Download Speed-30.69 Mb/s
  • Upload Speed-36.54 Mb/s
  • Ping Latency-110 ms

Hathway Speed Test

Hathway speed test results have been conducted many times and we give you the average results based on these tests.

  • Download Speed-25,41 Mb/s
  • Upload Speed-7,84 Mb/s
  • Ping Latency-103 ms

Broadband Bill payments

Hathway broadband bill payment

There are a few options to make the bill payment for Hathway broadband

You can easily make an online payment through their website or deposit a cheque at the Hathway Dropbox. The timings are Monday to Friday (10 am to 6 pm). Another option is to request for Cheque pick up. All you should do is send an SMS with ISP_Renew Acc No to 575759.

ACT Fibernet bill payment

You can pay the bill online through ACT’S website and also through their ACT Mobile App. If you are not comfortable with these options, you can pay through either of the following options:-

  • Freecharge
  • Mobikwik
  • Paytm

Customer Reviews

ACT fibernet Customer reviews

I prefer ACT fibernet as the video calling is excellent. I have been enjoying uninterrupted services without any buffering on Youtube. For the past year, ACT has given me great service.

Keith George

ACT Fiber net enables high bandwidth and convenient speed which makes virtual meetings super easy. The prompt customer service response is also a great plus for ACT. I can recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a strong connection.

Pradeep Kumar

ACT has helped me take my online classes for college students in a brilliant manner. Our classes go smoothly with no connectivity issues. The voice and video experience are also great.

Seema S

The plans ACT offers are so thoughtful. I received an additional 100 GB as a kind gesture from the ACT customer support team. They are very helpful and patient too. I have never had any trouble getting assistance from their team.

Mansi Pandey

ACT is a reliable network that provides good offers. They offer good speed and solid connectivity. I have been with them for more than one year and am happy with all their services.

Navya R

During the lockdown, I could coordinate my entire company's daily activities online with ACT fibernet on my side. We didn't face much crisis as business processes functioned as normal. All the team members were virtually connected and we had great access to high-speed internet.

Vivek Vijayan

Hathway Broadband Reviews

Though Hathway is very keen on calling until you renew your plan, they do not respond much when you call for complaints in the service. I am losing connectivity in between work and this makes it very hard for me

Murali Menon

Pathetic service. The wifi is totally disrupted. Customer service is also not good. I do not get any proper response from them.

Nivin Das

The rates are not worth the money being paid. Thinking of changing my internet provider. I cannot rely on them for smooth connectivity. Work calls are getting interrupted too.

Manjula P

I enjoyed Hathway services for the first month. After that, they register your calls but no response. The only times they are active is when renewals are up.

Siya Manoj

Customer service and speed are not as promised. The connectivity is lost many times. Cannot watch movies or download anything without interruptions.

Harish M


You can find more details on the plans and the service provider from our individual pages for the respective companies. We have conducted research and posted the above information on ACT Vs Hathway as per those findings. In case, you find any discrepancies in the information cited above, kindly contact us and we will get them rectified immediately.

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