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In today's article, we will cover the best internet service providers in Indore, what each provider brings to the table, what they're all about, plus how they can be the appropriate fit to meet your broadband requirements. Let's get started.

Kappa Broadband

Kappa Broadband is one of the largest regional internet service providers in Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, Kappa is now categorized as a category B Internet service provider (ISP) in five telecom cities.

They offer four different plans, but we'll focus on the budget plan. This is one of the most economical alternatives available, with rates beginning at Rs 500 for a 28-day validity period and speeds up to 8 Mbps with 100GB.

Whereas in the premium segment, it is priced at Rs 7200 with a maximum download speed of 10 Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 200GB/m.

Kappa Broadband Plans

Plan CodeSpeedData




(in Rs)

BB-10M-28-100GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited28 days100GB/m500
BB-10M-28-200GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited28 days200GB/m600
BB-20M-28-200GB-1MUpto 20 MbpsUnlimited28 days200GB/m750
BB-20M-28-300GB-1MUpto 20 MbpsUnlimited28 days300 GB/m800
BB-10M-84-120GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited84 days120GB/m1500
BB-10M-84-240GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited84 days240 GB/m1700
BB-10M-84-100GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited84 days100GB/m1500
BB-10M-84-200GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited84 days200 GB/m1700
BB-10M-168-152GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited168 days150GB/m3000
BB-10M-168-300GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited168 days300GB/m3400
BB-20M-84-200GB-1MUpto 20 MbpsUnlimited84 days200 GB/m2150
BB-20M-84-300GB-1MUpto 20 MbpsUnlimited84 days300 GB/m2250
BB-10M-336-182GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited336 days180 GB/m6000
BB-10M-336-360GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited336 days360 GB/m6800
BB-10M-168-100GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited168 days100 GB/m3000
BB-10M-168-200GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited168 days200 GB/m3400
BB-20M-168-200GB-1MUpto 20 MbpsUnlimited168 days200 GB/m4200
BB-20M-168-300GB-1MUpto 20 MbpsUnlimited168 days300 GB/m4500
BB-10M-336-100GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited336 days100 GB/m6000
BB-10M-336-200GB-1MUpto 10 MbpsUnlimited336 days200 GB/m6800
BB-20M-336-200GB-1MUpto 20 MbpsUnlimited336 days200 GB/m8200
BB-20M-336-300GB-1MUpto 20 MbpsUnlimited336 days300 GB/m8500


Bharti Airtel requires no introduction since it is among the most well-known in India. In Indore, the beginning price is Rs. 499 per month for about 125 GB at a maximum speed of eight Mbps. However, the speed diminishes after the limit is met.

Airtel's top-tier package costs a hefty Rs. 1999 per month and includes a month of unlimited bandwidth at a whopping 100 Mbps. With a variety of options, you may choose what is best for you based on your financial situation and preferences.

Airtel Broadband Plans

Airtel Wifi Plans ListData & SpeedValidityPrice
Airtel Basic Broadband Plan for ₹499Unlimited @Up to 40Mbps1 Month₹499
Airtel Standard Broadband Plan for ₹799Unlimited @Up to 100Mbps1 Month₹799
Airtel Entertainment Broadband Plan for ₹999Unlimited @Up to 200Mbps1 Month₹999
Airtel Professional Broadband Plan for ₹1,499Unlimited @Up to 300Mbps1 Month₹1,499
Airtel Standard Broadband Plan for ₹2,397Unlimited @Up to 100Mbps3 Months₹2,397
Airtel Entertainment Broadband Plan for ₹2,997Unlimited @Up to 200Mbps3 Months₹2,997
Airtel Infinity Broadband Plan for ₹3,999Unlimited @Up to 1Gbps1 Month₹3,999
Airtel Standard Broadband Plan for ₹4,434Unlimited @Up to 100Mbps6 Months₹4,434
Airtel Professional Broadband Plan for ₹4,497Unlimited @Up to 300Mbps3 Months₹4,497
Airtel Entertainment Broadband Plan for ₹5,544Unlimited @Up to 200Mbps6 Months₹5,544


Hathway is a fully functional business and a well-known privately held broadband/network/net supplier in our country.

Hathway's best connectivity is up to 50 Mbps, which is rather low compared to its competitors. It begins with the most basic plan, which includes an enhanced internet connection with a maximum speed of 2 Mbps for Rs. 800 per month.

Hathway Broadband Plans

Hathway Broadband Plans ListData & SpeedValidityPrice
Hathway Rocket Speed 1.5 for ₹60020GB @1.5 Mbps1 Month₹600
Hathway Ultra Infinite 2 Mbps for ₹70011GB @2 Mbps1 Month₹700
Hathway Premium unlimited 150 for ₹800Unlimited @150 Mbps1 Month₹800
Hathway Rocket Speed 3 for ₹80020GB @3 Mbps1 Month₹800
Hathway GPON 200 for ₹849Unlimited @200 Mbps1 Month₹849
Hathway Chennai Hybrid 150 for ₹849Unlimited @150 Mbps1 Month₹849
Hathway Data 180 GB for ₹1,130180GB @Upto 4 Mbps3 Months₹1,130
Hathway GPON 300 for ₹1,400Unlimited @300 Mbps1 Month₹1,400
Hathway FUP 60GB 4Mbps for ₹1,47760GB @Upto 4 Mbps3 Months₹1,477
Hathway STAR 40 Mbps for ₹1,4971000GB @40 Mbps3 Months₹1,497

Reliance Jio Fiber

Reliance Jio Fiber has done an outstanding job of providing high-speed internet plans in India. Additionally, Jio Fiber in Indore is quite reasonably priced. The beginner's plan is priced at Rs 699. This package offers up to 100 Mbps and includes 150GB of data. Additionally, it contains a 100GB basic data limit and an additional 50GB backup.

Once this Fair Consumption Policy (FUP) is exhausted, there will be no further costs for increased data usage.

One distinguishing feature is the availability of three-month subscriptions to JioCinema and JioSaavn. The Silver plan, the second tier of the JioFiber plan, is priced at Rs 849 per month and includes up to 100 Mbps speed with various bundles totaling 400GB of data. Additionally, this includes packages that include three-month memberships to JioCinema and JioSaavn and memberships to video streaming applications.

The plan's pinnacle tier, also known as the gold, is priced at Rs 1,299 per month. With this plan, you can gain access to 250 Mbps of bandwidth and 500GB of base data, along with a 6-month bonus benefit of 250GB of data.

Jio Broadband Plans 

Jio Fiber Plans ListData & SpeedValidityPrice
JioFiber ₹199 Data Sachet PlanUnlimited @100 Mbps7 Days₹199
JioFiber ₹399 Monthly PlanUnlimited @30 Mbps30 Days₹399
JioFiber ₹699 Monthly PlanUnlimited @100 Mbps30 Days₹699
JioFiber ₹999 Monthly PlanUnlimited @150 Mbps30 Days₹999
JioFiber ₹1,197 Quarterly PlanUnlimited @30 Mbps90 Days₹1,197
JioFiber ₹1,499 Monthly PlanUnlimited @300 Mbps30 Days₹1,499
JioFiber ₹2,097 Quarterly PlanUnlimited @100 Mbps90 Days₹2,097
JioFiber ₹2,394 Semi-Annual PlanUnlimited @30 Mbps180 Days + 15 Days₹2,394
JioFiber ₹2,499 Monthly PlanUnlimited @500 Mbps30 Days₹2,499
JioFiber ₹2,997 Quarterly PlanUnlimited @150 Mbps90 Days₹2,997

Den Broadband

DEN internet is one of the fastest-growing broadband providers in the Indore region, with its reach expanding significantly in the Indore area in particular.

Den internet consumers/customers choose this organization since it is consistent in its market offerings and has been regarded as one of the best broadband providers in Indore and the country.

Den's basic plan costs Rs 749 for 20 Mbps and a premium net package starting at Rs 1699 for up to 50mbps.

Den has a vast reach, with users discovering Den Broadband if their neighborhood does not have any other internet service providers.

DEN Broadband Plans (Special DEN Internet Plans)

Plan DetailsValidity (Days)Price(Rs)
Limited 30GB Data @ 10 Mbps Speed30312
Limited 50GB Data @ 10 Mbps Speed30415
FUP 90GB Data @ 10 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2 Mbps30566
FUP 120GB Data @ 20 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2 Mbps30713
FUP 150GB Data @ 30 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2 Mbps30832
FUP 200GB Data @ 40 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2Mbps30951
FUP 250GB Data @ 50 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2Mbps301070
FUP 300GB Data @ 75 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2Mbps301129
FUP 350GB Data @ 100 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2Mbps301189
FUP 400GB Data @ 100 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2Mbps301308
Unlimited Data @ 6 Mbps301665
Limited – 180GB Data @ 50 Mbps1802142
Limited – 30GB Data @ 10 Mbps2101871
FUP – 90GB Data @ 10 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2 Mbps2103392
FUP – 200GB Data @ 40 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2 Mbps2105706
Limited 30GB Data @ 10 Mbps Speed3603118
Limited 360GB Data @ 50 Mbps Speed3603570
FUP 90GB Data @ 10 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2 Mbps3605653
FUP 350GB Data @ 100 Mbps Speed, Remaining @ 2 Mbps36011890

We hope this blog has helped you better understand some of the best WiFi providers in Indore. We will update this list as we come across new and better providers. Before making a decision, we recommend contacting the service provider and explaining your requirements in detail. This will help ensure you get value for your money and high-speed internet.

For more such articles on internet service providers across different cities in India, stay tuned to Selectra!

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