The Top 8 Music Streaming Apps In India

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Music has always been an important part of every Indian's everyday life, but the means by which music is consumed has changed throughout time as a result of technological advancements in the country. Modern digital technology, fueled by the power of the internet, has made a variety of music collections accessible at the touch of a button via several music streaming apps. Let’s take a look at some such apps that fulfill the dreams of every music lover.

Music Streaming Apps India

Many current and new streaming firms have joined the Indian music streaming industry as a result of the high demand for content consumption and the possibilities for income creation in the market. So, let’s now go through the eight top music streaming apps available in India, which you should check out.

Streaming appsPricing per monthLowest bitrateHighest bitrate
SpotifyRs 11924 kbps320 kbps OGG
Jio saavanRs 9924 kbps320 kbps
GaanaRs 9916 kbps256 kbps to 320 kbps
Youtube musicRs 9948 kbps256 kbps AAC
Wynk musicRs 99 for non-airtel users.24 kbps320 kbps
Apple musicRs 9948 kbps256 kbps AAC
Amazon prime musicRs 12916 kbps256 kbps
Hungama musicRs 9916 kbps160 kbps

Complete Description On Best Music Streaming Apps In India

Spotify - A Platform For Everyone To Listen To Music

Spotify is an essential part of any conversation about music streaming applications, and it cannot be discussed without mentioning it. The Sweden-based start-up made its debut in India in early 2019 and reached 1 million subscribers in less than a week after launching. The algorithm is user-friendly, and the best choices are chosen depending on the interests of the individuals who are using the algorithm.

Subscription The business strategy is freemium, which means it offers a combination of free subscriptions and paid subscriptions. A three-month trial period is available, and premium membership rates begin at Rs 119 per month after that. Premium subscriptions provide features such as ad-free music listening, offline playing, and multi-device access, to mention a few examples. Podcasts are also accessible on Spotify, which has a comprehensive collection.

JioSaavn - A Great Choice For Music Lovers Around

JioSaavn, formerly known as Saavn, is a music streaming service that was launched in 2007 and has now been amalgamated with Jio Music. The term itself is very associated with music since it literally translates as "rainy season" in Hindi. There are approximately 45 million song collections in English, Hindi, and other Indian languages available on JioSaavn. Users of Reliance Jio may also use the app to customize their Jio caller songs from a large music collection that includes the 70s, 90s, and current raps/remixes, among other things.

Subscription A freemium business model is used, with premium options starting at Rs. 99 a month. The trial period is free for 90 days, while premium subscriptions provide additional features like free music streaming and offline playing. Additionally, podcasts and radio streaming are accessible.

Gaana - Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana

Gaana, which was launched in April 2010 and has more than 100 million monthly users. The music streaming app, which was created by Times Internet, contains songs listed in 21 languages and a song library of more than 45 million songs. It is possible for Gaana users to build their own public music playlists, which may then be accessed by other Gaana users as well.

Subscription The business strategy is likewise freemium, with gaana plus options starting at Rs. 99/month and going up from there. Paid membership plans feature HD music streaming, an ad-free music experience, and the ability to download an unlimited number of songs to your computer's hard drive.

YouTube Music

At the moment, it is most likely the most serious threat to other music streaming services in India. In the YouTube music streaming app, all of the videos published to the YouTube service by major artists are accessible to listen to as music. The program was officially introduced in India in March of this year. The system has been meticulously designed to provide the best suggestions possible depending on the user's music streaming activity.

Subscription For YouTube music, the most significant advantage is the ability to simultaneously replay both video and music in the same app. You may subscribe to the YouTube music subscription plan, which offers ad-free music streaming, skipping and scrubbing, offline background plays, as well as 256 kbits per second, for as little as Rs 99 per month.

Wynk Music

In addition to being owned by Airtel, Wynk music was one of the first in the business of music streaming applications to provide the free downloads option, which was previously exclusively accessible to Airtel customers. Wynk Music offers a diverse selection of music in all major Indian languages, which may be found on their website.

Subscription Paid membership rates begin at Rs 99 per month and feature ad-free streaming, as well as a one-month free trial period, respectively.

Apple Music

This music and movie streaming service, which is owned by Apple Inc., is accessible in more than 100 countries. In its early stages, the service was primarily a music streaming service, but it has now evolved to include video streaming services as well. Apple Inc's goal is to establish this as a one-stop cultural platform or one-stop store for pop culture in the near future, according to the company.

Subscription Apple Music boasts a catalogue of more than 50 million songs, and the service may also be accessed via Apple Car Play. Paid membership options for Apple Music begin at Rs 99/month and include a free three-month trial period prior to purchase.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is one of the features that prime members may enjoy in addition to Amazon Prime Video and Prime delivery service for the company's e-commerce business. Amazon Prime Music was one of the earliest movers in the field of music streaming applications, having launched its service in September 2007 under the name Amazon MP3 and later changed its name to Amazon Prime Music. Alexa, the Amazon-owned voice assistant, is also incorporated into the app, allowing for improved search results and a more enjoyable user experience.

Subscription The music streaming app is only accessible with premium subscriptions that include ad-free streaming, and it does not provide any music streaming alternatives that are accompanied by advertisements. Amazon Music is available for a monthly fee of Rs 129.

Hungama Music

Hungama Music is owned by, the biggest digital media entertainment firm in South Asia. is headquartered in Mumbai, India. A user may access music ranging from ancient Hindi classics to worldwide jams, as well as songs in all major Indian languages, in one convenient location. The music streaming service is accessible in more than 47 countries and has more than 20 million customers to its credit.

Subscription If you have a pro account, you may take advantage of the loyalty function, which pays you for every activity you perform inside the app. The Pro plan, which includes an ad-free streaming experience as well as unlimited downloads, is available for Rs 99/month and above.


It's quite difficult to choose the finest of the bunch, but Spotify has rectified the majority of its troubles in India and it has surpassed all other music apps. Users who routinely listen to Bollywood music will find JioSaavn and Gaana to be the most suitable options, whilst users who are committed to the Apple ecosystem will find Apple Music to be the most appropriate alternative.

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