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Hey there, You would all be familiar with various online video streaming services like Netflix, Disney plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc. Indian Viewers have lots of platforms to keep themselves entertained. There are so many players in the field that it becomes tough to choose the best. How do you find and Compare OTT platforms in India. That's where Selectra comes in.

What Selectra has planned for you

Our team has come up with the idea of preparing content on the major OTT service providers in India. We intend to help you understand all the aspects involved. You will be given descriptions about the OTT platforms in India , services provided, the plans and packs and so much more. The idea is to get all our readers well versed about what’s out there in the Indian OTT industry. We want you to make the best choice.

Why you shouldn’t make random decisions

Why do you think we are asking you to choose after careful consideration? We have your best interests in mind. There is so much content streaming online these days and we want to make sure it is safe for you to view and download. You should get value for the money you invest in OTT platforms. So we have researched and prepared comparisons on various OTT service providers.

Any idea what OTT is?

OTT is the short form for Over the top. It is a streaming service that gives you access to content through the internet, without going through a broadcasting company. There is so much flexibility in the content type and you can choose what you want to see.

What content is available via OTT?

It’s not just video content that is available through OTT platforms. You get access to more than one kind of content.

  • Video - Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • Messaging - Telegram, WhatsApp
  • Voice calls - Skype
  • Audio - Apple Music, Spotify
  • Visual media including comics and digital books

Models of OTT platforms

There are three main OTT Platform Model.

SVOD- Subscription video on demand:Viewers can take a regular subscription after paying a fee. There are different tiers of subscription. Lower tiers have ads and higher ones are ad-free.

AVOD- Advertising video on demand:Subscribers do not have to pay any amount to take the subscription. It is entirely supported by advertisements. The revenue is generated from Ads completely.

TVOD-Transactional video on demand:This is more like a pay-per-view model. It is mostly used to view a special program or event.

Ways to view the OTT content

How do viewers get the videos? Viewers can view OTT content in two ways.

  1. OTT Devices - Smart TVs, game consoles etc
  2. Via Internet - Computers, smartphones etc

Top 3 Advantages of OTT platforms

While there are numerous benefits that we will discuss in our individual pages, here are the main 3 advantages of OTT platforms.

  • Flexibility
  • Customisation
  • Access to the latest movies and shows
  • Star feature of OTT Platforms
  • You decide when to watch and what to watch.

Below listed are some of the best OTT platforms in India.

Why comparison on OTT providers is important

We know that it is more than confusing and even intimidating to have to select an OTT service provider from amongst a huge list. There are so many features which you have to consider. You have to know what they offer, how much the online streaming services cost, the quality of content etc. And when you get a site where you can have all these details together, you can make a wise decision.

What to check when comparing OTT platforms

Here are some factors you can take as a guideline to select the best OTT platform in India.

  • How long does installation take?
  • Ease and Versatility of the platform
  • How much time does it take to get a connection?
  • User-friendliness
  • All Costs involved
  • Upload -download speed
  • Subscription Package and content
  • Buffering free content availability
  • Advertisements
  • Cybersecurity and content protection
  • Customer support and follow up
  • Technical assistance and accountability

Analysis of Indian OTT platforms

After several surveys on consumer perception, we have got some key insights for your understanding.

  • Netflix and Amazon Prime lead the market.
  • Disney Plus Hotstar follows closely.
  • The majority of Indian viewers prefer to watch English content over regional content.
  • Indian viewers under 35 years constitute 90% of the users.
  • Male viewers constitute around 80% of the total viewing population.
  • Around 60% of OTT usage comes from the 5 metro cities.

What’s great OTT platforms have made Binge-watching possible. Now there is no need to wait for the next episode as in cable TV. You get to sit and watch the entire season at a stretch. Yay!

Why trust us?

Selectra believes in providing information on the top OTT platforms India in the market to our readers. We make it our goal to meet your demands. And we want you to have the best. With our in-depth insights and comparison, we have been able to provide accurate guidance to our happy customers.

Bird’s view of the current scenario in India

When we compare OTT platforms in India, we can see that the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the OTT industry. This is one of the industries that has gained momentum during this situation. Now the digital revolution is at its peak and growing bounds. With more families opting for Smart TVs, the usage of OTT content is not restricted to just handsets. Other factors that have increased digital penetration of OTT platforms are variable price models, low data packs, premium high definition quality content. Let us look forward to watching the exponential growth of the popular OTT industry.

Compare OTT Plattorms in India!