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In these Covid-19 times, everyone is looking for online entertainment, and therefore, they need the best OTT platform. This article gives you the best and beneficial information on the Best Bengali OTT platforms. One survey says that the OTT platform currently generates revenue by 4.8 times to more than Rs. 4000 crore.

These streaming platforms make original and most popular regional language content easily accessible to many people from different geographical locations. With hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows available at our fingers, these web streaming services have become the staple over the past months. With their increasing popularity accompanied by the need for more regional content, OTT platforms have seen a steady rise of regional-language-only services.

With platforms like Hoichoi and Addatimes, audiences can now stream content made in TV shows and movies in different languages. You can find over 40 OTT platforms in India offering original Media content online. Let's check out some of the famous Bengali OTT Platforms.

The Best Bengali OTT Platform


"Hoichoi," which means excitement in the Bengali Language. It is the first OTT platform from Bengal that provides Bengali content in India and worldwide. Launched on September 20, 2017, the Kolkata-headquartered streaming platform is owned and maintained by SVF Entertainment.

Four years since its launch, Hoichoi features over 600 films,70 original web series such as the Raima Sen - Joy Sengupta starter Hello,1000 Bengali songs, and several hours of children's content. This platform provides entertainment for all kinds of Bengali viewers. Mahendra Soni, a film producer, and distributor, and Vishnu Mohta, a corporate finance and strategy whiz, founded and Launched Hoichoi to provide original and best online streaming sites for Bengali movies. Hoichoi has a subscription base in India and Bangladesh, Japan, Sweden, Argentina, and 100 other countries.

Best shows on the platform
  • Byomkesh
  • Kamini
  • Manbhanjan
  • The Stoneman Murders
  • Paranoia
Subscription price Validity
Rs. 599 1 year


If you Want to watch the original best Bengali web series, classic and latest movies, critically acclaimed short films, and more on one platform? Then move to Addatimes. Launched on June 15, 2016, additives are available in India and Bangladesh. Currently, its repertoire comprises over 60 movies, 16 original web series, and 17 short films. The founder of Addatimes is Rajiv Mehra. He is the Managing Director of Addatimes Private Media Limited (the founding company).

Best shows on the platform
  • Khyapa
  • The Senapatis Vol-1
  • Feluda Pherot
  • Chhaya O chhobi
  • Utshober Pore
Subscription price Validity
Rs. 399 1 year


The latest player on this field is KLiKK. It was launched on November 10 this year. It is owned and managed by Angel Television. KLiKK OTT platform offers the best original Bengali web series, movies, short movies, children's content, Bengali songs, and more, all in HD format.KLiKK saw its entry into the OTT industry with the launch of two original web series Chick Flick and Protibimbo.

Best shows on the platform
  • Antardwanda
  • Next
  • Roopkathar Radio
  • Chick flick
  • Dream Boutique
Subscription price Validity
Rs. 99 1 Month
Rs. 399 1 Year


Sun NXT is another platform that made its mark early on in the OTT race. This on-demand Service was launched by Sun TV, one of the country's largest regional content broadcasters. It offers content in many regional languages, including Bengali, Tamil, Telugu Malayalam, Kannada, etc. In addition, the Sun NXT has a wide-ranging library that includes thousands of movies, TV shows, music videos, and comedy videos.

Fans of the broadcasting channel can also catch up on their favorite shows and watch live TV channels on the platform. In addition, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to access some of the country's highest-rated regional language content. Aside from India, it's available to access the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

Best shows on the platform
Subscription Price Validity
Rs. 50 1 Month
Rs. 480 12 Month

ZEE5 (Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, etc.)

ZEE5 is an Indian videos app on demand website run by the Essel group and provides some regional movies, shows, short films, and the best online streaming sites for Bengali movies. This is also a popular platform for Bengali TV shows.

Best shows on the platform
  • Misti O Aami
  • Nandini
  • Jiyonkathi
  • Kanyadan
  • Harano Sur
  • Kumkum Bhagya
  • Bhagya Lakshmi
  • Kaali
  • Sharate Aaj
  • Onek Diner Pore
Subscription price Validity
Rs. 499 1 year
Rs. 299 3 Month

Voot (Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, etc.)

Voot is also an OTT platform in India that offers you the best online streaming sites Bengali for movies, and with that, this platform also provides some TV shows in the Bengali language. This OTT platform is majority powered by Viacom18. This application lets you watch all Color TV serials episodes live, unseen footage of popular shows like Bigg Boss. This platform also provides some best online streaming sites for Bengali movies.

Best shows on the platform
  • Geetha
  • Aschey Bochor Abar Hobe
  • Shani
  • Manasa
  • Katmundu
Subscription Price Validity
Rs. 99 1 Month
Rs. 499 1 year

BIGFlix (Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, etc.)

BIGFlix is owned by Reliance Industries and was launched in 2008. It provides only a streaming facility, downloads movies, and has a wide range of movies like comedy, thriller, romantic, etc. It also offers content in many regional languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and more. BIGFlix OTT provides its users a free subscription for three months, and after that, you can select their Mega Saver-1 year subscription that comes at Rs. 500 only.

Best shows on the platform
  • Monster.
  • Silence.
  • Long Strange Trip.
  • The Love Witch.
  • The Void.
Subscription Price Validity
Rs. 50 1 Month
Rs. 500 Year

JioCinema (Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, etc.)

JioCinema is owned by the reliance industry and was launched in 2016. This OTT platform showcases popular movies, TV Shows, web series, documentaries and music videos. Moreover, the content on jio cinema is available in multiple languages like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, etc. This makes it unique for the best online streaming sites.

Best shows on the platform
  • Hacker (In Bengali
  • The Landlord (In Bengali)
  • Hit list
  • Nagaingon
  • Oh! Mother
Subscription Price Validity
Rs. 149 1 Month
Rs. 1699 1 Year


We hope you got the complete information about the Bengali OTT platforms which are mentioned above. These OTT platforms completely hook people in India. See you soon with more interesting updates

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