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As India moves towards a digital revolution, online payments and secure transactions gain more importance. Managing your Airtel postpaid and landline bills is easier than before. With various convenient options like Bill desk, UPI apps, Airtel Thanks App, Airtel’s website, and Airtel Payments Bank, paying your Airtel bills is just a few clicks away. You can always stay connected while making Airtel bill payments online.

Airtel Bill Payment

Airtel has always prioritized customer service and user experience above all its services. For efficient Airtel bill payment, you can proceed in two major ways - offline and online. However, several consumers still feel more comfortable with the traditional modes of payment. To assist with their payments, Airtel has enabled convenient methods for offline Airtel bill payments, too. 

Utilizing the online method is simple and requires only a few straightforward steps. If you're an Airtel postpaid subscriber keen on managing your account independently and making online bill payments,

  1. Airtel Bill Payment: Offline

    The most convenient option for offline Airtel bill payments is to visit the nearby Airtel Retail Store and connect with a customer care executive. Once your bill is generated through the account information, you can pay through your preferred method - cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, or anything else that is accepted by the store.

  2. Airtel Bill Payment: Online

    To make your Airtel bill payment online, you can do it through Bill Desk, UPI, Airtel's official website, Airtel Thanks App, or third-party portals. More often than not, these modes of payment also have exciting cashback or discount offers.

  • How To Check Airtel Bill Online?
  • Get the Airtel Thanks app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Sign in to the app using your Airtel postpaid number.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the "manage" section.
  • At the top half of your screen, view all the details of your current Airtel postpaid plan.
  • Review all the information provided.

Airtel online bill payments are highly recommended since they not only ensure optimal efficiency but also enhance the security of the transaction process. You can pay the dues securely in a few moments from the comfort of your home.

Airtel aims to simplify bill payments so consumers can experience an easy process. Users can now say goodbye to the old ways of paying bills. Welcome the era of paying bills online and enjoy the ease of digital transactions! To find out more about Airtel online bill payments, refer to the following sections.

Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment

Utilizing the online method is simple and requires only a few straightforward steps. Fortunately, Airtel has enabled several payment methods through which users can clear their dues. Not only are these safe, but they also ensure a smooth experience. If you're an Airtel postpaid subscriber keen on managing your account independently and making online bill payments,choose any one of the methods below to get started:

  1. Airtel Bill Payment Through BillDesk
  2. Airtel Bill Payment Through UPI - Unified Payments Interface
  3. Airtel Bill Payment Through Airtel’s website
  4. Airtel Bill Payment Through Airtel Thanks App
  5. Airtel Bill Payment Through Airtel Payments Bank
  1. Airtel Postpaid Bill Payments Online: Through Bill Desk

    BillDesk is not only a highly convenient payment method, but it has also been deemed an incredibly safe and secure portal. You can make payments without the worry of privacy or safety breaches. Here are the steps to make Airtel postpaid bill payments through BillDesk.

    • Visit the official BillDesk website.
    • Find the “New Payment” section.
    • Select “Mobile Postpaid”.
    • Enter our Airtel mobile number.
    • It should display Airtel as your provider. In case it isn’t, choose “Airtel” from the list.
    • Select a payment plan that you find suitable.
    • Click “Proceed” to continue.

    You can also enter a promo code, if you have any, to avail of discounts. Although this is one method, you can make your Airtel postpaid bill payment through UPI, the Airtel website, the Airtel Thanks App and other ways, where paying through BillDesk is one of the options.

  2. Airtel Postpaid Bill Payments Online: Through UPI - Unified Payments Interface

    UPI is an extremely safe and convenient method of payment preferred by a significant percentage of users everywhere. Follow these steps to pay your Airtel bill online through popular UPI apps like Google Pay, Paytm, or PhonePay.

    • Open the app and find the “Pay Bills” or “My Bills” section.
    • Search “Airtel”.
    • Click on “Airtel Postpaid Payments”.
    • Enter your mobile number.
    • The app will verify your details and generate the bill.
    • Pay the amount and complete the Airtel mobile bill payment process.
  3. Airtel Postpaid Bill Payments Online: Through Airtel Website

    Airtel’s official website is another reliable means of making your payments. Not only does it offer a payment mode, but it also allows you to manage all your services in one place. Here are the steps to make the Airtel postpaid bill payment online through their official website.

    • Visit Airtel’s official website.
    • Select the “Postpaid” option under the “Recharge or pay bills” section.
    • Enter your mobile number.
    • Click on “Pay Bill”.
    • Pay the Airtel postpaid bill online through the most convenient payment method.
  4. Airtel Postpaid Bill Payments Online: Through Airtel Thanks App

    Airtel Thanks App is a one-stop destination where users can manage all Airtel services, pay bills, make UPI payments and more under one roof. You can also recharge your Airtel SIM through the Airtel Thanks App! Here’s how to pay your Airtel postpaid bill online through the Airtel Thanks App.

    • Download the Airtel Thanks App and sign in through your mobile number.
    • After signing in, you will notice a “Services” card to the left of the screen.
    • It shows the latest details of your Airtel services. You can directly click on “Pay Now” to pay your bill.
    • Otherwise, you can click on the card to learn more about your active Airtel services.
    • Pay your bills through the “Pay Now” option or click “View Bills” for a detailed breakdown.
  5. Airtel Postpaid Bill Payments Online: Through Airtel Payments Bank

    Airtel Payments Bank, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, is a digital bank that offers several financial services like savings accounts, money transfers, bill payments, and more. If you have an account at the Airtel Payments Bank, you can easily make Airtel postpaid bill payments online.

    • Log into your account.
    • Navigate to the "Bill Payments" section.
    • Enter your mobile number, outstanding amount and plan details.
    • Proceed with the payment.

List of Best Airtel Postpaid Family Plans

If you're a postpaid user with your family also on Airtel postpaid, managing multiple bills at the end of each billing cycle can be cumbersome. Discover Airtel's family postpaid plans available for your convenience:

Check out the new Airtel postpaid family plans
Airtel Postpaid PlansPrice and inclusions
Rs 399 Airtel Postpaid Plan
  • 40 GB Data with Rollover
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Unlimited local/STD & roaming calls
Rs 499 Airtel Postpaid Plan
  • 75 GB Data with Rollover
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Unlimited local/STD & roaming calls
  • Access to Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile
  • Free Airtel Handset Protection
Rs 599 Airtel Postpaid Plan
  • 75 GB Data with Rollover
  • 1 Free family add-on
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Unlimited local/STD & roaming calls
  • Access to Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile
  • Free Airtel Handset Protection
Rs 999 Airtel Postpaid Plan
  • 100 GB Data with Rollover
  • 3 Free family add-ons
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Unlimited local/STD & roaming calls
  • Access to Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile
  • Free Airtel Handset Protection
The Rs 1,199 Airtel Postpaid Plan
  • 150 GB Data with Rollover
  • 3 Free family add-ons
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Unlimited local/STD & roaming calls
  • Access to Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile, Netflix Basic
  • Free Airtel Handset Protection
Rs 1,499 Airtel Postpaid Plan
  • 200 GB Data with Rollover
  • 4 Free family add-ons
  • 100 SMS per day
  • Unlimited local/STD & roaming calls
  • Access to Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile, Netflix Standard
  • Free Airtel Handset Protection

Airtel Landline Bill Payment

Similar to the ease of making Airtel postpaid bill payments, processing the Airtel landline bill payments is equally smooth and convenient. You can pay the bill through the official Airtel website or UPI apps. Check out the detailed steps in the following sections.

  1. Airtel Landline Bill Payment via UPI

    Use the following steps to make the Airtel landline bill payment through UPI apps, like PhonePay, Google Pay, or Paytm. It is arguably the most highly recommended method, as it allows users to complete the payment seamlessly in a few moments.

    • Open the app and find the “Pay Bills” or “My Bills” section.
    • Search “Airtel”.
    • Click on “Airtel Landline/Broadband Payments”.
    • Enter your telephone number so the app can verify your plan details.
    • The bill will be generated in the next step.
    • Pay the amount to complete the process for Airtel landline bill payments.
  2. Airtel Landline Bill Payment via Official Website

    Airtel’s website for landline/broadband bill payments lets you finish your dues efficiently. Not only is the process straightforward, but it is also fast and smooth, allowing you an incredible user experience. Here are the steps for paying your dues online.

    • Visit the official Airtel website for landline/broadband bill payments.
    • Enter the concerned Airtel number.
    • The details of your plan will show up on the screen.
    • Select a payment mode according to your preference.
    • Pay the bill and enjoy seamless Airtel services.

Online Platforms For Airtel Bill Payments

To make their services more accessible, Bharti Airtel allows their customers to make their Airtel bill payments through a number of different modes. Users can pick any of these according to their preferences and convenience. Check out the following list to learn about the available online platforms for Airtel bill payments.

  • Airtel’s official website
  • Airtel Thanks App
  • MobiKwik
  • Paytm
  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • Freecharge
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • payRup
  • Netbanking
  • BillDesk

Airtel Black Bill Payment

Airtel Black is a recent service launched by Airtel where users can bundle different services, like Fiber connection, Airtel DTH and Mobile, together under one single bill. It also includes free services and zero installation or switching costs. The most highly recommended methods of Airtel Black bill payments are the Airtel Thanks App and their official website.

You can pay for each account separately. But with the Airtel Black plan, the payment gets divided among all the accounts based on what's owed on each one. We suggest following the rule of one payment for one account. We've made sure that bills for all your accounts are generated at the same time, so it's easier for you.

  • Why Choose Airtel Black?
  • One single bill for all connections
  • Flexible plans
  • Efficient customer care services
  • 24x7 contact team
  • Free visits for lifetime services
  • Nominal charges for switching or installation services

Airtel Auto-Pay And Scheduled Payments

Customers can set up auto-pay services for their Airtel bill payments to ensure seamless payments. Scheduled payments are among the top recommendations since they allow users to keep track of their bills and pay every month without missing a bill. Moreover, they also help avoid late fee charges. Users can easily set up auto-pay services through the Airtel Thanks App and website. Besides these, you can explore the steps for BillDesk auto-pay setup.

  1. Visit the BillDesk website to activate the auto-pay service for Airtel online bill payments.
  2. Enter your Airtel postpaid or landline number and email ID.
  3. You will receive an alert confirmation for the registration on the email ID you provided.
  4. Provide the card details through which you wish to activate scheduled payments.
  5. A payment authorisation of ₹2 must be completed for verification.
  6. Once the payment is processed, your enrolment is complete, and you can now enjoy the services of Airtel auto-pay.

Airtel Wallets And Cashback Offers

Airtel Wallet is a digital wallet through which consumers can make easy payments using the Airtel Payments Bank. This service allows users to recharge their numbers, pay utility bills, make shopping payments, and more. The Airtel Thanks App has a “Pay” section, allowing you to manage your Airtel Wallet. Here’s how you can activate it in a few simple steps:

  1. Download and open the Airtel Thanks App.
  2. Find the “Get Airtel Wallet” option on the Home page at the top left corner.
  3. Click “Get Wallet”.
  4. Enter the required details.
  5. Click “Confirm”.
  6. You can now add money to your Airtel Wallet for seamless payments!

In addition to the convenience of payments, Airtel Wallet also brings numerous cashback offers for consumers. Not only do they add to the advantages of the Airtel Wallet, but they also, in turn, provide discounted payment costs. Check out the following table for some of the most popular cashback offers for Airtel Wallet users!

Popular Cashback Offers For Airtel Wallet Users.
ParticularsCashbackMinimum Purchase
First transaction50% up to ₹50-
Airtel postpaid bill paymentFlat ₹40-
Airtel DTH rechargeFlat ₹20₹400
Amazon purchaseFlat ₹50₹1,000
Big BasketFlat ₹100₹1,500
MyntraFlat ₹100₹1,000
Lybrate10% cashback up to ₹90₹600
Airtel Digital TV recharge5% cashback up to ₹250-
Tata 1mg10% cashback up to ₹200₹1,000
Airtel Prepaid rechargeFlat ₹10-

How To Get Cashback On Airtel Bill Payments?

You can get a cashback of ₹20 on your first three transactions of Airtel bill payments by processing them through the Airtel UPI. It is a service similar to other UPI apps but with an added safety feature called Safe Pay. Here are the steps to get the cashback:

  1. Go to the “Pay” section in the Airtel Thanks App.
  2. Link your bank account to Airtel UPI.
  3. When you head over to the payments page, click on the “Select offers, save more” option.
  4. Find the cashback offer and click on “Apply”.
  5. Verify whether the coupon is being reflected on the payments page.
  6. Complete the payment using Airtel UPI only.
  7. Once the payment is processed, the cashback will be automatically credited to the linked account.

You can also explore other cashback offers provided by Airtel. You can also apply coupons and cashback codes for Airtel bill payments if you receive them via third-party apps.

How Is Payment Security Maintained For Airtel Bill Payments?

Airtel has a stringent privacy policy to maintain user’s trust and security while accessing their services. Any kind of personal information collected during payments or registration is strictly used only to verify the user’s identity, process their transactions, perform market analysis, personalise their services and develop assistance.

Airtel adopts security practices and procedures as stated by the international standard IS/ISO/IEC 27001 and subsequent laws, in accordance with which the user’s data experiences technical, operational, managerial and physical security from unnecessary disclosure. Moreover, Airtel ensures that no third-party companies can abuse their power or access to manipulate this data.

Troubleshooting Common Airtel Bill Payment Issues

Even with a flawless system in place, it is possible for users to experience errors and bumps while using the service. The most common Airtel bill payment issue is that the bill isn’t processed correctly. Even with that, there are several issues that you could experience, as mentioned here:

  • Money is debited from your account, but payment isn’t reflected.
  • Incorrect payment links
  • Glitches in the Airtel Thanks App
  • Technical issues on your biller's side

Here’s how you can tackle these issues:

  • Verify the payment status from the Airtel Thanks App or website.
  • Verify the payment status from your bank account.
  • Cross-check the payment details, like login ID, password, UPI PIN or other banking credentials.
  • Try alternative methods of Airtel bill payment.
  • Clear cache and cookies from your browser history.
  • Update the Airtel Thanks App and account.
  • Contact Airtel customer support.

Customer Support Contact For Airtel Mobile Bill Payment

Although you can troubleshoot common issues and try to figure them out by yourself, sometimes, you might be compelled to contact Airtel customer care support for help. Because of Airtel’s priority towards user experience and smooth sailing through their services, they’ve made several means of contact available. Check them out in the list below.

  • Connect with the executives through the “Help & Support” section in the Airtel Thanks App. You can find 24x7 chat support, manage all bill payment services under one roof, raise queries and track the progress of those queries.
  • For postpaid-related enquiries and requests, call 121 from your Airtel number.
  • For postpaid-related complaints,call 198.
  • For Airtel Payments Bank, call 400 (subscribers only)
  • For Airtel Payments Bank, call 8800688006 (non-subscribers)
  • For broadband or landline-related queries, call 121 from the Airtel number.

Airtel Bill Payment: Frequently Asked Questions

How To Download Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment Receipt?

You may have to download your Airtel postpaid online bill payment receipt for records or to track your expenses. Sometimes, you get the option to download the bill directly from the success page when your payment is processed. Aside from that, here’s how you can download it from the Airtel Thanks App.

  1. Download and open the Airtel Thanks App.
  2. Go to the “Help” section.
  3. Click “Transaction History”.
  4. You will be able to find your Airtel bill invoices there.
  5. Click “View all” to see all the previous payments.
  6. Select the transaction for which you wish to find the details.
  7. After being redirected to a new page, you will find all the details for the bill, invoice, and transaction.
  8. Click “Download” at the bottom of the page.
  9. The detailed PDF version of your Airtel bill payment invoice is now downloaded on your phone.

What Is The Communication Number For Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment?

You can dial *121# from your Airtel postpaid number to manage all monetary transactions in one place. For instance, find previous bill payments, pending bills and outstanding amounts.

How To Check Airtel Bill Payment History?

You can now quickly check your Airtel bill payment history via the Airtel Thanks App. Simply head over to the “Help” section in the app and click on the “Transaction History” option. You can find all the previous Airtel bill payments here.

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