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RailTel is an ICT provider which is a Central Public Sector Enterprise. Today RailTel is one of the biggest neutral telecom infrastructure providers in India. This enterprise owns the exclusive ROW (Right of Way) along the Indian Railway track. They have a pan-India OFC network (Optic fiber) which has now been placed in major cities and towns of different regions of India.

RailTel-The Indian Railway Internet

The aim of incorporating RailTel was to modernize the already existing telecom operations for train control. The plan was to create additional revenue by laying optic fiber cables along railway tracks thereby enabling broadband as well as multimedia networks nationwide.

Across India, OFC covers more than 59500+ route km and 5990+ railway stations with citywide access of 18000+ km. RailTel makes a great partner to the Indian Railways.

RailTel is well known for several aspects like

  • Provision of critical connectivity
  • IP based video surveillance at different stations,
  • E-office services
  • Short-haul connectivity among various stations
  • Long haul connectivity for inter-organizational connectivity in the Indian railways.
  • Various passenger services like content-on-demand services, wi-fi across main railway stations, etc

Did You Know that RailTel was introduced on September 26, 2000.

About RailTel Broadband

RailTel has a community broadband service known as Railwire which has been established in partnership with over 6000 Indian communities. There are several commendable internet plans within the RailTel broadband options. Railwire broadband is provided through an optic fiber network. It covers more than 60000km across the country along the railway tracks available.

Railwire broadband plans are available in 23 states in India. The plans vary from region to region. The main categories of Railtel Broadband plans are mentioned below:

  • RailWire Broadband Unlimited Plans
  • RailWire Broadband FUP Plans
  • RailWire Broadband Top-Up Plans for FUP Users
  • RailWire Broadband Welcome Broadband Plans
  • RailWire Broadband Long-Term Plans

How To Access Your Railtel Account

It is quite easy to log in to your RailTel account. You need to access the website and log in with your Railtel login credentials.

Here are the steps required to log in:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Railtel login details- User name & password
  3. Submit and view your account

Railtel- Services & Areas of Expertise

You can use your RailTel Login credentials to enter the website. Once you access the site, you will be able to see the diverse services that are provided by RailTel.

Let us move on to get an idea of what expert services RailTel is offering.

  1. E-Office

    E-office is a cloud-enabled application that enables e-office implementation processes. You can see the various services in the table below.

    e-Office Product Suite-Office Lite (e-File)e-Office Lite (SPARROW)e-Office Lite e-Leave e-Toure-Office Premium
    File Management System (eFile)Yes--Yes
    Knowledge Management System (KMS)Yes-YesYes
    Collaboration and Messaging Service (CAMS)Yes-YesYes
    Leave Management System (eLeave)--YesYes
    Tour Management System (eTour)--YesYes
    Personal Information Management System (PIMS)YesYesYesYes
    Property Return Information System Management (PRISM)-Yes-Yes
    Smart Performance Appraisal Report with Recording Online Window (SPARROW)-Yes--
  2. HD Video Conferencing Services

    RailTel offers FHD-1080p (full high-definition ) video conferencing services that bring together people on a virtual basis. This is a timely service that has in particular been extremely useful during the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

  3. Data Center Services

    Data Centre services offered by RailTel include the following:-

    • Load balancing services
    • Co-location
    • Application hosting
    • Dedicated hosting
    • Bandwidth services
    • Cloud computing
    • Advanced firewall services
    • DR site services
  4. RailWire Broadband

Additional Services By RailTel

Take a look at the other services Railtel offers to the Indian Public:

  1. Security Operations Center
  2. Rack and Space Collocation
  3. Leased Line
  4. Virtual Private Network
  5. Internet Leased Line
  6. Signaling Services
  7. NLD For Voice Carriage
  8. Aadhaar Based Services
  9. Consultancy Services
  10. Tower Colocation

Key Projects of RailTel

RailTel has actively undertaken many projects intending to provide quality connectivity services to all regions at affordable rates. Some of their main projects include:-

  1. Station Wi-Fi Project
  2. Content on Demand
  3. Hospital Management Information System
  4. Railway Display Network
  5. Bharat net
  6. National Knowledge Network
  7. Video Surveillance System
  • Railtel Certifications
  • ISO 9001:2015,
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018,
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • CMMI Level-4

What To Know About RailTel Speed Test

Railtel Corporation of India Ltd provides a customised speed test that users can use to check the speed of their existing broadband connection.

Here are the steps you can follow to take the Railtel Speed Test:

  1. Visit the site-
  2. Select your host internet provider from the options given
  3. Click On “GO”

You will receive your results within a few seconds with the following details:

Like other service providers, RailTel broadband also provides good speed to consumers.

  • Speed Parameters of RailWire Broadband Service
  • Ping -72ms
  • Jitter -5ms
  • Download -2.4 Mbps
  • Upload -16.4 Mbps

How To Contact RailTel Broadband Customer Care

Do you want to know more about RailTel services? Given below are the contact details for RailTel.

Railtel Customer Care Details
Railtel Customer Care Toll Free Number1800117245
Registered and Corporate OfficePlate-A, 6th Floor, Office Block Tower-2, East Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi-110023

Tel.: +91 11 22900600

Fax: +91 11 22900699
Network Operations Center Office143, Institutional Area, Sector-44, Gurugram - 122003, Haryana.

T: +91 124 2714000,

F: +91 124 4236084

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RailTel Awards For Excellence 2021

Here are the major awards won by Railtel in 2021.

Railtel Awards 2021
Digital Technology Sabha Excellence Award
Governance Now PSU Award
Dun & Bradstreet PSU Awards 2021
Digital PSU Summit Awards 2021, by Express Computer
Digital PSU Summit Awards 2021, by Express Computer
Express Computer Digital Technology Sabha Excellence Award 2021
Governance Now PSU Awards

With a brilliant approach to bringing innovation and revolution in various telecom projects, RailTel has impressed many customers. It has led to this enterprise is the sole choice for implementation of several projects owned by the Government of India like National Knowledge Network, Bharat Net, USOF funded OFC project done in North East India, etc. Let us wait and watch what more contributions we can expect from RailTel in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does RailTel provide Internet Broadband Service?

Yes, RailTel provides internet services under the name -RailWire Broadband.

Is RailTel an internet provider?

Railtel is not only an internet provider. They provide additional services like administration of network systems and modernization of Railway operations.

Is RailTel a Government initiative?

RailTel Corporation of India Ltd. Comes under the Indian Railways, Government of India.

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