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Pacenet Meghbela Broadband Private Limited is a venture between Meghbela Cable & Broadband Services Private Limited. Pacenet Meghbela Broadband Private Limited has established relationships with bandwidth suppliers like Airtel, Vodafone, and Reliance Communications.

Reliability, Responsibility, and Relief is the most effective customer motto in today's world, and the Pacenet Meghbela Broadband Pvt. Ltd. connections guarantee just that. This is where the high bandwidth connection provided by the PMPL Broadband comes in.

The company holds expertise in offering a genuine experience of broadband Internet, which will fundamentally alter the way you think about browsing the Internet today. It will pave the way for comprehensive solutions to eliminate or significantly reduce the difficulties we now confront.

PMPL Broadband Plans

Mentioned below are some of the most rated PMPL Broadband Plans Kolkata. Take a look at them and select the one that suits your needs.

Name of the PlanPMPL broadband SpeedPrice in RsBenefits
ALPHA 260 Mbps590 per monthMeghbela TV, Hubhooper
ZETA80 Mbps767 per monthMeghbela TV, HoiChoi, Bongo, Hubhooper, Voice
Connect 100100 Mbps1000 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Zee5, addatimes, Hungama, Hubhooper
Velocity160 Mbps1248 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Zee5, Addatimes, HoiChoi, Hubhopper
Velocity Voice Gold200 Mbps1599 per monthAndroid Box. Meghbela TV, Zee5, Addatimes, HoiChoi, Hubhopper, bongo, voice
Velocity +250 Mbps1500 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Zee5, Hungama, Addatimes, Bongo, Shemaroo, HoiChoi
Fire Stream- Monthly250 Mbps1770 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Zee5, Hungama, Addatimes, Bongo, Shemaroo, HoiChoi, Amazon Prime video, Ganna plus, Hubhopper
Minerva500 Mbps4070 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Zee5, Hungama, Addatimes, Bongo, Shemaroo, HoiChoi, Amazon Prime video, Ganna plus, Hubhopper
PI-1GBPS1 Gbps8023 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Zee5, Hungama, Addatimes, Bongo, Shemaroo, HoiChoi, Amazon Prime video, Ganna plus, Hubhopper
Fire Stream- Quarterly100 Mbps5251 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Hungama, Addatimes, Bongo, Shemaroo, Ganna plus
Fire Stream- Half Yearly200 Mbps9000 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Zee 5, Hungama, Addatimes, Bongo, Shemaroo, Ganna plus
Fire Stream- Yearly250 Mbps15000 per monthAndroid Box, Meghbela TV, Zee5, Hungama, Addatimes, Bongo, Shemaroo, HoiChoi, Amazon Prime video, Ganna plus, voice
  • Terms And Conditions For PMPL Broadband Plans
  • Only a limited number of customers will be offered the Offer-Based Migration Plan.
  • OTT Services are included in the price of the plan.
  • The costs for installation, activation and the package are all charged in advance.
  • The payments for installation and activation are non-refundable.
  • All plans are only valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • The speeds shown are only up to the ISP nodes in the network.
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax) is included.
  • Plans might differ depending on the infrastructure and geography of the location.
  • The availability of an online renewal facility might vary depending on the infrastructure and geography of the location.
  • Before your account can be activated, you must provide documentation (including an address proof, photo ID proof, CAF, and a photograph).
  • Customers are urged to renew their plans before the expiration date to ensure that the balance data of their particular limited plans are carried forward.
  • Select plans will be eligible for the Android Box, needing a refundable security deposit of Rs.2000.

PMPL Broadband Login Process

  1. Navigate to the Pmpl Login official login page. After you click on the link, a new tab will open in your browser, allowing you to continue reading the instructions and doing any necessary troubleshooting steps if necessary.
  2. Simply log in using your username and password. You will need to have received these from Pmpl Login, either during the sign-up process or via your authorization with Pmpl Login.
  3. You should now get a notice stating that you have been successfully signed in. Congratulations, you have now successfully signed into Pmpl Login. Follow the troubleshooting advice if you cannot log into the Pmpl Login page.

Review Of PMPL BroadbandCustomer reviews reveal that it is really simple since Meghbela is processed in a matter of a few straightforward procedures. Your payment options include credit card, debit card, Paytm wallet, and net banking. There is nothing more you need except a reliable internet connection, and you are ready to start.

Services Offered By PMPL Broadband

Enterprise Solutions

They work tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of the customers. They have a great deal of expertise with end-to-end solutions that include a variety of technologies. You can explore their wide variety of business enterprise solutions, including voice, connection, and location-based services, all of which may be customized to meet your specific needs.

Leased Line

For companies, the efficient connection is just as crucial as consistent access, and it is here that shared internet lines fall short of expectations. Multiple linear user visits might result in a bandwidth shortage and delays in response time.

Lease Line is the quickest way to access the Internet World and is an efficient solution to this issue since it is so quick and reliable. By connecting to a dedicated line, you can ensure consistent bandwidth, which opens the door to dependable high-speed communication. In the unlikely event that you have any technical difficulties, their experienced account managers will guarantee that your problem is fixed as soon as possible.

Wireless Internet Access Options

They provide secure high-speed Internet access to your company over WiFi at a competitive cost for a little monthly fee. The ultra-fast and dependable internet access is made possible by the state-of-the-art technology and equipment installed in their system.

The Cloud Computing Service

Hosting in the cloud is based on cloud technology, designed to handle all elements of hosting your website. It is praised for its dependability, scalability, and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for organizations and websites that need to maintain quick load times during high traffic periods, such as sales or promotional events.

At the moment, PMPL's WiFi solutions are used in various settings, including hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, businesses, hospitality, retail, transportation, the public sector, education, stadiums, and outdoor venues. You can improve the performance of your website by using better and long-lasting SSD hosting servers, which allow for quicker website loading times. Applications and resources may be accessed quickly and affordably using these services, eliminating the need for internal infrastructure or hardware.

Features Of PMPL Broadband

1. Increased Coverage

With PMPL Broadband Service, you will have uninterrupted coverage in the areas where you live and work.

2. Efficient Use Of Energy

They are laying the groundwork for future energy-efficient broadband networks and providing feature-rich wireless Internet access.

3. High-Speed Internet Access

Their Broadband Service is an intelligent technology that will provide faster speeds while allowing for more excellent connectivity to a more significant number of users more efficiently.

4. Increased Data Transfer Rate

The Advanced Plans provide more data at a more affordable price, allowing everyone to take advantage of the Internet's many benefits.

Customer Service Of PMPL Broadband

Corporate Office- Regd. Office 2 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Saket building, Kolkata - 700071 Phone - +91 33 4029 1100 TeleFax - 033 2290 0163 E-mail- [email protected]

The internet services provided by PMPL broadband are exceptional since it is one of the greatest internet service providers in the area of technology. Despite the fact that there are other broadband providers, Meghbela stands out from the crowd in terms of giving the greatest service, exceptional customer care, and a host of additional benefits.

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