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Corporate Solution Providers are digital transformation partners focussed on integrating and assuring compatibility between business service providers, corporates and business owners. Uninterrupted connectivity is the key to success in the present world scenario and we at Selectra understand this.

Being a successful corporate solution provider, Selectra acts as a channel that connects major service providers and business establishments. The main corporate players in telecommunications industry in India are Vodafone Idea, BSNL ,Airtel and Jio. Focussing on providing the best corporate internet plans to satisfy what you, as the end customer desires and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

What does Selectra offer to corporates and small business owners?

As a Business Solution provider, Selectra gives you smart cross-platform support and uses industry-standard tools to assist future-minded business owners. Corporates attain a wealth of efficient services in the telecommunications sector. Together with us, you can consistently stay ahead of the game and offer your clients the corporate internet plans as perfect solutions at the best time with beneficial pricing.

We make it a priority to ensure a smooth flow of all your corporate operations, allowing you to focus completely on your respective fields. As you are aware, engaging an efficient corporate solutions provider is cost-effective and allows companies to continue their line of work smoothly without wasting unnecessary resources while eliminating inefficiencies in their processes. Keeping in mind that time is valuable to each business owner, the team at Selectra enables migration to technological updates effectively.

What characteristics make Selectra successful

  • Effective communication
  • Genuine branding
  • Differentiation
  • Timeliness
  • Customer focus
  • Multicloud deployment
  • Adaptability
  • Deep customer knowledge
  • Focus on business outcomes

Find out more about the top 4 service providers in India

Vodafone Business Solutions

Vi™ business is the face of Vodafone Idea Business Services. Business enterprises and industrialists are offered a wide range of business-grade services that are essential for the growing needs of small business establishments to huge multinational companies. Being committed to the growth of digital transactions as part of large transformational phases in the country, Vodafone Idea has customised Vodafone corporate plans and other services that unleash the full potential of a business.

They have invested in digital experiences and product offerings that meet the requirement of operations in any industry. The main services offered by Vodafone business plans are :

Vodafone Idea Business Solutions specialises in introducing innovative and super flexible services that attract potential customers. With their corporate postpaid plans and other smart internet solutions, they provide you with every opportunity to turn your business challenges into roaring success.

Airtel Business Solutions

Airtel provides business packages and customised products for all possible business needs. The power-packed services allow an uninterrupted flow of all business processes. Airtel corporate plans have you running a hassle-free network with no unexpected interruptions. There are wide range of airtel postpaid corporate plans as well as other business products to choose from. The best features of Airtel Business Solutions are described below :

  • Airtel Connectivity enables you to continue business as usual amidst any disturbance with seamless connectivity.
  • Airtel IOT Harness power of IoT to make quick and smart business decisions.
  • Airtel Mobile provides India’s fastest 4G network to empower and expand your business network.
  • Airtel IQ New allows smart deliverance of customer expectations and manages your workforce virtually without any effort.
  • Airtel Secure provides utmost security and safeguards your business transactions from cyber threats.
  • Airtel Cloud provides endless opportunities to redesign your business from start with cloud.
  • Airtel Landline ensures a robust calling setup across all contacts in your business.
  • Airtel Conferencing makes possible simple, secure & seamless conferencing.
  • NXTRA by Airtel is a state of the art data centres which provide you with the best platforms to manage your data better.

Jio Business Solutions

Jio Business Solutions have revolutionised the way a business functions. They provide ultimate solutions enriched with digital services to promote the growth of your business. With advanced technology, business owners can stay connected with customers anywhere at any time. Jio corporate plans have features like 24 hours non-stop video conferencing, Fixed-mobile convergence etc help improve productivity and create successful virtual business deals. The star features are as below:-

  • Enables website creation in just 10 minutes and expand the business online.
  • Manage your customers, staff members and business contacts at any time, anywhere with the Run operations 24x7 feature.
  • Industry-first combo solution has been made available for all your work needs with the Get one-stop digital partner.

All the business solutions from Jio corporate connections help better engagement which helps connect across the customer lifecycle.

BSNL Business Solutions

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Business Solutions is the one-stop platform for business enterprises including government establishments. BSNL corporate plans has made it possible to provide efficient end-to-end solutions involving business owners in the software field in the form of service/ servers /cloud computing/ /transducers/audiovisual solutions etc. The officials have taken strategic measures to ally with an expert like Microsoft with the goal to provide connectivity and domain expertise to promote industrial growth.

The main features of enterprises services include the following

  • Special Services like Universal Access No., Voice VPN, EPABX / CENTREX, VC / ISDN(PRI/BRI).
  • IDC / WebCare Services like Managed Colocation Services, ManagedHosting Services, Managed IT Services, Cloud Services (PCaaS)
  • Enterprise Data Services like Leased Circuit (DLC), MPLS VPN, Internet Leased Line, VSAT / Multicasting, VPN Services(BB, CDMA/3G)
  • Enterprise Broadband like Wi-Max,Wi-Fi ,DSL Broadband/ FTTH
  • Broadband
  • Managed Services like Managed Network Services(MNS), Managed SaaS(Mail), Internet Data Centre
  • Other Enterprise Services like Web Colocation, Fleet Tracking, Video Conferencing (VC)
  • Video Surveillance, Web Hosting, USOF Project

Why you have to compare between service providers

Why do you need to compare the service provided by various corporate service providers? The answer is simple-You deserve the best. Most providers give you several packs with different benefits. You need to know who gives you the best service at the most economical price for sustaining your business in the long run. As a business owner, you should experience a burden free journey which can improve your business efficiency at comparatively lower costs. And the service provider who gives you optimum results should be your choice.

  • What you have to compare
  • Correct Amount of Speed and Bandwidth
  • Safety and security
  • Port Access
  • Static IP Address
  • Third Party Software
  • Cost of operations and services availed
  • Tech Support and Customer Service
  • Efficiency and productivity

Choosing the best Service provider

Corporate service providers represent a large part of the telecommunications industry. They offer intangible services to the business world and hence evaluating the effectiveness is based primarily on the business outcome and success rates. By definition, it is a company that remotely manages a customer’s network, connectivity, IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, on a proactive basis & under a subscription model.

What factors can be considered when selecting a corporate service provider?

The following factors have to be considered before finalising your choice:-

One size doesn’t fit allBusiness enterprises do not perform alike. Each establishment requires specific needs to be met. The Service provider who provides organisation-specific, cost-effective and future-proof tailored solutions is the best. The corporate postpaid plans and other services that each service provider offers should be evaluated before implementation.

Audit FirstThe practical method to select a business solutions provider is to perform an audit of all your business procedures including resources such as client devices, servers, network coverage. Etc. You need to evaluate the services that can be outsourced. A smart business owner will focus more on the divisions that are in their field of expertise and outsource the others to save time, energy and resources. Estimate the outcome and services offered by each service provider based on their level of expertise.

Traditional vs Multi-disciplined MSPCorporates and other business enterprises use a wide array of solutions like Cloud, AI, IoT, Big Data, BYOD, etc for achieving the desired outcome. It is important to find a service provider who deals with the complexity of technological services in addition to managing your communication network.

Benefits of choosing Selectra for assistance

  • Assist corporates and small businesses to navigate telecommunications smoothly and consistently throughout many industries.
  • Finds expert solutions and resources required to improve their telecom infrastructure.
  • Ensures that corporates and small businesses find ways to improve their bottom line activities.
  • Helps companies take their network forward while ensuring compatible services.
  • Acts as a common platform to get all the required information about all the four service providers.

At Selectra, we know that a corporate service provider has to be flexible so that they can adapt to newer technologies while offering scalable security economically with end-user satisfaction in mind. Effective communication is the cornerstone of all business enterprises. You deserve fast connectivity to ensure the continuous flow of essential services. The service provider you choose, be it Vodafone Idea, BSNL, Jio or Airtel, is showcased as your partner who strategically simplifies connectivity across all your operations. And Selectra helps you compare the services offered by these four corporate leaders to enjoy maximum success.

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