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The demand for broadband connections has skyrocketed in the last two years since most office work has relocated to the home as a result of COVID-19. Most of us have heard of Airtel broadband, ACT Fibernet, and BSNL broadband options. Aside from this, there are various broadband providers that provide internet access at a low cost.

In the month of October 2015, AP State FiberNet Limited (APSFL) was formed under the Companies Act, 2013. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, and it is managed by the Infrastructure and Investment (I&I) Department. This Corporation is in charge of the AP Fiber Grid's construction, operations, and business activities, in collaboration with many stakeholders for the benefit of everyone.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about AP Fiber broadband if you’re planning to get a connection.

AP Fiber offers you access to make VoIP calls, however, you do need to buy a separate phone landline.

An Overview of APSFL

APSFL is one of the first state government entities in the country to adopt and produce this level of advanced technologies in communication. Globally, AP fiber broadband company is the first of its kind to provide triple-play services at a monthly cost of Rs. 204. Their Tripple play services are established in over 5900 villages and 660+ Mandals as of now.

AP Fiber has registered with around 15000 MSO’s and LCOs as business partners in order to reach out to last-mile services across residential and corporate setups. They are well spread across the state and are an upcoming and popular local broadband network. APSFL has a strong network in 13 Andhra Pradesh districts, wherein they provide their services to over 970400 households.

They offer a myriad of services in Andhra Pradesh, including the following:

  • Internet Leased Lines
  • Broadband Connection
  • Surveillance
  • Audio Conference
  • IVRS & SMS
  • Virtual Classrooms

Their broadband connection is highly sought after in Andhra Pradesh as they not only offer fast-speed internet, but their plans are highly affordable as well.

AP Fiber employs a ring-like infrastructure that spans all 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

AP Fibernet Broadband Plans

Below are the AP Fiber Broadband plans available in the state of Andhra Pradesh:

Domestic Plans

AP Fibernet offers 3 comprehensive broadband plans for domestic use as listed below:

Plan Name Data Post FUP Validity Speed Price (Including 18% GST) Other Benefits
Home Basic 150GB FUP Limit 2 MBPS 1 Month Upto 20 MBPS Rs. 350 200+ Channels
Home Essentials 300GB FUP Limit 2 MBPS 1 Month Upto 30 MBPS Rs. 449 240+ Channels
Home Premium Truly Unlimited NA 1 Month Upto 50MBPS Rs. 599 245+ Channels

Enterprise Plans

AP Fibernet offers 3 comprehensive broadband plans for Institutions and Offices use as listed below:

Plan Name Data Post FUP Validity Speed Price (Including 18% GST) Other Benefits
Enterprise Basic 400GB FUP Limit 1 MBPS 1 Month Upto 100 MBPS Rs. 999 (Excluding GST) -
Enterprise Essentials 800 GB FUP Limit 1 MBPS 1 Month Upto 100MBPS Rs. 1499 (Excluding GST) -
Enterprise Premium 2000 GB FUP Limit 1 MBPS 1 Month Upto 100 MBPS Rs. 2499 (Excluding GST) -

A user can make the AP Fibernet online payment using third-party apps like the MobiKwik app and enjoy uninterrupted broadband services.

Benefits of AP Fiber Broadband Services

A successful network provider, APSFL has offered access to distant and rural locations in Andhra Pradesh's various terrains. One of the biggest advantages is that AP fiber is super affordable.

Another advantage is that it is available in many small districts and not only in big cities of Andhra Pradesh. Not many broadband networks have established a network in villages and zillas. The last advantage has to be their broadband plans for the corporate sector. AP Fibre has good plans for institutions and offices. Many Broadband giants have great plans for home users but have still not hit the corporate sector with such inexpensive plans.

Moreover, when it comes to domestic use, AP Fiber has been able to make a name for themselves as they offer the ‘Triple Treat Play,’ which makes them a one-stop shop. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Fast-speed internet
  • Telephone connection
  • 330+ TV Channels including Pay and HD Channels, Curated App Store
  • Youtube
  • Videos on Demand (Agriculture, Education & Entertainment)
  • Social Media Apps
  • Video Recording
  • Games

AP Fiber Broadband Customer Care Information

Along with their affordable plans, AP Fiber is also known to provide stellar customer service. So, if you have any queries or complaints regarding the internet speed or inability to access your AP Fiber login page, you can reach out to their executives using the information given below:


3rd Floor, NTR Administrative Block, Pandit Nehru Bus Station, NH – 65, Vijayawada – 520001, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Customer Care Information:

Right from offering affordable internet in Andhra Pradesh to working on creating comprehensive virtual classrooms, AP Fibernet continues to help Andhra Pradesh become a fully digitized state. So, if you’re looking for fast-speed internet, you should consider opting for AP Fibernet plans in Vizag and other parts of the state.

For more information about broadband providers in India, keep reading Selectra!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which AP Fiber plan is best?

If you are a home user and require a broadband network for normal usage such as surfing the net, downloading/watching movies videos, gaming, you can go for the Home Basic plan as this plan is really affordable and offers you a speed of 20MBPS which is more than sufficient for an average home user.

However, if you’re a Work From Home employee/employer, you can go for the truly unlimited plan as you will never have a shortage of data where your work will be interrupted as well as 50MBPS speed which is the best to upload/download files, etc.

What is the customer service/toll-free number for AP FiberNet?

The customer service or toll-free number for AP Fiber is 1800 599 5555.

Does AP FiberNet offer unlimited plans?

Yes, there are numerous AP FiberNet options available, including unlimited subscriptions.

Is AP FiberNet a broadband service?

AP FiberNet is a broadband provider, however, they also offer multiple other services, which you can refer to in our article above.

How much does a new AP FiberNet connection cost?

The domestic pricing of the AP FiberNet begins at Rs. 350, and the highest plan goes up to Rs. 599 for domestic use.

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