Nextra Broadband Plan Details, Subscription and Offers for 2022

nextra broadband

Nextra aims to provide you the "Next era" of bandwidth that includes more offers, more time, more devices, and many more values that will benefit you as a customer. The company provides customers with two categories of services: residential and business. In this article, we’ll be shedding some light on different Nextra broadband plans and how to successfully make Nextra broadband payments online.

What Is Nextra Broadband?

Nextra is a popular bandwidth company that strives to give its customers the best user experience by providing them with quality internet service. Its mission is "enabling bandwidth for more", which motivates them to create creative and engaging products and services to help its customers.

Nextra Broadband Plans

To compete with broadband giants like Airtel, Jio, and others, Nextra offers a vast range of broadband plans and offers that you can choose from. We've listed the top plans to choose from, along with the cost and the benefits you get.

Specifications Spark 50 Spark 100 Spark 200 Spark 300
3 Months Offer Get 1 month free @ Rs. 1759. Get 1 month free @ Rs. 2032. Get 1 month free @ Rs. 2287. Get 1 month free @ Rs. 2541.
6 Months Offer Get 3 months free @ Rs. 3650. Get 3 months free @ Rs. 3813. Get 3 months free @ Rs. 4025. Get 3 months free @ Rs. 4237.
Broadband Speed 50 MBPS 100 MBPS 200 MBPS 300 MBPS
Broadband Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Spark 50Nextra brings you the Spark 50 offer plan that will provide you with up to 50 MBPS broadband speed and unlimited data. Moreover, you can now purchase this plan for 6 months and get an extra of 3 months for free on Rs.3650. It doesn't stop at that, you can also purchase this plan for 3 months for Rs.1759 and get one more month free.

Spark 100This plan provides you with a broadband speed of up to 100 MBPS and unlimited data. The charge for six months is Rs.3813 along with 3 months worth of broadband free. Aside from that, you can also purchase a plan for 3 months for Rs. 2032 and get one month free with it.

Spark 200In this plan, Nextra provides you with up to 200 MBPS broadband speed and unlimited data. This scheme also includes a 6-month plan for Rs. 4025 with 3 months free and a plan for 3 months at Rs.2287 with one month free.

Spark 300Offering you a broadband speed of 300 MBS, this plan comes with unlimited data too. On purchasing a plan for 6 months for Rs 4237, you get an offer of 3 months free. And on purchasing a package for 3 months at Rs 2541, you get a whole month free with it.

Nextra's Entertainment Broadband Plans

If you're looking for a broadband connection for entertainment, Nextra offers a few plans that could be beneficial for you, which we've listed below.

Specifications Turbo Elite
Broadband speed 100 MBPS 200 MBPS
Broadband Data Unlimited Unlimited
12 months price Offers Rs. 679 per month Rs. 959 per month
Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime. Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime.
6 months price Offers. Rs. 722 per month Rs. 1019 per month
Disney+ Hotstar Disney+ Hotstar.

TurboIn this plan, Nextra offers you a broadband speed of 100 MBPS along with unlimited data. You can also get a subscription to Disney+ Hotstar and Prime Video for Rs 679 if you choose to purchase the 12 months plan., In case you opt for a 6-month plan, you get a Disney VIP + Hotstar subscription for Rs 722 per month.

EliteIn this Elite pack, Nextra offers you 200 MBPS broadband speed with unlimited data. If you purchase a 12-month package you get to enjoy a subscription of Disney Hotstar + prime videos for just Rs959 per month and if you purchase the 6-month plan you get to enjoy a subscription of Disney VIP + Hotstar for Rs 1019 per month.

Important Pointers To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Any Nextra Plan

  1. Download/Upload speed displayed is accelerated to your ISP hub. Nextra hasn’t provided any affirmation regarding any consistency related to broadband speed. At the same time, it might change depending on the network blockage, technical explanation, or some other unavoidable conditions.
  2. The plans mentioned above are on Pre-Pay premise.
  3. The first recharge fee is equal to the selected plan rental (incl. of duty) and would be gathered at the hour of Customer Relationship Form (CRF) marking.
  4. Nextra has characterized a fair usage policy (FUP) across all Plans. Thus, this strategy offers all clients the chance to encounter the network similarly.
  5. Establishment and Router charges will be relevant on the hour of Installation.
  6. Web access is given over Fiber to the Home/Building (FTTH/FTTB) or Fiber to the Neighborhood (FTTN) organization or LAN; Service
  7. Data and upload are included in information usage.

How To Get A New Nextra Connection?

Unlike other internet service providers, Nextra doesn't offer the option to book their services via their website. Instead, you need to contact their customer care team using the following information:

Nextra Installation Charges In addition to the cost of the Nextra plan that you choose, you'll also have pay INR 1000 for installation.

Nextra Broadband Online Payment

If you’re doing your Nextra broadband recharge for the very first time and don’t have much experience with the same, this section is for you. Nextra offers customers to make payments through quick pay. All you need to do is make an account on Nextra’s official website and follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the quick pay option.
  2. Enter your mobile number.
  3. Enter your transaction details.
  4. Confirm the payment.
  5. Proceed with the payments.
  6. You will receive payment details shortly which you can recheck.

    Nextra Terms And Conditions

    • The Tariff Plans/Offers are dependent upon Guidelines/Directions/Orders given by TRAI and additionally DoT.
    • The cost displayed on the website includes 18% GST (Goods and Services Tax)
    • The plans mentioned on the website are accessible in chosen regions only.
    • Minimal expense plans may be accessible when the client purchases for a very long time and is a regular.
    • Switch/ONU is Nextra property and must be returned after finishing the usage of the Services.
    • Nextra interchanges maintain all authority to adjust/pull out the Tariff Plans without earlier notification.
    • Appropriately filled-in and marked Tariff Selection sheet by the Customer is a vital piece of the CRF (Customer Relationship Form)

    Nextra Broadband Customer Care

    Nextra customer care is polite and patient with its customers and strives to deal with the customer queries with full seriousness. Nextra is known to deliver fast bandwidth services with reliability and a sense of trust with its customers. Many testimonials can prove that Nextra has helped them get better connectivity without any delay and provide smooth and excellent services.

    In case you wish to contact Nextra:

    Nextra Broadband Pros And Cons

    Like any other broadband connection, Nextra has some pros and cons. To help you make a better decision while choosing the right broadband connection provider, we've listed the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Nextra broadband.

    Pros of Nextra WiFi Plans

    • Broadband speeds of up to 200 MBPS are available.
    • Nextra accepts online payments pretty easily; all you need to do is enter your number, provide your transaction details, validate it, and then pay.
    • Nextra service includes booster top-ups.

    Cons of Nextra WiFi Plans

    • Customer support is unreliable and rarely solves customer complaints.
    • There is an auto-renewal process for booster top-ups which is non –refundable.
    • Extremely unstable network connection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I file a complaint about Nextra?

    Visit Nextra’s official website and click on the ‘Complaint’ section and specify your issue. Or, you could use the contact details mentioned above to lodge a complaint against your Nextra broadband connection.

    Who is the owner of Nextra broadband?

    Ashok Bansal and Rajesh Bansal are the directors of Nextra Teleservices Private Limited.

    How can I turn off my Nextra broadband add-ons?

    Add-on plans are automatically renewed and must be canceled when no more data is required. To deactivate add-ons, please contact Nextra's support team at 1800-419-8050 at least 48 hours before the next renewal date.

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