Den Broadband: Benefits, Plans, Recharges & Other Services

den broadband

Den broadband limited is one of the leading broadband service providers. Den broadband mainly focuses on customer-friendly data plans, providing high-quality service and smooth access to the internet for everyone. Den broadband internet provider is India's fastest growing internet broadband provider in India.

What Is Den Broadband?

Den Broadband is one of the fastest-growing broadband internet providers. This internet service provider plans are more reliable and provide a customer care service. Den Broadband offers high-speed data for unlimited plans starting from 5Mbps to 100Mbps at a very affordable cost.

The company is available for selective cities like Delhi, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Gurgaon, Jhansi, etc. Den broadband provides safe login and affordable recharge packages. Den broadband has enough experience and proper infrastructure, making it unique for data transmission within a few seconds. The network stands on par with the leading broadband providers. They have used the fiber-optic network and internet Node Datacenter to provide you with a better experience than other broadband services.

Benefits of Den Broadband

  • Affordable high-speed data plans
  • Hassle-free Wi-Fi Connection
  • A good understanding of customer requirements
  • Reliable data plans
  • Minimum 5Mbps to 100 Mbps data speed
  • 24*7 Den broadband Customer Service

Den Broadband Plans

Den broadband provides the most reliable and customer-friendly service by providing separate plans for businesses and commercial businesses.

The two categories are named as follows:-

  • Best Broadband Deals For Home
  • Broadband Service For Your Business

We've bifurcated and listed all the Den broadband home and commercial plans, which we've listed below:

Den Broadband Home Plans


Speed in


Monthly data limit post FUP


Validity Rental in


Rental +GST
Plan 1 50 30 GBNA NA2 30 Day 349 412
Plan 2 10 300 GB 2mbps 30 Day 599 707
Plan 3 25 300 GB 5mbps 30 Day 799 943
Plan 4 50 300 GB 10mbps 30 Day 999 1179
Den Broadband Commercial Plans
Plan Name Speed in MBPS Monthly data limit Post FUP Speed in MBPS Validity in day Rental in Rs. GST + Rental (in Rs.)
Plan 5 10 400 GB 5 30 749 884
Plan 6 20 400 GB 10 30 99 1179
Plan 7 40 400 GB 15 30 1499 1769
Plan 8 50 400 GB 20 30 1749 2064

It's important to note that the plans offered by Den Network could differ based on the region. So, if you're planning to get a new connection, it's recommended to check with your local Den provider about the plans offered before making a decision.

Where Are Den Broadband Services Available?

Den network has a team of experts who are continually striving to make them more affordable and change the way of delivering internet broadband service among customers. They are aiming to provide more reliable internet plans as well. The most significant achievement is the presence among the 13 states of India, and they are continually expanding their reachability.

The service provider is successfully connected to Delhi NCR and the top cities of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Kerala. They have consistently provided the best broadband plans accompanied by the best customer care service, affordability, data speed, etc.

The customers will be amazed and excited to experience the High-Speed Den Broadband recharge Plans implemented in Delhi, Jodhpur, Gurgaon other top cities of India.

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How To Get A New Den Broadband Connection?

Broadband internet access is currently available in practically all cities and even in rural regions. However, the company only provides direct connections to a few places in the North Indian states. Den provides broadband access through Local Cable Operators (LCO) in all other places.

If you want to get a Den Broadband Connection, call Den Customer Service at +1800-419-2020 or go to their website and fill out the 'new connection' form. Alternatively, you may check with your local cable operator to see if Den Connection is available in your region.

Den Customer Care Contact Information

Customers may contact the Customer Care Centre equipped with Expert Executives to provide you with all the required information, understand your requirements and resolve the same effectively.

Customer care number E-mail id
18004196600 (Toll-Free) [email protected]

Den Network has the best experienced and Expert team of Consumer Service, who are very clear in their mind on how to trace the customer requirements. They have an organized section for Engineering, Commercials, Skilled Technicians, and Associates, who will help you resolve all your issues. The team is dedicated to providing their valuable consumers excellent services and ensuring they get value for their money.

Anyhow, should customers have any queries, suggestions, complaints, or feedback, they are welcome to contact the customer service team through the following modes. There are three ways, including a general information number, a customer care number, and a nodal officer number.

It is available for 24*7 services and that makes Den broadband unique. They also provide a consumer charter. Any person who wants to avail of their services may contact at their offices or contact their General Information Number.

Den broadband network also provides subscriber service. The Subscriber shall at all times be responsible for the use of these Subscribed Services and for violation of governing laws and any other applicable laws. Den broadband service also has a complaint redressal mechanism.

How To Pay Den Broadband Bill?

Den Broadband makes it convenient to pay your Broadband Bills. It is just a click away! Customers can easily create a Broadband online payment by visiting the official website. Customers can avail of the benefits with the help of their online recharge services and with the use of a wallet; so get ready to make your broadband bill payments in a couple of minutes from anywhere.

Should You Buy Den Broadband?

There are multiple internet service providers on the market, including Airtel, Hathway, Jio, etc. So, should you invest in Den broadband? To help you make a decision, we've listed a few pros and cons that you can consider:

Pros of Den

  • Enjoy unlimited data at an affordable price and speeds of up to 100 Mbps depending on the package.
  • Exciting discounts are available for new clients who are presently applying for a connection.
  • Paytm and credit/debit cards are accepted for online bill payment.

Cons of Den

  • Customer service is not good as most of the times customers can't get in touch with an agent.
  • There are a lot of internet lagging and speed-related issues.
  • Den Broadband is available only in limited areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move my Den broadband connection while moving houses?

If you're shifting houses, you can shift your Den Broadband network too. However, you'll have to inform the network provider as they'll send a representative to set up the connection in your new house. You can raise a request for this from the Den website.

How do you recharge Den broadband?

To recharge your DEN Cable connection online, go to the DEN Networks' official website. When you click on the above link, you will be presented with a window in which you must enter your registered mobile number and password. You can also make online payments using PayTM and other third-party platforms.

How can I increase my den broadband speed?

The best way to achieve this is by getting your router placed where your TV unit is placed and connecting it with the best Ethernet cable. This will reduce the loss due to last-mile connectivity as your fiber optic terminates at the router and traditional wires take over for connecting your devices with the router. Learn more about increasing your internet connection's speed in our comprehensive guide.

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