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Mahanagar Telephone Limited, known as MTNL, was incorporated by the Government of India (GOI) in April 1986. The GOI, at that time was looking at raising the bar of telecom services in the country’s key metro cities Delhi and Mumbai. MTNL has been a retro telecom service provider for many Indians. According to Statista, the company had 2.17 million wireless subscribers in Delhi and 1 million GSM users in Mumbai.

MTNL Broadband Plans In Delhi & Mumbai

MTNL offers exclusive broadband services in Delhi and Mumbai. Let us look at the broadband plans offered in Delhi and Mumbai.

MTNL Broadband Plans in Delhi

Below is a list of all the MTNL broadband plans available to the dwellers in Delhi.

Plan Name Monthly Charge

(in Rs.)

Upload speed Revised Fair Data Usage per month (GB) Post-FUP Speed Free Calls per month


Rs 699 512 kbps 400 1Mbps
  • Unlimited free calls on MTNL (Delhi and Mumbai) N/W
  • 100 calls on other N/Ws


Rs 849 512 kbps 600 1Mbps
  • Unlimited free calls on MTNL (Delhi and Mumbai) N/W
  • 100 calls on other N/Ws


Rs 999 512 kbps 650

(Closed for fresh bookings)

  • Unlimited free calls on MTNL (Delhi and Mumbai) N/W
  • 150 calls on other N/Ws


Rs 1099 512 kbps 750 1Mbps Unlimited calls on all networks(Local + STD)


Rs 1299 512 kbps 1000

(Closed for fresh bookings)

1Mbps Unlimited calls to all networks(Local + STD)


Rs 1449 768 kbps 1200 1Mbps Unlimited calls to all networks(Local + STD)


Rs 1999 768 kbps 1500 1Mbps Unlimited calls to all networks(Local + STD)
Freedom ULD


Rs 2299 1Mbps 1800

(Closed for fresh bookings)

2Mbps Unlimited calls to all networks(Local + STD)
TriB UL data-3499 combo Rs 3699 1Mbps Unlimited N/A Unlimited calls to all networks(Local + STD)

MTNL Broadband Prepaid Voucher In Delhi

MTNL Delhi region has now introduced one Broadband Prepaid Voucher for its broadband connection.

Here are the details of this broadband plan:

Plan Price Data Validity
PREPD 100 Rs 100 12 GB 15 days

Additional Charges include:

  • Installation & Testing- Rs 500/-
  • Wi-Fi modem- Rs 250/-

MTNL Broadband Plans in Mumbai

MTNL Internet plans in Mumbai range between Rs. 600 and Rs. 7999 a month. While some plans offer a minimum of 110 GB of data, others offer high-end data of 7500 GB. In addition, some plans have speeds as low as 6 Mbps, while others have 100 Mbps.

MTNL Mumbai Broadband Services include:

  1. Postpaid broadband services
  2. Prepaid broadband services

MTNL Postpaid Broadband Services In Mumbai

Let us look at these MTNL recharge plans now:

MTNL Broadband Monthly Unlimited Plans
Plan Name Data Limit Plan Cost Speed Post FUP Usage Speed
BB-600-6M 160 GB Rs 600 6 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-600-8M 140 GB Rs 600 8 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-600-10M 130 GB Rs 600 10 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-600-12M 110 GB Rs 600 12 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-600-50M 150 GB Rs 600 50 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-600-100M 130 GB Rs 600 100 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-800-6M 290 GB Rs 800 6 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-800-8M 240 GB Rs 800 8 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-800-10M 190 GB Rs 800 10 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-800-12M 170 GB Rs 800 12 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-800-50M 220* GB Rs 800 50 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-800-100M 200* GB Rs 800 100 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-1000-6M 460 GB Rs 1000 6 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1000-8M 380 GB Rs 1000 8 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1000-10M 310 GB Rs 1000 10 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1000-12M 280 GB Rs 1000 12 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1000-14M 260 GB Rs 1000 14 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1000-16M 240 GB Rs 1000 16 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1000-50M 350 GB Rs 1000 50 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-1000-100M 300 GB Rs 1000 100 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-1200-6M 610 GB Rs 1200 6 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1200-8M 500 GB Rs 1200 8 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1200-10M 430 GB Rs 1200 10 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1200-12M 380 GB Rs 1200 12 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1200-14M 360 GB Rs 1200 14 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1200-16M 340 GB Rs 1200 16 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1200-50M 500* GB Rs 1200 50 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-1200-100M 400* GB Rs 1200 100 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-1500-6M 900 GB Rs 1500 6 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1500-8M 770 GB Rs 1500 8 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1500-10M 700 GB Rs 1500 10 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1500-12M 630 GB Rs 1500 12 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1500-14M 600 GB Rs 1500 14 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1500-16M 580 GB Rs 1500 16 MBPS 1 MBPS
BB-1500-50M 650* GB Rs 1500 50 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-1500-100M 550* GB Rs 1500 100 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-2000-6M 1350 GB Rs 2000 6 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-2000-8M 1250 GB Rs 2000 8 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-2000-10M 1190 GB Rs 2000 10 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-2000-12M 1110 GB Rs 2000 12 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-2000-14M 1050 GB Rs 2000 14 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-2000-16M 1000 GB Rs 2000 16 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-2000-50M 1250* GB Rs 2000 50 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-2000-100M 1000* GB Rs 2000 100 MBPS 2 MBPS
BB-3999-50M 3300* GB Rs 3999 50 MBPS 5 MBPS
BB-3999-100M 3000* GB Rs 3999 100 MBPS 5 MBPS
BB-4999-50M 4500 GB Rs 4999 50 MBPS 5 MBPS
BB-4999-100M 4000 GB Rs 4999 100 MBPS 5 MBPS
BB-7999-50M 7500* GB Rs 7999 50 MBPS 5 MBPS
BB-7999-100M 7000* GB Rs 7999 100 MBPS 5 MBPS
MTNL Broadband Truly Unlimited Plans
Plan Name BB-UL-8M-Combo BB-UL-12M-Combo
Monthly Rent Rs 1,599/- Rs 1,799/-
FUP Quota Unlimited Free
Download Speed Up To 8 Mbps UpTo 12 Mbps
Upload Speed Up To 1 Mbps UpTo 1 Mbps
Benefits (Free Voice) 500 Calls & Unlimited on MTNL(Mumbai/Delhi) Network
MTNL Broadband Budget Non-Combo Plan
Plan Name DSL 330* (Non-Combo)
Service Charges Per Month Rs 330/-
FUP Quota Per Month 60 GB
Download Speed Up To 6 Mbps till FUP & 256 Kbps afterwards
Upload Speed Up To 768 Kbps till FUP & 256 Kbps afterwards
Voice Charges As per your opted Landline Plan

MTNL Broadband Prepaid Vouchers In Mumbai

MTNL offers prepaid broadband service to users on their existing Landline copper infrastructure. There is a grace period of 30 days after which your account will be suspended. Once you have taken the MTNL prepaid plan, you cannot migrate to another plan till the validity is over.

Here is the list of the Mumbai MTNL Broadband Prepaid Vouchers:

Plan Price Speed Validity Free Usage
Prepaid Voucher 499 Rs 499 upto 2Mbps 1 month 1.3 GB
Prepaid Voucher 1499 Rs 1499 upto 2Mbps 3 months 5 GB
Prepaid Voucher 3999 Rs 3999 upto 2Mbps 1 year 15 GB
Prepaid Voucher 5999 Rs 5999 upto 2Mbps 1 year 25 GB

Additional charges for taking MTNL broadband prepaid include:

  • Installation & Activation -Rs 300/-
  • Normal Modem- Rs 1000/-
  • Wireless Modem- Rs 1700/-

The company’s financial audit reports for FY 2019-20 recorded a total liabilities of Rs. 30,242 crore. Early 2021 witnessed speculations around the merger of BSNL and MTNL. However, the latest reports have confirmed a deferment of the BSNL-MTNL merger owing to financial reasons.

How To Make MTNL Bill Payment

It is quite easy to make your MTNL Bill payment online through the MTNL website.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go To
  2. Enter Your Landline Number or Registered Mobile Number
  3. Click the PAY button to go to the Payment options

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How To Check MTNL Internet Usage

Here are the steps to follow to check your internet usage:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your MTNL Login credentials-Username & Password
  3. Click LOGIN
  4. Go To Usage Information under Menu
  5. You will get the MTNL internet usage details

MTNL Selfcare Portal MTNL Selfcare Portal allows you to check your billing history and perform transactions at ease at

How To Take The MTNL Speed Test

If you want to test your internet speed, MTNL website has an option that you can utilise:

  1. Visit
  2. Follow the instructions given on the page to get your results.

If you have any concerns about the speed test, you can always contact them at:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. 1504 (toll free)/23359272

How To Contact MTNL Customer Care

Let's take a look at how to contact MTNL customer care in both regions:

  • MTNL Customer Care -Delhi Region
  • MTNL Customer Care -Mumbai Region

MTNL Broadband Complaint Procedure: Delhi Users

Follow the below easy steps to complain about your broadband connection:

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Look for the ‘Broadband’ option and hover the cursor over it.
  • Next, press the ‘Broadband Complaint Booking’ option
  • You will now have to feed in your telephone number
  • Now comes the tricky part – go ahead and select the ‘Complaint Type.’ It could range between
    • Password / VMAC Problem,
    • Some Sites Not Open,
    • Static IP Problem,
    • Email Problem,
    • Speed Problem,
    • ADSL Unstable,
    • ADSL Down,
    • CPE Faulty,
    • Adaptor Faulty,
    • WiFi Access Problem,
    • Misc/BB Test Desk
  • At last, feed in your registered mobile number, enter the security key and submit your complaint.

Here is all the information you’ll need to lodge Delhi MTNL complaints regarding your services:

MTNL Customer Care -Delhi Region
Complaint Type From MTNL Network From Any Other Network
Broadband Email Helpline helpdesk. [email protected] -
GSM Consumer Care 1503 1800111503
GSM General Information Number 1503 1800111503
MTNL Broadband / ADSL Internet Services 1504 22221504
FTTH Complaint 1507 011 22221507
MTNL Newsline 011-24078888 for Hindi
011-24079999 for Helpline
MTNL Infoline 011 24076666 for Hindi
011 24077777 for Helpline
Changed Number Enquiry Service 1951 / 1952
Fault Repair Service 011 2198

MTNL Broadband Complaint Procedure: Mumbai Users

Follow the below easy steps to complain about your broadband connection:

  • Visit the MTNL self-care complaint portal.
  • Next, select the ‘Complaint Booking’ option.
  • Now, feed in your Triband, Landline, or FTTH Number.
  • Look for ‘View Details’ on your screen.
  • Choose the ‘Landline or Broadband’ option, and then pick your complaint type.
  • Your complaint type can range between:
    • Deadline,
    • Instrument Type, or
    • Miscellaneous
  • Finally, press on the ‘Select’ option, and don’t forget to save the complaint number on a notepad.

Here is all the information you’ll need to lodge MTNL complaints regarding your services:

MTNL Customer Care- Mumbai Region
MTNL Complaint Type From MTNL Network From Any Other Network
Online Bill Payment Issues (On Working hours 10 AM to 17.30Hrs) 022-22073976
[email protected]
GSM 98690 12345
Basic Services 1500 / 1501 Email at [email protected]
Customer Care for

Toll-Free Number Services

Technical Assistance

for Toll-Free Services

Complaint Booking

for Toll-Free Services

1800 22 3322

Milestones in The History Of MTNL

MTNL has come a long way since its inception. We have listed down the main milestones achieved here:

  • 1986: Incorporation by the Government of India
  • 1987: Large-scale introduction of the push-button telephone that made the dialing process way easy!
  • 1992: Introduction of voice mail services
  • 1996: Introduction of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
  • 1997: Introduction of WLL (Wireless in Local Loop) in Delhi
  • 1998: Launching of India’s first toll-free service in Delhi
  • 1999: Introduction of Internet services
  • 2000: Incorporation of MTNL’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Millenium Telecom Limited
  • 2001: Launching of Dolphin, GSM cellular mobile services; Listing in the New York Stock Exchange
  • 2002: Announcement of WLL in Mumbai; Launching of ‘Trump,’ prepaid cellular card in Delhi and Mumbai
  • 2003: Announcement of free incoming calls; Introduction of CDMA 1X2000 technology
  • 2004: Entering into a strategic alliance with BSNL; unveiling value-added services for Landline—using Mumbaikars; expansion of GSM and CDMA capacity by 80,000 lines each; Launching WiFi and digital certification services.
  • 2005: Launching of broadband services; rolling out of Rs. 1000 crore 3G services tender.
  • 2009: Launching of 3G services in Mumbai
  • 2014: Raising of Rs. 1500 crore through bond sales

We hope this article provided the information you were looking for about MTNL. With its long history, MTNL has been serving a huge part of the Indian population till date. Let’s look forward to seeing what their future endeavours will bring forth. Stay tuned with Selectra to know more updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing modem for broadband connection?

No, your existing modem will be suitable for dial-up internet connections only. You need to get a ADSL Modem for broadband connections. You can contact the MTNL customer care to buy one.

Where can I get my username and password?

Your username is the existing telephone number on which you have a broadband connection. The password will be provided by MTNL.

Can I get MTNL connections in South India?

No, MTNL is available only in Delhi and Mmumbai.

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