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In an era where staying connected is paramount, Airtel's innovative postpaid plans offer a gateway to a realm of uninterrupted communication and limitless possibilities. Whether it's unlimited calling, high-speed data, exclusive benefits, or a combination of all, Airtel Postpaid plans cater to diverse needs while redefining the way we experience telecommunications.

In this article, we are providing information about how to book an Airtel postpaid corporate connection, what are the different corporate plans ,benefits and much more.

Airtel Corporate Plans

Airtel has launched new postpaid plans for both its business and consumer clients. The new Airtel plans include benefits such as bundled content, 5G-ready network, superior digital-first customer care, and exclusive business tools.

Airtel's Corporate Postpaid plans offer unparalleled connectivity, including a combination of unlimited voice calls, high-speed data, and exclusive add-ons, all geared towards enhancing productivity and efficiency in the corporate world. With dedicated customer support and customizable options, these plans empower businesses to stay connected seamlessly, manage their communications effectively, and enjoy the advantages of streamlined operations.

Whether it's large-scale communication needs or optimized connectivity for a remote workforce, Airtel Corporate Postpaid plans are a strategic choice for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the digital age.

  • Airtel Business 5G
  • Higher Bandwidth
  • Low latency communication
  • Bigger Device Concurrency

Airtel Corporate Plan:30 GB Data With Entry Level Plan

Airtel offers a variety of postpaid plans to business users. The postpaid plans offered are different from their retail Airtel postpaid plans. The corporate plans are meant for enterprise users or those who own a company. These packages include tools such as Airtel Call Manager.

Any business with even one employee can get a corporate postpaid connection from Airtel, but a user needs at least five postpaid numbers to qualify for this service. Airtel will verify documents such as a firm registration or GST number when users apply for corporate SIM cards.

TRAI Requirement A corporate SIM requires an Aadhaar card verification

How to Book an Airtel Corporate Connection?

To book corporate plan Airtel, follow the steps listed below. Also, for any query related to how to get new connection or any sort of queries, write to Airtel corporate customer care email ID at [email protected].

airtel corporate connection

Airtel My Plan Corporate Recharge

Airtel corporate plans start at Rs 299, Rs 349, Rs 399, Rs 499 and Rs 1599 offering 30 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, 100 GB and 500 GB data benefits respectively. The plan also offers Tracemate, Google Workspace, Airtel Call Manager; Amazon Prime (1 year), Disney+ Hotstar VIP (1 year) and VIP Service.

Over the past few years, the company has made massive investments in spectrum, infrastructure and latest technologies to build a 5G ready and secure network that can support the digital transformation journeys of our customers. Our new Postpaid plans offer a holistic connectivity solution along with industry-leading benefits to meet the productivity requirements of our customers in the post pandemic world.

Ajay Chitkara,Director and CEO – Airtel Business

Airtel Corporate Plan₹299₹349₹399₹499₹1599
Data30 GB40 GB60 GB100 GB500 GB
SMS100 per day
Business ToolsAirtel Call ManagerAirtel Call Manager, Google Workspace,Trace Mate
Airtel Thanks RewardsWynk Music, Free Hello tunes & Apollo 24*7Wynk Music, Free Hello tunes & Apollo 24*7, FastagWynk Music, Free Hello tunes & Apollo 24*7, Fastag, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar+ and VIP

Features and Benefits of Corporate Postpaid Airtel Plans

Airtel business postpaid plans offers a slew of benefits with its features. We have listed a few of them which any business would like to avail at an affordable price.

  1. Pan India Coverage: With unmatched spectrum depth, experience the priority 4G coverage and 450K+ 4G mobile sites. You will have NO NETWORK CONGESTION and your data get priorities over others.
  2. Superb Indoor Coverage: At no additional cost, get Airtel Wi-Fi Calling along with the best indoor coverage.
  3. Easy Management: Airtel Thanks for Business offers one single point from account management to bill payments.
  4. International Roaming: Airtel offers 1 pack that works across 180+ countries. Choose Airtel World Pass: a diverse international roaming plans to help your employees stay connected across the world with your customers.

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Airtel Corporate Recharge Offer: Google Workspace Benefits

Google Meet

  • Connect from a laptop, phone, or conference room
  • Video Meeting with up to 100 attendees
  • Join meetings directly from a Calendar event or email invite

Airtel Corporate Postpaid: Google Meet NO limited trial period. NO subscription charges

Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Slides:

Multiple people can work on the same document or spreadsheet simultaneously, and every change is saved automatically. The edit history is also saved for future reference.

Online Cloud Storage:

  • Share and access files securely with 30 GB online cloud storage.
  • One secured location to keep all your work with secure access from your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • For Google Hangouts Meet, video recordings will be stored automatically in Google Drive.

For all customers with 399( including their employees) and above Airtel Corporate Postpaid plans, Google Workspace Basic licence is free.

Airtel Thanks for Business

Airtel Thanks offers to manage all your subscribed Airtel services from one point. Below, we have listed the benefits of having an Airtel, Thanks for Business.

  1. Account Management: You get a powerful dashboard with your account information at just a click away.
  2. Connection Control: All your connections can be controlled at a single point from checking inventory, changing plans to raising issues and making bill payments.
  3. Offers: Avail customized offers and buy products and track your orders.
  4. Real-Time Support: Your raised issues get instant support from the team.

Airtel Corporate Customer Care: Real-Time Unified Support

For your queries or issues related to Airtel corporate postpaid plans, reach out to the dedicated support team at:

Airtel Toll-Free Number: 121

Airtel All India Numbers: In case calling from any other number:9933012345 and 9810012345 as in case calling from an Airtel number.

Corporate customer care email ID:[email protected]

Airtel Business LinkedIn:

Airtel Twitter:@airtelindia

Airtel Facebook:

Airtel Corporate Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

How to change Airtel corporate postpaid plan?

You can change your Airtel corporate plan through the Airtel Thanks App.

  • Open the app
  • Go to ‘Bills & Plan’ and then ‘My Plan’
  • Click on the three dots menu to access the details and change the plan

How to check the unbilled outstanding amount of my Airtel business plan?

Type UNB and send it to 121. You’ll soon get a sms with details of your recent unbilled usage.

What is corporate SIM card?

A corporate SIM card is a SIM card that is used by a company to provide mobile services to its employees. Corporate SIM cards are usually provided by mobile carriers and can be used with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
One advantage of using corporate SIM cards is that they allow companies to centralize and manage their mobile services more easily. This can include setting data usage limits, setting up data plans, and tracking the usage of the SIM cards.

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