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Airtel Plans Haryana

Airtel Plans in Haryana offer a range of prepaid packs tailored to meet the communication needs of users in the region. These prepaid packs come with various benefits, including talk time, data, and SMS allowances, catering to diverse preferences. The company aims to provide flexible and cost-effective communication through Airtel customer care number Haryana  (0124) 444412.

Airtel Plans Haryana: Unlimited May 2024

Airtel has introduced some very useful recharge plans that are beneficial to all economic groups. Like Airtel prepaid plans in Gujarat, these are all also affordable and much preferred among subscribers.

Airtel Haryana Unlimited Plans
Airtel Prepaid HaryanaDataValidity
₹ 2992GB Per Day28 Days
₹ 1792GB28 Days
₹ 1551GB24 Days
₹ 4556GB84 Days
₹ 7191.5GB Per Day84 Days
₹ 4791.5GB Per Day56 Days
₹ 7791.5GB Per Day90 Days
₹ 1993GB30 Days
₹ 2091GB Per Day21 Days
₹ 5191.5GB Per Day60 Days
₹ 2391GB Per Day24 Days
₹ 2651GB Per Day28 Days
₹ 5492GB Per Day56 Days
₹ 8392GB Per Day84 Days
₹ 2894GB35 Days
₹ 29625GB30 Days
₹ 3192GB Per Day1 Month
₹ 6661.5GB Per Day77 Days

Airtel Prepaid Data Packs Haryana

Airtel recharge plans are designed with the convenience of the mobile end-user in mind. The Airtel data plans in Haryana come with different denominations, which are listed below. The Airtel prepaid 3G/4G Data Recharge vary from low to high. Below-mentioned are the details:-

Airtel Haryana Data packs
Airtel Prepaid Data packDataValidity
₹ 1811GB Per Day30 Days
₹ 191GB1 Day
₹ 292GB1 Day
₹ 49NA1 Day
₹ 99NA2 Day

Airtel Voucher Plans Haryana

Top-up plans are most useful when looking for easy and quick recharges with mobile providers. Airtel has come up with some voucher plans which vary from Rs509 - Rs 1799/-. The details have been given below:-

Airtel Haryana Voucher Plans
Airtel Prepaid Vouchar PlanDataValidity
₹ 1,79924GB365 Days
₹ 2,9992GB Per Day365 Days
₹ 48950GB30 Days
₹ 50960GB1 Month

Airtel Top-Up Plans Haryana

Airtel's Top-Up Plans in Haryana provide a convenient way to add balance to your Airtel prepaid plans account, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. These plans offer flexibility and quick solutions for users to recharge and stay connected with Airtel services in the Haryana region.

Airtel haryana Top-Up
Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)
Topup - Rs. 7.47 TalktimeExisting Pack10
Topup - Rs. 14.95 TalktimeExisting Pack20
Topup - Rs. 81.75 TalktimeExisting Pack100
Combo Topup - Rs. 5.0 Talktime30 days199
Combo Topup - Rs. 5.0 Talktime1 Month359
Topup - Rs. 423.73 TalktimeExisting Pack500
Topup - Rs. 847.46 TalktimeExisting Pack1000
Topup - Rs. 4237.29 TalktimeExisting Pack5000

Airtel International Roaming Plans-Haryana

Airtel's International Roaming Plans in Haryana cater to travelers, offering seamless connectivity and affordable options for staying connected abroad. These plans ensure Airtel users in Haryana can enjoy reliable communication services while traveling internationally.

Airtel Haryana IR Packs
Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)
International Roaming Pack 6491 day649
International Roaming Pack 7555 days755
IR Pack 7565 days756
IR Pack 89910 days899
IR Pack 29971 year2997
IR Pack 299830 days2998

Activating Airtel Plans in Haryana Online

Airtel Prepaid Recharge plans can be activated in easy steps online.

  1. Enter your Airtel mobile number
  2. Select the prepaid recharge pack from the wide range of Airtel Prepaid plans.
  3. Recharge Online and avail super deals to enjoy hassle-free Airtel Prepaid recharge Services

Airtel's Haryana 2 GB+ Per Day Plans are highly recommended, providing users with ample daily data for a seamless internet experience. These plans are designed to offer a balance of affordability and generous data allowances, making them a popular choice among Airtel users in Haryana.

Airtel Haryana 2 GB+ Per Day Plans
Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)
2 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack1 Month319
Combo Topup - Rs. 5.0 Talktime1 Month359
3 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack28 days399
3 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack28 days499
2 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack56 days549
3 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack56 days699
2 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack84 days839
2 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack84 days869
2.5 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack84 days999
3 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack84 days1499

Airtel Customer Care Number Haryana

The Airtel customer care team is always open to answering queries from subscribers. The contact details are listed below:-

Airtel Haryana Customer Support
From Airtel NumbersFrom Non-Airtel Numbers
Dial customer care no. 121 from your registered numberAirtel Prepaid Haryana-9896098960
Dial 198 for complaints (charges apply-50p/3 mins)Alternatively, you can also write to them at [email protected]

Airtel Plans Haryana: Frequently Asked Questions

After recharge, I still cannot use the internet. How do I rectify this?

  • Download the Airtel Thanks App using an available Wi-Fi
  • Go to Manage Account - Help and Support section
  • Troubleshoot the issue and raise a complaint.
  • Alternatively, call 121 for further assistance

Are there any activation charges while buying a new Airtel prepaid connection?

No. There aren’t any activation charges required for a new Airtel Prepaid connection

What is the procedure to activate airtel IR pack Haryana? 

You can get Unlimited Incoming Calls and also up to 5GB of Data by activating the ISD facility.

  • Select the country you require services
  • Enter the 10 digits mobile number
  • Choose your preferred international roaming pack

Is it possible to recharge your Airtel prepaid before it expires?

Yes, you can. The recharge can be done before the current unlimited plan expires. In such cases, the validity of the plan increases, and the recharged plan will be effective only after your current plan expires.

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