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airtel customer service reviews

Bharti Airtel is one of the leading global telecommunications companies in India having operations across Asia and Africa in 20 countries. The company offers a comprehensive list of services, including mobile, internet, and DTH services, which play a huge role in digitally transforming lives. With so many options, it would be difficult for you as an end-user to come to a conclusion on whom to choose. We have prepared a complete Airtel Review which would help you decide if this is the right provider for you.

Airtel Service Review

Airtel offers a host of various services, and each of them has its own pros and cons. In the section below, we've offered a review based on each of their services.

Airtel Mobile Network Review

Take a look at some of our valuable findings based on our research.

Video Experience

Airtel has successfully increased their video experience ratings from Fair (score 40-55) to Good (score 55-65). Airtel users enjoy high-quality Video streaming throughout the country. The operator has gained the confidence of its consumers by providing an exceptional video experience.

Voice App Experience

Researching on the voice app experience users had while using Airtel compared to other service providers, it is seen that Airtel wins the race with 75.5 points more than other service providers. Consumers have rated Airtel as providers of the best voice app experience.

Download Speed Experience

Airtel has claimed the first position for Download Speed experience having an average speed of 10.1 Mbps. Though Airtel competitors are closing in, Airtel still stands ahead in the race when it comes to Download speed evaluation.

Upload Speed Experience

Airtel has more to improve in the Upload speed experience. They are behind two of the other leading service providers when the upload speed was rated. Providing upload speeds according to consumer expectations is an area in which Airtel has to develop more. It is making progress compared to previous years and we hope to see this group at the forefront soon.

Latency Experience

Latency experience is an important factor when it comes to rating a service provider. The lower the latency, the faster the network is. This has a great impact on the customer's experience. Airtel emerged as the winner in this category too.

It has recorded a score of 54.1 milliseconds and Airtel’s users’ response time has reduced by 3.1ms which is remarkable from the end-user point of view.

4G Coverage Experience and availability

Airtel 4G coverage is great in major cities, yet when considering a national-level evaluation, there is more room for improvement. At present, Airtel has to focus more on providing 4G coverage services in rural regions of the country. The same view holds for Airtel 4g sim reviews. While their Airtel postpaid reviews and Airtel prepaid reviews are commendable in urban areas, the interior parts of the country still await exceptional 4G service.

Airtel Fibernet Review

We found that many users found Airtel Fibernet is convenient and the speed was awesome and there was great stability of the network. Airtel V-fiber makes use of end-to-end cable. To get this connection, you have to just call Airtel customer support near your home and ask them to check the feasibility. The general opinion is that the closer you reside to the hub, the better connectivity.

There is a good response to the services provided by the installation team from Airtel. Their work was found to be efficient, and fast with good follow-up services. A free router is provided which makes it possible to avail of wifi services within homes.

Airtel makes a promise of providing a speed of 100mbps - both download and upload -- 1:1 ratio. Most customers have agreed that this promise has been kept as they are satisfied with the service. None of them has found multiple issues in connectivity. There have been once in a while instances of downtime which is to be expected in the case of any operator.

Another plus point in Airtel data pack reviews is that customers mentioned their data packs are fantastic giving them a lot of options for downloading and live streaming. The best part was that the unused data was allowed to be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

Here are a few user reviews

Constant speed of internet which is very good as I need lot of internets


Delivered what they promised, No issues with service


Good service, Good speed, Like it


Airtel Prepaid Review

Though a small percentage of the customers are happy with the speed and connectivity, Airtel prepaid reviews are not up to the mark as expected. Some customers have not been able to recharge their prepaid connections online due to network issues. Others claim it to be a loss of money as they cannot use the prepaid facilities due to loss of connection.

A few positive reviews say that:-

  • Prepaid unlimited plans are a smart choice.
  • Prepaid plans are cheaper and reasonable.

Negative responses included

  • Less options for short-term recharge plans
  • Difficulty in discontinuing services

Some user reviews :

Airtel Prepaid is best i found till now.


Voice calls and data both are excellent.


Airtel Postpaid Review

The general opinion on Airtel postpaid plans is that the packs were relatively cheaper. The additional benefits were also attractive and most customers are satisfied with getting 1 GB/day data for Rs. 299 -Rs. 399. However, in certain areas, users claimed that the packs could not be used effectively due to poor connectivity.

Plus points of Airtel postpaid services

  • Optimal service response,
  • Monthly data rollover and
  • Free subscription for Prime Videos and other OTT services (excluding Netflix)

Negative responses included

  • Unfairly high monthly bills
  • Difficulty in discontinuing services

Some user reviews :

Airtel postpaid comes with Airtel Thanks, which is great!


I am very happy with Airtel postpaid


Airtel Business Solutions Review

Airtel Business Solutions has gained popularity during the lockdown period. A survey conducted shows that the innovative Airtel Work@Home has been appreciated by many corporates and business owners. The business bundles available have assisted in conducting virtual offices economically.

Corporates have claimed that Airtel was a lifesaver on many occasions by helping employees complete projects on time without delays. Video conferencing and voice calls were also of high quality. The general feedback is that Airtel Business solutions provide steady connectivity with consistent speed.

Airtel Customer Service: The Pros & Cons

You would most certainly want to know about the Airtel Customer Service Reviews. The Majority of the subscribers have expressed dissatisfaction with the Airtel customer service availed. The major causes of concern were lack of response, lack of immediate action, unnecessary lengthy automated menu, and poor follow-up on complaints registered. Most customers also informed me that they were getting responses like Sorry for the inconvenience, Check your sim card, how may I help you from the customer service desk, However, there was no further action.

Now, let us give you some real feedback directly from Airtel users:

We have been using Airtel for quite some years now. I must say that they provided exceptional services in the beginning. These days I am not as satisfied. They need to work out more features and upgrade their customer service to retain customers.


Airtel is worth it as it has proved to be a strong connection. My business network has benefitted tons from their corporate plans.


I appreciate the connection speed and there is no lagging as well. What I find need improvement is the customer portal. It is not easy to navigate as quickly as I need to.


The network connection is great and the download speed is also fantastic. Airtel provides excellent voice quality also.


The best telecom service provider I have seen. They have great network coverage with high speed too.


My incoming calls were suspended without any reason. This has been happening frequently. Not getting any positive response from customer service. Considering porting to another operator.


My home is in a village area. The Airtel recharge bills are too high but still, I do not get good coverage. Maybe it's due to the location.


I have been with Airtel since my first mobile. I find it extremely efficient especially since I have to travel a lot for work. The dongle is extremely easy to carry around and I have not had any connectivity issues to date.


Airtel family plan is not as they claim. It's a waste of money as you cannot buy data. Also, there are only a few recharge options.


I got exceptional service when I called for my airtel V-fiber installation. They made me feel valued and completed the installation quickly


I expected more quality service from the customer support team. They delayed in answering all and the response was also not that good.


Bharti Airtel Review: Selectra's Take

After conducting thorough research and considering the pros and cons of Airtel services, we at Selectra have a few suggestions for you. Airtel services can be called fast, reliable, and expensive for a summarised version.

The Good

Airtel services have been receiving mixed responses from their subscribers. Based on the majority of Airtel internet reviews, we can say that Airtel is faster and more reliable in major cities. Connectivity issues do not occur frequently and hence you can rely on them for getting your work done.

When you set up the Airtel connection, it is mostly wireless. Hence, you will need a modem, a PowerPoint to plug it in, and an activated SIM card. Uncomplicated setting up leaving your rooms with a neat appearance.

Hotspot/Dongle- This is one plus side Airtel has earned. You can insert the same Airtel sim in your dongle for convenience. Internet usage while traveling becomes so much easier as you can carry the dongle anywhere.

The Bad

The opinion that Airtel provides fast service does not hold when you are situated in rural areas. There have been many issues with connectivity and speed as one moves into rural regions.

Another major cause of concern among users is that once your data limit is crossed, the speed of service is extra slow.

Airtel services are also known to be expensive. Most users found it hard to continue on Airtel due to its high costs.

Airtel Review: Final Thoughts Based on our analysis, there's no doubt that Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication providers in India. This provider not only offers a whole bunch of services, they also strive to offer the best performance. So, if you're looking for a provider that offers high-quality service, and are willing to shell out a few extra buck, Airtel is the right option for you. However, if you're looking for a provider with more affordable plans, Reliance Jio might be a better bet.