Airtel Reviews: Is Airtel Good Enough For Indian Users?

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When you're searching for a mobile service provider, make sure to visit review sites regularly, just like you check prices. Airtel mobile reviews reveal a mix of experiences, with a predominant positive sentiment among users. Learn firsthand from the community about their satisfaction, making it easier for you to gauge Airtel's performance in catering to different needs.

Is Bharti Airtel Any Good?

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Bharti Airtel is the second-largest cellular network service provider in India, with approximately 375 million subscribers in financial year 2023. Airtel is forefront in its commitment to innovation and technology, as evident by its continuous efforts to upgrade its network to 5G and introduce new features and services.

Bharti Airtel currently has 34% of the telecom provider market share offering a range of plans and packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers, including voice calls, data services, and value-added offerings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Airtel


  • Robust network infrastructure, providing reliable connectivity in urban and rural areas.
  • Extensive coverage across India, ensuring that users can stay connected in various regions.
  • A range of flexible and innovative mobile plans, catering to diverse user needs with options for voice, data, and more.
  • Responsive customer service, addressing user concerns efficiently.


  • Airtel plans are relatively expensive compared to other mobile service providers in the market.
  • data speeds may vary in certain areas, and users might experience occasional slowdowns during peak times.
  • Airtel international roaming options may not be as extensive as some competitors,
  • Airtel promotional offers are complex, with terms and conditions that can be challenging to navigate.

What Do Airtel Mobile Customers Complain About?

While Airtel has its benefits, some customers face issues with their customer service and pricing. Airtel customer reviews do worry about occasional changes in network, causing disruptions in connectivity. Also, variations in data speed, especially during busy hours, can be frustrating for users.

Customers encounter challenges find the prompt solution from Airtel customer care service team for queries or complaints, and they frequently express disappointment with this.

What Are the Airtel Reviews on Trustpilot Like?

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Airtel reviews on Trustpilot vary, with some customers praising the reliable service and customer support, while others express concerns about occasional network issues and billing discrepancies. However, it's essential to know that most Airtel customer reviews are not verified, and sometimes people use Trustpilot more to express frustrations than to praise a company.

What Do Trustpilot Reviewers Like About Airtel?

Customers appreciate professional customer support from Airtel service, finding the agents helpful in resolving their queries.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding customer service provided by Ms. Pooja, one of your executives. Her unwavering dedication, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail truly made my experience noteworthy. I appreciate her efforts in going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

I was thinking of moving to Airtel for some time and yesterday I was told by another user that it is very simple. It was indeed, I just downloaded the app and placed a request. In less than 90 minutes, everything is done and I have my SIM at our house.
Few things I observed is

  • Well trained staff
  • seamless use of technology
  • focus on completing the task than explaining the task.

How Do Airtel Complaints Fare on Trustpilot?

Airtel mobile reviews range from occasional concerns about network issues, Airtel SIM card delivery and billing discrepancies in Airtel postpaid to commendations for reliable service and customer support.

Six months ago I had a minor accident. It took few days for me to recover from that now I am thinking to buy that old sim card i.e. airtel sim card now as my sim card is postpaid so amount of 2300 for it I think I should buy it but airtel company i.e. airtel showroom in Karaikudi they ask you to pay 5500 It says that it should be paid along with service dependency. How does the management accept this model?

Very bad experience.....because this time is digital. I will Recharged my airtel no. On 11/01/2024 at around 10 pm. I will done 666 Recharge with my Yono SBI app, In this Recharge, show 666/1.5gb per day/84 days validity, but when i check my account on airtel app, it show 77 days validity. Then i will call to customer care executive, he said get only 77 days validity, and you Recharge with other aap..its your fault. So, its behavior is very bad.

How Does Airtel Fare in General on Trustpilot?

On Trustpilot, Airtel mobile review's score of 1.2 out of 5, based on 698 reviews. Approximately 92% of these reviews were only 1 star, 1% gave them 4-star, while 2% gave them a 5-star rating. It's crucial to approach these reviews with caution, as users often lean towards expressing frustrations rather than providing positive feedback on review sites.

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What Do Gartner Reviewers Like About Airtel?

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Checking Gartner Reviews is another way to understand the customer experience. Like Trustpilot, it gives an idea of how customers are treated when they switch to Airtel services or buy a new Airtel connection. However, it can be a bit tricky since customers often review individual products. These reviews are specifically from the main Airtel mobile services.

What Do Gartner Reviewers Like About Airtel?

Customers appreciate professional customer support service, its strong network, reliable Airtel services, and dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Airtel's got this amazing network that never lets me down, and their app. Their interface is user-friendly. It's like having everything I need at my fingertips. Their customer service is quick to help out, and the range of affordable plans makes it a lot easier. Airtel is definitely my go-to in the telecom game.

Service given by Airtel is very good as compared to other service providers available in local area.

How Do Airtel Complaints Fare on Gartner?

My overall experince about bharti artel 4G data card services is average. The bandwidth is low creating troubles in teams and other application uses.

My experience with Airtel is quite average. There are always signal issues even in the metropolitan cities and the moment you go in remote locations, network services are even worse. However, I really like the way support team acknowledges the issues and keep on following up on the same. However, network issues are never resolved

How Does Airtel Fare in General on Gartner?

In general, Bharti Airtel mobile has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Gartner, out of 172 reviews a notable portion gives 5-star reviews. Similar to Trustpilot, individual experiences and opinions of customers may vary, so your own experience with Airtel might differ if you decide to switch.

What About Airtel Thanks App Review?

Bharti Airtel has the Airtel Thanks App that offers a range of benefits and features for Airtel users. This includes personalized recharge plans, exclusive discounts, cashback on recharges, access to premium content such as movies and TV shows on Airtel Xstream, and priority customer support. Users can also enjoy features like data usage insights, family sharing plans, and more through the Airtel Thanks App.

The app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, receiving generally higher Airtel customer reviews compared to the main company reviews. On the Google Play Store from 7.14M reviews and Apple App Store 15.3k reviews; it has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5

Selectra's Take on Bharti Airtel Reviews

Our analysis shows that Airtel is a top telecom provider in India. They offer various services and aim for top-notch performance. There are few areas like concerns that revolve around delayed issue resolution and occasional difficulties in reaching customer support, which are in need of making them better from the provider side.

In spite of improvement areas, Bharti Airtel is holds a top position among consumers. If you're willing to pay a bit more for high-quality service, Airtel is a good choice. But if you prefer more affordable plans, Reliance Jio might be a better option.

Airtel Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bharti Airtel rank in India as telecom company?

Bharti Airtel is the second-largest telecom provider in India after Jio and third largest in the world.

What do customers often mention in their feedback about Airtel's customer service?

Customer feedback on Airtel's customer service commonly touches on the responsiveness and helpfulness of representatives. While many users appreciate the support, but there are few who complain difficulties in reaching customer support.

What are the issues customers face regarding Airtel's billing accuracy?

Issues such as unexpected charges, unclear billing statements, or discrepancies in the amount charged for their mobile services.

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