Dish TV vs. Airtel DTH: Set-Top Box, Installation and Plans

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compare dishtv and airtel dth

Dish TV and Airtel DTH are two of the leading DTH providers in India. They offer a variety of channels and packages to choose from.  Each of them has their own set of pros and cons. Discover the best choice for your TV needs by comparing Dish TV and Airtel DTH. Learn about set-top boxes, installation, and plans to make an informed decision for enjoyable viewing.

As of September 2023, Dish TV has 8.84 million as of now and Airtel DTH has 15.9 million subscribers

Dish TV vs Airtel DTH

Before choosing the best DTH provider, it is important to know about the wide array of options available, be it Dish TV plans or Airtel DTH plans. Today Indian customers are exposed to numerous choices right from the set-top box, the number of channels, types of channels, prices etc. So, here we have brought a quick guide on how to compare the DTH plan for Dish TV and Airtel DTH.

Airtel DTH vs Dish TV
Dish TVAirtel Digital TV
Dish TV is the first direct to home service of India. SES-8 at 95.0? E and ASIASAT-5 at 100.5? E - are the satellite services specifically for DTH operations.Airtel Digital TV is India's leading telecommunications company using SES 7 satellite (Ku-Band Feed) from 108.2°E to position east.
With Dish TV customer care support available 24*7, customer satisfaction is at top priority.Being focused on providing enhanced end-use experience, Airtel offers its customer the best digital service delivery quality.

To provide their customers the error-free signal even during the bad weather, both Dish TV and Airtel DTH are equipped with Automatic Level Control (ALC) that maintains the constant EIRP.

What are the key differences between Dish TV set-top box vs Airtel DTH set-top box?

DTH ProviderDish TVAirtel Digital TV
FeaturesDishSMRT HUBDish TV Nxt HDHD-High DefinitionXstream Box
Activation Charges₹ 1699₹ 869₹ 900₹ 1500
Digital sound
Picture Quality
YesYesYesDolby Digital Plus
MPEG 4YesYesYesAndroid Pie 9.0
1080i ResolutionYesYesYes4K
Surrounding SoundNoYesNoYes
16:9 Aspect RatioYesYesYesYes
Multi LanguageYesYesYesYes
Program GuideYesYesYesYes
Pause and Rewind LiveNoYesYesYes
Program Alarm ChannelNoYesYesYes
Live Channel RecordingNoYesYesYes
Time Based RecordingNoYesNoYes

What is the difference between the installation process of Dish TV and Airtel DTH?

If you are looking to buy new connection for Dish TV or Airtel DTH; all you need is a dish, a set-top box, and an active package to enjoy the entertainment like never before.

Dish TV Installation vs Airtel DTH Installation
AspectDish TV InstallationAirtel DTH Installation
Technician AssistanceProfessional technician provided.Professional technician provided.
EquipmentDish, Set-Top Box, Remote, Wiring.Dish, Set-Top Box, Remote, Wiring.
Installation TimeTypically takes 4-5 daysTypically takes 4 hours.
Alignment and SignalPrecise dish alignment crucial.Emphasis on optimal signal strength.
Additional EquipmentMay require additional accessories.May require additional accessories.
Setup VerificationTechnician verifies proper setup.Technician ensures correct setup.
User GuidanceBrief user guidance provided.Comprehensive user guidance offered.

Dish TV Installation: Book Dish TV at ₹ 636 + Pack Price.

Different ways in which you can have My Dish TV installation at your premises are:

  • SMS DISH TV DEALERto 57575 to know your nearest Dish TV dealer
  • Call Dish TV on 95017-95017
  • Book your set-top box online on their website.
DishSMRT HUB vs DishNXT HD + Antenna vs DishNXT HD without Antenna
DishSMRT HUBDishNXT HD + AntennaDishNXT HD without Antenna
  • Regular TV channels + OTT apps
  • Control Smart Home Devices
  • Voice search with Google assistant
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Includes Set-top-box ,antenna and installation
  • Standard warranty of 1 year applicable on Installation, LNBF, Power adapter and remote
  • Set Top Box + Remote and Antenna
  • Free Installation
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Save 500 on your existing antenna
  • Get 1200 Cash Back
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Enjoy a monthly cashback of Rs.100 in your DishTV account for 12 months starting from the activation date.
  • Powered by Android TV
  • Internet Connected Set-Top-Box
₹ 1699(without Antenna Get 1200 Cashback)₹ 636₹ 869

Dish TV: Re-Installation and De-Installation

You can call at the customer care support for the technician visit to de-install the connection and start with the re-installation process. Also, you can check for the Dish TV DTH recharge plan that starts from ₹ 10, and going all the way up to ₹ 651.

Technician visitDe-InstallationRe-InstallationDe-Installation + Re-Installation
Charges (Inclusive of GST)
₹  200₹ 200₹  200₹ 400

Airtel DTH Installation: Get it Within 4 Hours

Airtel DTH installation offers a seamless experience with professional technicians ensuring precise dish alignment and optimal signal strength. Users receive comprehensive guidance during setup for a hassle-free and enjoyable viewing experience.

Out Door Unit
DescriptionApplicable Charges (₹ )
Dish Assembly (Kit)475
Dish Antenna250
RG-6 Connector (Pair)50
RG-6 Cable Jointer (1 pc)25
RG-6 Cable Replaced8/Mtr
In Door Unit
DescriptionFault/Repair (₹ )Damage/Theft/Burnt (₹ )
STB ReplacedSD/HD300500
Internet TV6002850
CAM Replaced6002850
VA Replaced200200
STB Adapter ReplacedSD/HD170170
Internet TV300300
HDMI Cable250250
Remote ReplacementUniversal100100

Airtel DTH TV: Re-Installation and De-Installation

Call Airtel DTH customer care number for support to carry out the process. Currently, with a budget Airtel recharge plan, you can access 550+ SD and HD channels with one year box warranty and safe installation and de-installation process.

De-Installation₹ 150
Re-InstallationSingle ConnectionMultiple Connection
  • Cable charges zero up to 10 meters. Additional charged at Rs.8/meter.
  • Service visit charges applicable after 12 months: Rs. 150
with old ODU250Additional 75 per connection
With new ODU600700
MDU to MDU200300
SDU to MDU200300
MDU to SDU600700

Few points to remember:

  • *SDU stands for single dwelling unit, where an individual dish is installed at customer's premises.
  • *MDU stands for Multi dwelling unit where a common dish is installed for different customers at multi storey building.
  • De-Installation and Re-Installation Time : 12 working Hours.

*SDU refers to single device unit

*MDU refers to multi device units

Dish TV vs Airtel DTH picture quality

Airtel Digital TV is currently one of the best DTH service providers in India, offering resolution of 1080p pixel with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Compare Packages: Dish TV vs. Airtel DTH

Compare Dish TV and Airtel DTH plans for optimal entertainment choices. Find the perfect package that suits you and your family. Below table shows the best DTH plans for Dish TV and Airtel DTH.

Best Dish TV Plans and Packages

Dish TV PackagesDish TV Recharge Price ( per month)
Maxi Sports Marathi₹ 179.00
Hindi Prime Cricket HD₹ 203.00
Gujarati Prime HD₹ 177.00
Swagat Bangla₹ 118.00
Classic Odia₹ 60.00
Titanium HSM₹ 273.00
Maxi Sports Marathi HD₹ 306.00
Super Family Marathi₹ 164.00
Super Sports Marathi HD₹ 352.00
Joy Tamil Malayalam₹ 149.00
Classic Telugu HD₹ 132.00
Titanium Marathi₹ 273.00
Odia Prime Cricket HD₹ 216.00
Super Sports Odia₹ 245.00
Super Family HSM HD₹ 216.00
Super Sports Gujarati HD₹ 327.00
Maxi Sports Bangla HD₹ 315.00
Joy Malayalam Tamil₹ 136.00
Swagat Cricket Bangla₹ 123.00
Swagat HSM₹ 93.00

Best Airtel Digital TV Plans and Packages

Airtel DTH Plans & PacksAirtel DTH Recharge Price
Airtel Digital TV Uttam UDP 12M HD Pack₹ 1,406
Airtel Digital TV Hindi Value Lite SD Pack New₹ 247
Airtel Digital TV Hindi Value Sports SD Pack New₹ 360
Airtel Digital TV UDP Pack With Star Plus & Star Sports 12M_k₹ 1,406
Airtel Digital TV Karnataka Plus 6M Pack_k₹ 1,141
Airtel Digital TV TN Ssp Pack With Kids 6M Pack₹ 1,064
Airtel Digital TV New Orissa SD Pack New₹ 205
Airtel Digital TV AP Plus 6M Pack₹ 1,562
Airtel Digital TV Uttam UDP Marathi Hindi 12M HD Pack₹ 1,607
Airtel Digital TV Dabang HD Pack New_n₹ 390

Dish TV vs Airtel DTH: Frequently Asked Questions

What all is included in the amount that I pay for a new Airtel Xstream connection?

The package includes the outdoor unit (dish antenna, wire), the remote, delivery and installation. You also get free 3 Months subscription to the content on the Airtel Xstream app and 3 month subscription for Amazon Prime.

What is Dish TV Set-Top replacement policy in case it is faulty?

The replacement price includes Rs. 250 (Box swap charges)+ Technician Visit charges (if out of warranty)+hardware charges if any. The refurbished set-to box is provided as replacement.

How can I talk to Airtel DTH Customer Care?

You can call the toll-free number 1800-103-6065 from any mobile or, 12150 from an Airtel mobile.

How can I talk to Dish TV Customer Care?

You can call the toll-free number 95017-95017 from any mobile or visit the website for more details.