International Roaming Plans : Vodafone idea, Airtel, BSNL and Jio

One cannot survive without a mobile phone these days; it has become the easiest mode to transfer information and other important information to another person sitting far away in another country or any different geographical location.

Talking and sending messages to someone living in the exact geographical location does not need any unique roaming plan. Still, if one is crossing the international border or going out of their geographical location, they need to activate the International Roaming pack.

What is an International Roaming Pack?

International Roaming packs help the customer to receive calls and send or receive data from other mobile services when the customer is traveling outside the geographical location of the mobile service area and uses another network or visited network to receive voice calls and send or receive data.

By subscribing to the International Roaming Data pack, the customer can continue to use their phone number and will be able to make calls and receive data or browse the net also.

Vodafone International Roaming

At Vodafone International Roaming, they aim to provide better services at a reasonable price in various affordable plans. To start using Vodafone International Pack, one needs to activate the IR service in their mobile plan.

International Roaming Plans in Vodafone

Details Unlimited Data Benefits in 29 countries. Data benefits in other 51 countries.
Type Rental Validity Rental per day of use
Daily Packs (For Regular Use) ₹599 for 24 hours Constantly on INR 599 for 24 hours Free 300MB
Fixed Benefits + Always-on after that ₹2,999 7 days After the fixed validity - constantly on @₹599 for 24 hrs Free 2GB
₹3,999 10 day Free 3GB
₹4,999 14 days Free 5GB
₹5,999 28 days Free 5GB
What Benefits do you get in the International Roaming Pack Vodafone?
  • Free incoming and outgoing calls from all networks in the world.
  • Free data with no Internet speed problem or no FUPs restriction.
  • Unlimited services in 77 countries, quite a lot for a single plan.
  • Unlimited calling with SMS services at a wide price range
How to activate international roaming on Vi Postpaid?
  1. Go to the International roaming page on the Vi website
  2. Enter your 10-digit mobile number, choose your country and the preferred international roaming pack.
  3. Activate the preferred IR pack.
  4. You will receive an OTP, enter it and activate the services.
  5. You can get the international roaming pack started just by SMS.

Airtel International Roaming Pack

Airtel roaming is available for every prepaid and postpaid customer across India. You can recharge your international pack some days before your trip starts, and it will begin once you hit the International border. 3/min across popular destinations.

Airtel also declared that after the data pack benefits are exhausted, international roaming data from now on will be charged at just INR 3 per MB, which is a drop of 99% from INR 650 per MB. Airtel has done this so that customers can enjoy using data without interruption and have a good time!

The customer needs to send a message IRSTART at 121, and after that, the customer can select the International Roaming data and recharge their phone accordingly. Once the customer hits the international border, their international data roaming pack will start.

The customer needs to be cautious about which plan to choose because it's country-specific. Though variations are there, there are still some restrictions that need to be overcome.

International Roaming packs in Airtel
Price Data And Days Unlimited Calls
649 500 MB for 1 day Incoming
755 1 GB for 5 days NA
799 0MB for 30 days 100 mins Incoming and Outgoing Calls only.
1199 1GB for 30 days 100 mins Incoming and Outgoing Calls only
3599 3GB for 10 days Incoming
3997 5GB for 30 days Incoming

BSNL International Roaming Pack

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced a new STV (Special Tariff Voucher) priced at Rs168, targeted at consumers who travel to other countries regularly or plan to stay for a lengthy period. For 90 days, the STV provides international roaming to BSNL users.

After going to a new country, switch on your phone and move to the menu on your phone. Click on BSNL mobile or cellone and select the ‘network’ option. There, you will get an option of international national. Choose national and switch on your international roaming pack.

BSNL customers can use the Rs 168 STV to activate international roaming. The pricing coupon, it should be noted, is not a permanent offer from the telecom firm. It's only good for a limited time, and it's not available in every circle.

The BSNL STV, according to Telecom Talk, is only valid till September 9, 2019. Users who want to activate the tariff must do so before the deadline. However, it should be emphasized that the plan will not terminate before the 90-day period has passed. That implies that if you start the plan in August, it will not expire on September 9 and will continue to work until the end of the 90 days.

In addition, the voucher is only valid in the Kerala circle. As a result, the special tariff voucher is only available to BSNL users in the Kerala circle. The public sector telecom company could be putting the STV to the test before launching it in other circles.

Pack/Plan Validity Price
IR STV 2199 7days 2199
STV 168 90 days 168
IR STV SriLanka Canada 659 1 day 659
IR STV 279 28 days 279

Jio International Roaming Pack

Jio has classified specific countries for Unlimited IR packs with the pack partner network; some of those countries are:

Country Partner Name
Czech Republic O2
Germany Telefonica
Greece Vodafone
Hungary Telenor
Ireland Meteor
Italy Telecom Italia
Malaysia Digi
Netherlands KPS
New Zealand Sparks

Jio offers a limited range of International Roaming Pack, but it's a tie-up with other countries' pack partner networks is very popular and in demand.

IR Packs MRP Validity (days) Benefit Applicable Commercial Usage Limit
IR Packs 575 575 1 Unlimited Outgoing Local Calls, Calls to India, Incoming calls, and Data usage and SMSs in 20 countries.

Refer country & applicable partner list in the table below.

Commercial Usage Limit -applicable for the unlimited pack benefit.

IR Packs 2875 2875 7 Daily
IR Packs 5751 5751 30 30 days


Concluding, the customer can use any network; still, they will get the benefits when they subscribe to the International Roaming pack and can choose the plan according to their suitability and staying plans. Above mentioned different packs are good in their way; it doesn't matter what network the customer uses. When they switch to the International Roaming Pack, they will get most services similar to other networks and some additional benefits.

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