Everything To Know About DTH Connections For Multi-Dwelling Units

MDU (Multi dwelling unit) service from a DTH is a tailored solution for connecting numerous TVs inside the same multi-story building.

Every housing society could simply choose for a ‘Single Dish Solution' by utilizing the services of a DTH provider. This system is readily extensible to handle numerous houses, ensuring that your community maintains a tidy and organized appearance.

Hence, housing complexes can now have numerous connections on a single dish thanks to this multi-dwelling unit technology. In this article, we have provided detailed information about what MDU service is and which DTH providers offer this service.

The MDU service is available for corporate connections, hotels, housing societies and hospitals.

What Is MDU Service For DTH Providers?

A Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) installation service is a personalized DTH service in which a single dish antenna may link numerous houses to DTH. As a result, each family would not need to build individual dish antennas since the individual set-top boxes would be connected to a huge dish antenna.

Single DTH connection antennas are 60 cm in length, but MDU antennas are 90 cm or 120 cm in length based upon the number of connections. 90cm antennas are utilized for 10-12 connections, while 120cm antennas can be used for anything higher than that.

This service is available for high-rise buildings, hotels, and businesses. A single universal dish antenna is constructed for the building or towers, which serves all of the residences, rooms, or workplaces via numerous switches as well as amplifiers. Nevertheless, every television set will receive its own set-top box (STB).

How Does DTH Connections for MDUs Work?

Direct-to-Home entertainment is built on the idea of getting services from a satellite straight on your television using a DTH device. To obtain satellite communications, a tiny dish is put in your house. Therefore, just one dish is required for one connection to get satellite signals. As a result, numerous dishes in any multi-story structure will have multiple subscribers.

MDU is a method that lowers the number of dishes in a multi-story structure to one or two for all customers in that building.

MDU is an unified network made up of several switches and amplifiers used to distribute the data transmitted by one or may be two antennas.

The antenna receives signals and delivers them via multi-switches to specific STBs located at the subscriber's end. The configuration is tailored to the amount of connections and also the building's connectivity infrastructure.

What Is The Cost For MDU Service For DTH Providers

MDUs are indeed highly cost-effective for multi-television households since they eliminate the need for different connections and allow you to link the same amplifier across as many tv sets as you like.

The cost of installing MDU antennas ranges between Rs 1200-1500 and is typically paid by DTH providers in exchange for numerous customers. Regardless of whether a shared dish antenna is built, each home will be able to select their own channel bundle.

It's a great idea to consider if you live in an apartment and wish to subscribe to a certain DTH provider with a few of your neighbours. This manner, you may all join together as one and subscribe to this facility without needing to pay for the disc antenna. Due to the extremely huge antenna size, it helps you save money while simultaneously providing excellent clarity.

With MDU services, you get superior viewing quality at low costs, along with maximum HD channels and multiple recharge options.

Why You Should Use MDU Service For DTH Connections?

MDU services provided by multiple DTH operators are gaining a lot of popularity due to its many advantages. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

  • To start receiving DTH services, evey consumer in the building does not need a totally separate antenna.
  • It is simple to keep one or two dish antennas in a structure. The cost of MDU installation is covered by the DTH operator.
  • Each subscriber has the option of selecting a different plan.
  • Complete coverage of the whole satellite IF range ( No channels are omitted)
  • In terms of the transmitted signals (analogue + digital), it is completely transparent.
  • Qualified MDU service professionals are given effective installation and maintenance.

Which DTH Providers Offer MDU Services?

MDU services are accessible for business connections, hotels, residential complexes, and hospitals. Hence, multiple DTH providers offer this service, including but not limited to:

What Is TRAI’s Rule For MDU Services?

The goal of TRAI is to guarantee that direct-to-home (DTH) providers and cable companies coexist, including in multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

As a result, DTH broadcasters would have to obtain approval from all inhabitants in an MDU before establishing a shared dish antenna for numerous users, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) in its DTH licensing recommendation.

TRAI has also stated that technological compatibility among DTH operators is required.

TRAI has stated in its DTH licence guidelines that MDU technologies can be utilized by DTH providers, although not at the expense of other television digital platforms. “The DTH service provider shall not demand any particular arrangements for the deployment of MDU technology at the expense of other Television network distributors,” it stated.

TRAI has also permitted MDU technology, but only with riders. For example, the authority has stated that a DTH operator must get written authorization from MDU consumers who wish to use the service. According to TRAI, “general authorization acquired from officials of the residents welfare organisation or housing organization would not be deemed sufficient.”

Furthermore, the authority has said that the MDU platform shall not convey material from any other network operator than the DTH network operator.

Even while households would not have to spend for personal satellite dishes with MDU technology, they would have to acquire set top boxes and purchase additional wiring, according to industry officials.

Finally, TRAI suggested that the licence terms be changed to include a need for service providers to notify and educate consumers about the restricted technological compatibility of set-top boxes using personal video recorders/digital recording devices.

As MDU comes with a bigger antenna, rain outage could cause issues with the network.


If you’re looking for DTH packages that are affordable, yet provide a host of options, availing MDU services is a good option. So, get together with your society members or office colleagues, pick the right DTH provider and subscribe for MDU services today!

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