Reliance Jio Recharge Plans In Delhi: Tariff & Popular Plans

Reliance Jio is one of India's leading telecom companies. With its competitive pricing and free data for all subscribers, the firm, which began operations in 2016, altered the direction of the telecommunications industry.

At its launch, the telecom company has offered a variety of Jio Recharge Plans that include 4G data vouchers as well as other perks such as a free Disney+ Hotstar subscription. In addition, the company offers customized prepaid plans for its 4G-enabled Reliance Jio Phone. Aside from that, all Reliance Jio prepaid plans now have unlimited voice calls.

The organization gave its buyers a New Year's gift by withdrawing the IUC costs from its prepaid plans. Clients can also get free access to Jio applications such as JioTV, JioChat, JioCinema, and others.

Some banks provide multiple benefits including vouchers and cashback if you recharge your SIM using their platform. Check with your bank for such offers to save some money.

As Jio offers a variety of recharge packages, choosing the right one helps you to consider a range of options such as calling, data, and roaming. Below are the most popular Jio recharge packages in Delhi, based on a variety of factors.

Reliance Jio Rs 149 Recharge Plan (1GB/day)

This package is designed for those who need access to data on a regular basis. This prepaid plan provides 1GB of data a day for 24 days for Rs 149.

  • Benefits
  • Unlimited on-net calling and 300-minute off-net FUP
  • Free access to all JIO apps

Reliance Jio Rs 349 Recharge Plan (3GB/day)

This package is for those who need more data on a regular basis. This prepaid plan provides 3GB of data a day for 28 days for Rs 349.

  • Benefits
  • Unlimited on-net calling and 1000-minute off-net FUP
  • Free access to all JIO apps

Reliance Jio Rs 2121 Recharge Plan (1.5GB/day)

Reliance Jio is offering 1.5GB of data a day for 336 days for Rs 2,121, which totals to 504GB of data.

  • Benefits
  • Unlimited on-net calling and 12,000-minute off-net FUP
  • Free access to all JIO apps

Jio Prepaid Recharge Plans in Delhi

Delhi has a plethora of recharge plans; listed below is a compilation of all the plans available based on validity.

Jio 4G Data Voucher Plan in Delhi

If you’re looking for a recharge plan that allows you to use data at a high speed, consider the 4G data voucher plans below:

Price Data Validity
₹ 151 30 GB 30 Days
₹ 11 1 GB Active Plan
₹ 51 6 GB Active Plan
₹ 21 2 GB Active Plan
₹ 251 50 GB 30 Days
₹ 201 40 GB 30 Days
₹ 612 72 GB Active Plan
₹ 101 12 GB Active Plan
₹ 1208 30 GB/30Days 240 Days
₹ 1206 40 GB/30Days 180 Days
₹ 1004 50 GB/30Days 120 Days

Jio International Roaming Plan in Delhi

If you’re planning to travel overseas soon and are looking for a good recharge plan, browse through these plans given below.

Price Talktime/Data Validity
₹ 1101 ₹ 933.5


28 Days
₹ 1201 ₹ 1017.8


28 Days
₹ 1102 ₹933.5


28 Days
₹ 1202 ₹ 1018.64


28 Days
₹ 575 250MB


1 Day
₹ 2875 250MB/DAY


7 Days
₹ 5751 5GB


30 Days

Jio Top Up Recharge Plan in Delhi

If you’re looking for added talktime to stay connected with your loved ones, select one of the plans given below.

Price Talktime Validity
₹ 50 ₹ 39.37 Unlimited
₹ 1000 ₹ 844.46 Unlimited
₹ 500 ₹ 420.73 Unlimited
₹ 100 ₹ 81.75 Unlimited
₹ 20 ₹ 14.95 Unlimited
₹ 10 ₹ 7.47 Unlimited

Disney Hotstar VIP Plans

Disney Hotstar VIP offers a host of various movies, series, and even news and sports channels. If you’re looking for a plan that provides free subscription to this streaming platform, check out the plans below:

Price Data Validity
₹ 2599 2GB/day 365 Days
₹ 401 3GB/day 28 Days
₹ 598 2GB/day 56 Days
₹ 777 1.5GB/day 84 Days
₹ 499 1.5GB/day 56 Days

JioPhone Plans in Delhi

If you own a JioPhone, you can avail special priced offers. So, choose from the recharge plans mentioned below.

Price Data Validity
₹ 75 0.1GB/day 28 Days
₹ 155 1GB/day 28 Days
₹ 185 2GB/day 28 Days
₹ 749 2GB/28 days 336 Days
₹ 125 0.5GB/day 28 Days

Jio In-Flight Packs

Want to stay connected even while flying 20,000 feet in the air? Choose one of Jio’s famous in-flight packs mentioned below.

Price Data Validity
₹ 499 250MB 1 Day
₹ 699 500MB 1 Day
₹ 999 1GB 1 Day

If you own a JioLink connection and router, consider recharging your plan with the following options.

Price Data Validity
₹ 699 5GB/day 28 Days
₹ 2099 5GB/day 84 + 14 Days
₹ 4199 5GB/day 168 + 28 Days

Jio ISD Recharge Plans in Delhi

If you’re looking for special ISD calling rates, Jio offers a special plan specially for this purpose. Check out the plan below.

Price Talktime Validity
₹ 501 ₹ 424.58 28 Days

Consider using online websites for recharges. There are certain websites which help people to save a lot of time and also offer promotional offers time to time.

How To Recharge Jio Prepaid Online?

The Reliance Jio website makes it simple to recharge your Jio prepaid plan. All you have to do is go to the official Jio website, enter your Jio phone number, choose the package you want to recharge, and pay with Net Banking or UPI. Your SIM card will be recharged after the process is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of the JioPostPaid Plus Family Plan?

JioPostPaid Plus Family Package allows you to share your plan's advantages with your dear ones.

JioPostPaid Plus Family Plan has the following benefits:

  • A single bill is issued for the whole household.
  • The ability to add multiple child participants at no extra expense.
  • Parents can limit their children's data use.
  • The ability to transfer data several times a month.
  • When data use is heavy, child members can buy data add-on packs.
  • Parents and child members will all receive pre-activated ISD and will be able to access IR with a single click.

How to Obtain a 1-Year Disney + Hotstar VIP Membership on Jio?

A one-year membership to Disney + Hotstar is eligible with select JioPostpaid packages. The Jio website has information on eligible plans.

What would you do to regain 4G speed after exhausting your normal data limit?

If you have a Regular 4G FUP plan, your daily data limit is automatically renewed at midnight (between 00:00 hrs and 02:00 hrs). If your maximum high-speed bandwidth cap has been reached and you still want to use the internet at 4G speeds, you could recharge with a 4G Data Voucher.

Is it possible to get voice and SMS benefits with Jio's Work From Home Pack?

This package does not have any SMS or voice advantages. This pack just helps you to use data to access the internet.

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