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Netflix is a boon to every individual as it has ample content to keep you entertained. Moreover, as the platform reduced its rates, it's become more popular than ever. Moreover, it is a prolific maker of new documentaries and there is plenty to choose from. If you love to stream documentaries, you should definitely check out some of the best documentaries on Netflix.

Best Sports Documentaries On Netflix

If you're a sports lover and are looking for inspirational stories about real-life players, here are some of the best sports documentaries you can binge on Netflix.

The Last Dance (2020)

  • Cast: Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Carmen Electra, and Phil Jackson.
  • Director: Jason Hehir
  • IMDb rating: 9.1/10

The Last Dance is considered to be amongst the best documentaries on Netflix in India as it traces the development of superstar Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. The Last Dance, a 10-part documentary co-produced with Netflix, promises an unvarnished look at one of the sports' most transformational players and celebrated dynasties: Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s. The seamless mix of historical video, current interviews, and spare-no-expense music breathes new life into Jordan's journey from precocious novice to larger-than-life icon, both overexposed and mysterious.

Schumacher (2021)

  • Cast: Ross Brawn, Flavio Briatore, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo
  • Director: Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns, Vanessa Nöcker, and Michael Wech
  • IMDb rating: 7.4/10

Schumacher is a 2021 German documentary co-directed by Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns, Vanessa Nöcker, and Michael Wech on German Formula One racing driver Michael Schumacher, which was released internationally on Netflix. The film was released on Netflix on September 15, 2021, to commemorate Schumacher's 30th year in Formula One. The film follows Schumacher's F1 career as well as Scuderia Ferrari's comeback to dominance from 2000 through 2004. Throughout the film, brief family interviews provide some insight into his personal life. It is often regarded as one of the best sports documentaries on Netflix.

The River Runner (2021)

  • Cast: Scott Lindgren.
  • Writers: Corinna Halloran and Thayer Walker.
  • Director: Rush Sturges
  • IMDb rating: 7.1/10

Scott Lindgren's 20-year quest to be the first person to kayak the four major rivers that flow from Tibet's holy Mount Kailash is more than just a thrilling whitewater adventure. The documentary features a typical tale of an extreme sports hero overcoming obstacles.

Best Crime Documentaries On Netflix

Are you a fan of mystery-solving and investigation? Check out some of the best crime documentaries on Netflix that are sure to make you put on your detective caps.

The Tinder Swindler (2022)

  • Cast: Simon Leviev, Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjöholm, Ayleen Charlotte
  • Director: Felicity Morris
  • IMDb rating: 7.2/10

The Tinder Swindler is one of the best crime documentaries on Netflix made by Felicity Morris that will be available on Netflix on February 2, 2022. The documentary depicts the narrative of Israeli conman Simon Leviev (born Shimon Hayut), who utilised the dating app Tinder to connect with people, whom he then emotionally deceived into financially supporting his opulent lifestyle under the guise of needing the money to escape his "enemies."

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (2021)

  • Cast: Richard Ramirez, Gil Carrillo, Frank Salerno, Tony Valdez, Laurel Erickson
  • Director: Tiller Russell and James Carroll
  • IMDb rating: 7.5/10

The serial murderer Richard Ramirez will be the subject of a four-part miniseries, Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, to be released in 2021. Tiller Russel, Eli Holzman, Aaron Saidman, and Tim Walsh were the show's executive producers. The actual tale of how one of America's most renowned serial murderers was tracked down and brought to justice is told in this limited-edition docuseries.

Best Science Documentaries On Netflix

The world of science is truly fascinating and the documentaries on these subjects are truly no less than a great sci-fi fantasy movies. So, if you're looking for the best science documentaries on Netflix, check out our top picks below.

Return To Space (2022)

  • Cast: Elon Musk
  • Director: Jimmy Chin
  • IMDb rating: 7.4/10

Return to Space is one of the best science documentaries on Netflix directed by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. Its plot follows Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers as they embark on a two-decade journey to return NASA astronauts to the International Space Station and transform space travel. On April 7, 2022, the documentary was released on Netflix.

Kiss The Ground (2020)

  • Cast: Woody Harrelson, Ray Archuleta, John Wick
  • Director: Joshua Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell
  • IMDb rating: 8.2/10

Revolutionary activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians have formed a worldwide "Regenerative Agriculture" movement that may stabilise our climate, restore our huge water reserves, and feed the whole globe.

Best Indian Documentaries On Netflix

Our country has many inspiring and surprising stories, which surely make for some of the best Indian documentaries on Netflix. Check out our favourites.

Bad Boys Billionaires: India (2020)

  • Cast: Aayush Ailawadi.
  • Director: Dylan Mohan Gray and Johanna Hamilton.
  • IMDb rating: 8/10

Bad Boys Billionaires is an investigative docu-series that delves into India's most notorious tycoons' greed, fraud, and corruption that fueled the rise, and eventual demise. It is considered to be amongst the best Indian documentaries on Netflix, which focuses on the lives of four famous Indian business magnates: Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Subrata Roy, and Ramalinga Raju. Each of these tycoons attained significant success in their companies before being accused of misconduct. The series demonstrates how their circle of influence keeps the public enthralled. We can’t say how much money is enough for these entrepreneur-like minded individuals.

Period. End of Sentence. (2018)

  • Cast: Ajeya, Anita, Gouri Choudari
  • Director: Rayka Zehtabchi
  • IMDb ratings: 7.4/10

Filmed by Rayka Zehtabchi in 2018, this is a documentary short film about Indian women driving a quiet revolution in sexuality. Women in Hapur, India, learn how to run a machine that produces low-cost, biodegradable sanitary pads that they may sell to other women at inexpensive costs in this short documentary film. As a result of this, women in India are empowered and supported in their efforts to break the taboos around menstruation, while at the same time contributing to the economic well-being of their society. Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Coimbatore, India, inspired the film.

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