How to Watch The Best English Movies Online

Having to spend time indoors is quite tough for most people. The pandemic has locked us all within our homes and it is going to be some time when things get back to normal. Browsing the internet for entertainment is one of the escape routes these days. Here we are giving you information about where to search for and find English movies online. You can choose your pick from the options given below or even try out all one after the other. After all, no one is going anywhere anytime soon. So chill inside the house while you stay safe!

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Online streaming sites for English movies

There are several sites out there that give you access to watch English movies online. We have made your job easier by listing out some of the top and most chosen movie sites based on user preferences. All set to get started?


One of the best platforms to watch English movies online is Netflix. Today this is the most preferred medium for Hollywood movies-Watch online latest releases and so many more popular ones. There are four basic plans from which you can select the one you feel is affordable and suits your requirements. The lowest plan is Rs 199/- per month.

According to your paid plan, you will be able to watch available movies at the comfort of your home. Netflix is the channel that brings the best English shows and movies to Indian viewers. According to consumer surveys, Viewers who prefer watching English movies have voted for Netflix to be their number one choice.

YouTube Movies

YouTube is one of the all-time favourites. Here you can watch movies to your heart's content. There is a huge collection of free movies as well as paid ones that have been uploaded on YouTube. For convenience, you can go through the site which has a list of around 15000 free movies on YouTube. If you don't mind paying a small amount to watch your favourite movies, browse through Here paid movies are also available. Some of the great English movies including classics are available on this platform.

Disney Plus Hotstar

Another trending site where you can watch English shows, movies, web series etc is Disney Plus Hotstar. There are some shows you can watch for free, however, you need to take a paid package to watch premium movies. The audio-video quality is great and you have so many popular releases to choose from.

Amazon Prime Video

Yes, Prime video is a heartthrob for movie lovers. Prime members can have their heart's content in watching wonderful English movies. Unlimited entertainment along with free shipping of Amazon Products. Quite a nice way of spending your time online! The latest movies recommended movies as per your watchlist history, TV shows, Web series etc are right before you.

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Jio Cinema

JioCinema is fast catching up on speed in the race for the best platform to watch movies. It is non-stop entertainment that comes free for Jio Prime members. There are so many English movies and all you need is a Jio Sim and a Jio account login. You get a Hollywood Punch with a list of wonderful movies to binge-watch. There is a genre like mystery, romance, thrillers, comedy, kids content and so much more to have a feast from. Go ahead and watch English movies online for free!


SonyLIV presents some of the best Hollywood releases ever. Along with movies & Original, you can watch some awesome web series that will surely keep you engaged. You have limited choices as there are not many free movies streaming online. Some will have a premium label which means that you need to take a premium subscription. The quality of the video streaming is great and you can go ahead to try out the resolution, picture quality etc while watching the free content at the same time. And then if you are satisfied, you can go ahead to get a premium membership.


You can watch several English movies for free on Crackle. This is a site owned by Sony and is completely legal. Being free, you will have to watch a few ads as well. And some viewers may not be able to watch directly from the site. You will have to go through a VPN. There are quite a number of beautiful movies that will make your time worth it. Do check the region-wise restriction for some regions that do not have access to Crackle Content.


Another wonderful site comes to your rescue.TubiTV is an online streaming platform that gives you several options of movies and shows to pick from. You can use your Android phone, smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV etc to enjoy your movie time. You must understand while the movies are completely free, the site is financed through advertisements. It is an ad-supported platform, so you can expect breaks in between your shows. Still, it is a great choice!


Popcorn flix promises you great movies. The platform is extremely lovable as it offers unlimited entertainment. You get to see full-length English movies online. There are comedies, romance, horror and mind-blowing family movies available. Popcornflix is one of the most user-friendly destinations for watching movies online. Just two clicks and you can start watching them for free.


MoviesFoundOnline is the perfect place to watch cult classics to new time romance. There are blockbusters from 1902 till the present day streaming on the site. It is available in all countries and trust us, you will not be able to stop watching back to back English movies. This is the haven for movie lovers. In case of any copyright issues, the site has every right to delete movies. So in short, they curate free movies, independent films, shows and bring them to their beloved viewers. Just what you need now!


A free movie streaming site that is easily accessible. They offer a host platform where you can visit different categories and click on links to other sites that show the movies. The site makes sure that only legal links are provided. Any defaulters will be removed from their site.


Another excellent choice! Here free classics and other shows are made available to the public domain. They have an app -Classic UHF which helps you watch movies at your convenience. There is a lot to watch as the genre includes adventure, romance, comedy, horror, science fiction and so much more. You will love tuning in to your favourite movies as the quality is great. It's a great way to start your binge-watching season!


Watch some wonderful movies for free in premium quality. With a customer-friendly interface, Vimeo displays many independent English movies. The free content does not include the latest movies. However, the existing movies are a class apart. If you pay, you can have access to the latest shows and movies.

Public DomainTorrents

This is legal and allows free download of movies. The content will be split into various parts for users to find them easily. You could also make a movie purchase via Amazon.

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It’s time to wind up

So now you can easily spend your free time watching your favourite movies without having to leave the safety of your homes. Make sure your internet connection is strong and that you have a plan that supports your data requirements. Get your popcorn ready, switch off the lights and start the show!

If you do get to know of other sites we can add to this article, drop us a mail. We would love to hear from you!

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