Excell Broadband Vijayawada -Plans, Benefits & Offers for 2022

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Excell Broadband Vijayawada, an Andhra Pradesh-based internet service provider, is considered to be one of the most reliable, dependable, and trustworthy companies that offer internet services in Vijayawada. The company offers stellar quality broadband services, including wired and wireless internet access for homes and businesses, focusing on multi-dwelling units and public areas such as cafes, restaurants, airports, libraries, and educational institutions.

The fast-growing firm focuses on offering integrated communications solutions to the domestic market and offers a variety of connected services besides top-notch quality internet.

Since its inception in 1998, Excell has been based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The company's staff comprises specialists who are constantly taught the most up-to-date technological standards to handle any difficulty posed by a client's requirement successfully.

From their plans to customer service options, here is everything you need to know about Excell broadband services in detail.

About Excell Broadband Vijayawada

Excell Broadband is the first city-wide broadband network in Vijayawada. This 1 Gbps fiber-optic service is aimed to provide high-speed internet connections to businesses, organizations, and individuals in all parts of the city. They offer a variety of internet plans with a range of speeds from 10Mbps to 1000Mbps, and business users can choose from four different packages.

The Excell IP network includes many 10Gbps rings that hold Internet access, IPTV, and VoIP data. To guarantee that quality services operate at their best, Excell broadband employs several measures such as operating on redundant fiber links and using a different backup media for local loop command transmission compared to other operators.

Excell Broadband Vijayawada Plans

Here is a list of Excell Broadband Vijayawada plans for customers to choose from-

Smart Plan The Smart Plan offers 500 GB of data for a month, with a speed of 60 Mbps. The monthly rental for this plan is Rs.499.

Essential Plan The Essential plan offers 1000 GB of data for a month, with a speed of 60 Mbps. The monthly rental for this plan is Rs.599.

Ultimate PlanWith the Ultimate Plan, users can enjoy 1500 GB of data for thirty days at a speed of 100 Mbps for Rs.799.

Preferred Plan The Preferred Plan is one of the most popular plans purchased by Excell Broadband users. With this plan, you can enjoy 3000 GB of data for a month at a top-notch speed of 150 Mbps. The monthly rental for this plan is Rs.1199.

Plan Data Speed Duration Price
Smart Plan 500 GB 60 Mbps 30 days Rs. 499
Essential Plan 1000 GB 60 Mbps 30 days Rs. 599
Ultimate Plan 1500 GB 100 Mbps 30 days Rs. 799
Preferred Plan 3000 GB 150 Mbps 30 days Rs. 1199

5 Benefits Of Using Excell Broadband Vijayawada

With the cost of broadband decreasing every year and more and more countries making it available for free, or at least extremely cheap, here are just a few reasons why Excell Broadband Vijayawada is preferred by many:

  1. Excell Broadband offers much faster downloads. It takes minutes to download a file over a dial-up connection and downloading the same files over broadband can be done in seconds.
  2. Excell Broadband has high upload speeds, which enables users to upload videos and images to the internet much quicker.
  3. Excell Broadband Internet can be a lifeline to your business. It’s an essential tool for many companies, from minor to more extensive, corporate entities.
  4. Excell Broadband is available through cable companies and internet service providers (ISPs).

Excell Broadband is a must-have for anyone who handles large amounts of data. With the ever-changing landscape of businesses, high-speed internet has become a necessity to stay on top of the game and keep up with consumer demands.

Excell Broadband Vijayawada Payment Methods

To recharge your broadband plan; you can simply visit Excell’s official website and follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Open your internet browser and head on to Excell’s official website.
  • The “Bill Pay” tab on the website is used to make all the payments online.
  • Enter your registered customer ID and the registered phone number.
  • Click on Submit once done.
  • Choose the plan you want to purchase.
  • You can make online payments through Debit/Credit cards, UPI ID, and numerous other payment gateways.
  • On successful payment, you will receive confirmation and notification of your Excell broadband services being renewed or recharged.

What Are The Installation Costs For Excell Broadband?

Excell Broadband Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh offers free installation with a free N-300 Wi-Fi router and claims to provide services for business establishments, homes, societies, and apartment blocks.

A team of experts is sent to set up the router professionally for free installation of the Excell Broadband Vijayawada.

Excell Broadband Vijayawada Customer Care

Excell Broadband Vijayawada's phone number is 9885898858. You can reach out to them anytime as they provide 24/7 customer service in all parts of Andhra Pradesh. You can also email the company at [email protected] for any other queries or setbacks you’re facing.

Excell Broadband customer care number Vijayawada is 0866-6688888/088-4588888.

Bottom Line

With an increasing number of devices connected to the internet, the need for speed has increased. Excell Broadband Vijayawada service provides reliable and top-notch internet connection at high speeds, helping you get the most out of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a new connection at Excell Broadband Vijayawada?

Simply head on to Excell’s official website and click on New Connection Enquiry. On the next page, you can enter all your details on the next page such as Name, Email, Mobile, Address, City, and Purpose (Home Connection or Office Connection).

How can I check my Internet usage and Network Speed for Excell Broadband?

To check the Internet Speed and Usage, you will have to visit the User Zone, enter all the required details and click on ‘Submit’ or 'Internet Speed Test’.

Which Service Plan will benefit me for my personal or home use?

You can select any plan out of the four that are mentioned above according to your budget and requirements. However, Excell’s most-used service plan is the Preferred Plan, which offers 3000 GB of Data with 150 Mbps at an affordable rate of Rs.1,199/- only.