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jioairfiber plans and features

On September 19, Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Jio launched India's inaugural wireless home network. The service, called JioAirFiber, aims to provide last-mile connectivity by utilizing Jio's extensive optical fiber network. Embark on a journey through our guide for quick information on JioAirFiber plans and the array of features to streamline your internet choices effortlessly.

JioAirFiber Device Price

Setting up JioAirFiber costs ₹ 1000, but you get the money back if you pick the yearly plan for ₹7,188.

What is JioAirFiber?

JioAirFiber is a special 5G network that makes Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) work with Jio True5G. It changes how you use and control things at home and work. You can upgrade to a top-notch home entertainment, broadband, and digital experience all in one service, offering a better way for TV and internet users.

It is basically a 5G router that requires only single cable as external unit. JioAirFiber is available across 3939 towns across India and in major cities like – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

With JioAirFiber, we are expanding our addressable market to rapidly cover every home in our country with similar quality of service. JioAirFiber will enable millions of homes with world-class digital entertainment, smart home services and broadband, through its solutions across education, health, surveillance and smart home

Akash Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.46th AGM

How does JioAirFiber work?

JioAirFiber operates using wireless communication technology, specifically Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). Here's a simplified explanation of how it works:

JioAirFiber 5G

  • Signal Transmission: JioAirFiber uses wireless signals to send data. It connects the service provider's base station to the user's place using radio frequencies.
  • Base Station Setup: Reliance Jio sets up base stations in specific spots. These stations have the necessary equipment to send fast internet signals through the air.
  • User Unit Setup: Subscribers get a JioAirFiber unit, usually with a receiver or modem. This unit is put at the user's place, often on the roof or a high spot for better signals.
  • Wireless Connection: The JioAirFiber unit links wirelessly to the nearest base station. This connection lets data move without physical cables.
  • Distribution at Home: The JioAirFiber unit spreads the internet signal at home, using Wi-Fi or wired connections. Users can connect their devices to the high-speed internet.

What Are JioAirFiber Plans and Prices?

Explore the range of JioAirFiber plans and their prices for a seamless and affordable internet experience. JioAirFiber minimum plan starts from ₹599 to high-speed options with validity lasting upto you billing cycle, find the perfect plan that suits your needs.

JioAirFiber Price List
JioAirFiber Plan & PriceDataSpeedOn-Demand TVOTT Apps
Plan Name


₹599 +GSTUnlimitedup to 30 Mbps550+ TV Channels

Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5, JioCinema, SunNXT, Hoichoi, Discovery+, Universal+, ALTBalaji, Eros Now, Lionsgate Play, ShemarooMe, Docubay, and EpicOn.

₹899+GSTUnlimitedup to 100 Mbps550+ TV Channels
₹1199+GSTUnlimitedup to 100 Mbps550+ TV ChannelsNetflix Basic, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5, JioCinema Premium, SunNXT, Hoichoi, Discovery+, Universal+, ALTBalaji, Eros Now, Lionsgate Play, ShemarooMe, Docubay, and EpicOn.
Plan Name

JioAirFiber Max

₹1499 +GSTUnlimitedup to 300 Mbps550+ TV Channels
  • Netflix Basic, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5, JioCinema Premium, SunNXT, Hoichoi, Discovery+, Universal+, ALTBalaji, Eros Now, Lionsgate Play, ShemarooMe, Docubay, and EpicOn.
  • Bundled Amazon Prime Video subscription is valid for 1 year. 
₹2499 +GSTUnlimitedup to 500 Mbps550+ TV Channels
₹3999 +GSTUnlimitedup to 1 Gbps550+ TV Channels

JioAirFiber New Connection: Book Now!

Users looking to book a JioAirFiber connection, can do it easily in 3 ways:

  1. WhatsApp: Give a missed call at 60008-60008
  2. Jio Store: Locate the nearest store, pay a visit and book your connection.
  3. Jio Website: Visit the link:https://www.jio.com/selfcare/interest/airfiber and fill the below form.
Fill the form to book JioAirFiber connection

After filling the form, you will receive a confirmation from Reliance Jio saying it will connect and keep your home priority.

How To Track Your JioAirFiber Device Order?

There are two ways in which you can track your JioAirFiber order:

track JioAirFiber order

For Jio mobile users:

  1. Mobile Number- 10-digit mobile number used to place the SIM order.
  2. ORN (Order Reference Number) - 12-digit ORN received via SMS for your Jio SIM order. E.g. “NO000XXXXXXX” or “CO000XXXXXXX”.
  3. For tracking your eSIM request, click here.
  4. To access CAF please track order using your activated Jio number. It is accessible for digitally activated numbers only.

For JioFiber users:

  1. ORN (Order Reference Number)- 12-digit ORN received via SMS for your order. E.g. “NO000XXXXXXX” or “CO000XXXXXXX”.
  2. JioFiber Voice Number or FLN (Fixed Landline Number);- 10-digit JioFiber/JioAirFiber number received via SMS/email upon order confirmation. E.g. “22XXXXXXXX”.
  3. Service ID- 12-digit JioFiber/JioAirFiber number received via SMS/email upon order confirmation. E.g. “400XXXXXXXXX”.
  4. LRN (Lead Reference Number) - 12-digit LRN received via SMS for your order. E.g. “LR0000XXXXXX” or “FL0000XXXXXX”.

JioAirFiber Features and Benefits

The best thing about this new technology is that it's easy to move around and use. All you have to do is get the JioAirFiber device, find a good spot in your home, plug it in, and switch it on. That's it!

Here we have listed the top benefits of JioAirFiber:

  1. Digital Entertainment

    Users will get access to 550 channels with Catch-up TV and 16 most popular OTT apps like: Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5, JioCinema, SunNXT, Hoichoi, Discovery+, Universal+, ALTBalaji, Eros Now, Lionsgate Play, ShemarooMe, Docubay, and EpicOn.

  2. High-Speed Internet Services

    Experience the high speed internet-broadband services of Jio for your home and businesses.

  3. Smart Home Service

    JioAirFiber will offer additional home services such as Cloud PC for Education and Work-from-home. It will also support security and surveillance solutions, healthcare, education, smart home IoT, gaming, home networking, and more.

  4. No Additional Cost for Home Devices

    JioAirFiber subscribers will receive three complimentary devices as part of their subscription: a Wi-Fi router, a 4k Smart Set-Top Box, and a voice-activated remote.

What Is The Difference Between JioAirFiber and JioFiber?

For users like us, JioFiber and JioAirFiber might seem alike, but they are different technologies specifically  designed to meet the requirements of diverse customers.

jio airfiber vs jiofiber
JioAirFiber vs JioFiber
TechnologyFixed Wireless Access(FWA) powered by Jio True5G.Fiber Optic Technology offering low latency, and resistance to interference.
SpeedLimited internet speed options are available.Upto 1 Gbps
CoverageWide coverage extending to rural and remote areasLimited coverage
Data CapsJioAirFiber plans might have data caps or FUP(Fair usage policies)No such data caps are there.
Cost-EffectiveIt is affordable in the areas wherein laying cable wires or a wired structure is expensive.It requires fiber optic cables and hardware to be carried to the location which increases its cost.
Plans and PricingPlans are limited for the moment. JioAirFiber Prices are affordable for the users.Users have access to variety of plans catering to different budgets and requirements. Prices are competitive as compared to other providers.
Installation DelaysNo such delays you face with JioAirFiber.Might face installation delays in areas where infrastructure development is required and must.
Service OutragesUsers might experience fluctuations with JioAirFiber but are minimal.Users can experience occasional outrages due to technical issues and maintenance.

Jio Fiber or JioAirFiber, which is better depends on various factors, including your location, usage of the internet and personal requirements. If you use 4K streaming and gaming, Jio Fiber excels. JioFiber's reliability and consistent performance make it a top choice for such users. JioAirFiber is still in the early stages.

What is FWA?

FWA stands for Fixed Wireless Access. It's a technology that provides internet access using wireless communication between fixed points, typically between a base station and a subscriber's location. FWA is commonly used to offer broadband connectivity in areas where laying traditional wired infrastructure like fiber-optic cables or DSL is challenging or economically unfeasible.

JioAirFiber vs Airtel Xstream vs ACT Fibernet

Explore the next section for a comparison list of leading broadband service providers such as Airtel Xstream, Jio, and ACT Fibernet. Review it to make an informed decision.

Compare JioAirFiber, Airtel Xstream, ACT Fibernet
FeaturesJioAirFiberAirtel XstreamACT Fibernet
Plan Price₹599₹499₹549
Speed1 GbpsUp to 40 MbpsUp to 40 Mbps
ValidityBill Cycle1 Month1 Month
Voice CallsIncludedIncludedIncluded
OTT AppsDisney+ Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5, JioCinema, SunNXT, Hoichoi, Discovery+, Universal+, ALTBalaji, Eros Now, Lionsgate Play, ShemarooMe, Docubay, and EpicOn.1 Year of Xstream premium, Wynk & much moreNA

What Is Customer Care Contact of JioAirFiber ?

There are three ways in which user can get in touch with JioAirFiber customer support:

JioAirFiber Customer Care Contact
7000570005[email protected] 
  • Toll-Free:1800-896-9999
  • JioCare:199

JioAirFiber: Frequently Asked Questions

What are additional features offered by JioAirFiber?

JioAirFiber incorporates advanced features like Wi-Fi 6 support, parental controls, and a built-in security firewall, catering to both home and office needs.

Is JioAirFiber a portable device?

Yes, JioAirFiber is a portable device. You can keep it anyhwere near switch in your home or business station.

How can I verify the availability of JioAirFiber in my city?

To confirm JioAirFiber availability in your city, follow these easy steps. Visit https://jio.com/AirFiber and verify if your city is listed.

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