An Overview of Amazon’s Tata Sky Edition Fire Stick

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With the rising popularity of DTH and OTT platforms alike; someone had to combine DTH channels with streaming services into a user-friendly bundle. Tata Sky and Amazon India appear to be the first to address the issue.

The two giants in their respective sectors have collaborated on the release of a unique edition of the Amazon Fire TV stick, which will be combined with a new subscription known as Tata Sky Binge.

Tata Sky is currently battling in the DTH sector in India alongside Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, and d2h, as well as streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hotstar. However, it seems like Tata Sky’s current philosophy is; if you can't conquer them, you must join them.

The new Fire TV Stick is named Tata Sky Edition, and it will provide customers with access to Tata Sky Binge for Rs 249 per month, with a complimentary one-month trial. Of course, the Fire TV stick would charge Rs 3,999 or Rs 5,999 with the Alexa control.

In this blog, we’ve provided all the relevant information about Amazon’s Tata Sky Edition Fire TV stick.

Understanding The Tata Sky Fire Stick Edition

Tata Sky’s latest package, known as Tata Sky Binge comes with a plethora of benefits; out of which the most talked about and anticipated is the addition of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. When bought separately, the Fire TV Stick costs Rs 3,999. However, if you have Tata Sky, you will receive the dongle for free and will only have to pay the INR 249 monthly subscription cost.

The dongle does include an Alexa control, so you can use it to ask for weather information, make reminders, and ask basic knowledge inquiries, among other things. When you cancel your account or decide to discontinue your membership, a Tata Sky employee will come and retrieve your Fire TV Stick.

Who Can Avail Tata Sky Binge?

Tata Sky Binge is exclusively available to Tata Sky customers. If you are not already a Tata Sky customer, you will need to purchase a Tata Sky DTH connection, which will involve extra activation and subscription fees.

If you just have one Tata Sky subscription, you may utilize Tata Sky Binge to link to additional TVs in your house or to substitute Multi-TV options that Tata Sky recently terminated.

If you previously have a Tata Sky subscription, you may watch Live TV programs and extra material from Hotstar, Eros Now, Hungama Play, as well as Sun NXT on every TV in your house for Rs. 249 per month. The channels will be streamed to your TV through the Tata Sky binge Fire TV stick utilizing your home WiFi network (free). As a result, high-speed internet is required for optimum stream quality.

What Services Are Available With Tata Sky Binge

Tata Sky Binge includes free access to Hotstar, Eros Now, Sun NXT, ZEE5, plus Hungama Play as components of the bundle. The Fire TV Stick technology (Tata Sky Binge dongle) lets users download the ALT Balaji and Netflix applications to stream content as well. Nonetheless, this will necessitate a separate membership.

You also receive the Binge app in addition to the OTT services mentioned above. It is a service that allows you to view live TV channels from your DTH membership. You also receive access to a ‘Catch-up Television’ service where you can view missed episodes of your favorite series. The catch-up TV service allows you to watch programs from the last seven days, which brings the benefits of DTH as the Fire TV stick usually doesn’t offer this.

Content Offered By Tata Sky Binge Using The Fire TV Stick

Tata Sky Binge offers over 5000 items from Tata Sky's VOD library. You have the opportunity to watch live TV as well as programs that have been broadcast in the last 7 days. This is in addition to the premium material available from Hotstar, Eros Now, Hungama Play, plus Sun Next. That's a lot of stuff to watch in a row.

If you are a new user, you will receive a free three-month subscription to Amazon Prime. This includes the Amazon suite of services like Photographs, Audio, Videos, and so on. Any Bluetooth-enabled gaming controller and other devices might be connected. However, you could only use the Fire TV stick-Tata Sky version.

When it comes to Live TV, you would be able to view just the channels to which you have opted for through your Tata Sky DTH. Furthermore, if any channel is banned from your account due to parental restrictions, it will not be available on Tata Sky Binge.

Tata Sky Binge offers Dolby Audio and Full HD video; however, it does not support 4K resolution. Your internet speed determines the video quality, and there is no way to change the quality with Tata Sky Binge. Hotstar, thankfully, allows you to choose between Auto, HD, or Medium picture quality.

Returning to the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may fiddle with its configurations and drop out of Interest-based Ads, install applications from unverified sources, enable ADB probing, set up a sleep timer, and reboot the Fire TV Stick. There is also the possibility to sync Amazon content.

How Does The Tata Sky Edition Amazon Fire TV Stick Work

The Tata Sky Edition Fire stick attaches to the HDMI connection on your TV and subsequently to your home WiFi connection. This has nothing to do with the actual set-top box (STB) and therefore will function with any TV which has an HDMI port—most HD TVs do have that, so this should be fine.

The traditional Amazon Fire TV display is intact, and navigation is straightforward. Your apps appear as big icons on the main screen, with a slew of well-categorized content suggestions beneath them. The Fire TV interface's horizontally scrolling style is simple to grasp.

In India, direct-to-home (DTH) carriers are still waging a losing struggle to acquire new consumers, especially those wanting to move from their current DTH service. While subscription package prices are one component of the whole exercise, there is a real need to combine value-adds that supplement the ordinary TV user experience.

Tata Sky Binge Amazon TV Stick Installation Instructions

If you’re wondering how to unlock your Tata Sky Fire Stick to start using it, follow the steps given below:

  • Connect an HDMI extender to the HDMI port on your TV to connect the Amazon Fire TV stick.
  • You must power it by using the power cord attached to the USB power adapter.
  • Always make sure there is a reliable internet connection.
  • The TV is now turned on, and the basic setup procedure begins.
  • Once connected to the internet and accessing the WiFi network, provide your Amazon Prime and Tata Sky account details.
  • Tata Sky Binge will show on your Amazon Fire Stick as a different app.

How To Avail A Free Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The original pricing of this Amazon Fire TV Stick is approximately Rs 3,999, which otherwise would be free when combined with a Tata Sky HD STB subscription. Tata Sky is also providing this deal to its existing subscribers, who must upgrade to the HD STB to take advantage of it.

So, whether you purchase a new Tata Sky HD subscription or upgrade your current one to a newer STB, your Tata Sky Fire Stick price will be zero, provided you pay the monthly Tata Sky subscription fee. You will have a new Tata Sky HD STB installed at home, together with a fresh Amazon Fire TV Stick – Tata Sky Edition.


Tata Sky and Amazon have collaborated to create a combination that has a lot of stuff going for it. Any couch potato's dream would be a one-stop-shop for a plethora of entertainment. The aim is to group all OTT players under a single monthly subscription so that you don't have to pay access to each app separately.

Moreover, if you are a Tata Sky customer and would not want to spend on an extra TV connection in your house, you may utilize Tata Sky Binge to expand your DTH connection to TVs in all the other rooms for a small fee.

So, if you’re ready to get access to a boat-load of content, check out Tata Sky’s Binge plan that is currently available with a 30-day trial for current Tata Sky subscribers. Also, for more information about various DTH and OTT platforms, keep reading Selectra.