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Jio Dongle, also called JioFi, is a facility launched by Reliance Jio that allows consumers to purchase a small portable device. Through this, users can create their own bubble of WiFi hotspot anywhere with up to 10 device connections! Jio Dongle recharge plans include various options for prepaid, postpaid and data booster packs starting from ₹15 to ₹2879, with postpaid being the top ones. Continue reading to find out more about JioFi and its plans!

What is JioFi?

JioFi is a device that lets you create your own Wi-Fi hotspot, offering fast 4G connectivity. Thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, you can enjoy high-speed internet wherever you go without needing a power source. Connect up to ten Wi-Fi devices simultaneously and surf uninterrupted for 5-6 hours. Plus, make HD voice calls and conferences even on 2G-3G devices.

Top Jio Dongle Plans:May 2024

Reliance Jio offers several types of plans for JioFi so users can find one that suits their needs and preferences. The top Jio Wi-Fi Dongle plans are designed to provide maximum benefits of internet-broadband at the least costs possible. Find the best Jio Dongle plans for prepaid, postpaid, data boosters and cashback from ₹15 to ₹2879 in the following sections!

Top 10 JioFi Data Recharge Plans
Jio Dongle Plan PriceDataValidityCalls & SMSAccess to Jio Apps
₹12112GBActive PlanNoNo
₹18130GB30 DaysNoNo
₹22250GBActive PlanNoNo
₹24140GB30 DaysNoNo
₹30150GB30 DaysNoNo
₹444100GB60 DaysNoNo
₹55555GB55 DaysNoYes
₹667150GB90 DaysNoNo
₹28782GB/Day (730GB)365 DaysNoNo
₹2,9992.5GB/Day (912.5GB)365 Days + 23 daysYesYes

Jio Dongle Recharge Plans: Prepaid

The following table contains the best Jio Dongle price and plans. Users can find the costs, available data plans and validity of each plan. After comparing these Jio prepaid plans for Dongle, the process of making an informed decision regarding the mobile operator becomes easier and faster.

Popular Jio Dongle Plans For Prepaid Users
Jio Dongle Plan CostJio Dongle Plan ValidityData Offered
₹14920 days1GB/day
₹17924 days1GB/day
₹20928 days1GB/day
₹11914 days1.5GB/day
₹23928 days1.5GB/day
₹66684 days1.5GB/day
₹2545336 days1.5GB/day
₹24923 days2GB/day
₹53356 days2GB/day
₹71984 days2GB/day
₹2879365 days2GB/day
₹34930 days2.5GB/day
₹89990 days2.5GB/day
₹2023252 days2.5GB/day
₹41928 days3GB/day
₹119984 days3GB/day

Jio Dongle Recharge Plans: Postpaid

Reliance Jio has launched Jio postpaid plans which allow users to procure JioFi services at affordable costs, while also getting other benefits. These plans usually come with a lock-in period of 18 months so subscribers can gain additional benefits under long-term commitments. The postpaid Jio Dongle plans mentioned in the table below are some of the most popular and beneficial plans offered.

Popular Jio Dongle Plans For Postpaid Users
Jio Dongle Plan CostJio Dongle Plan ValidityBenefits Offered
₹2991 monthData: 35GB
SMS: 100 SMS/day
₹3491 monthData: 50GB
SMS: 100 SMS/day
*18-month lock-in period
₹3991 monthData: 65GB
SMS: 100 SMS/day
*18-month lock-in period
₹4991 monthData: 100GB
SMS: 100 SMS/day
*18-month lock-in period

Jio Dongle Plans With No Daily Limit!

If you're looking for Jio Dongle unlimited plans, this one might be well-suited for you. Priced at ₹296, this Jio Dongle plans unlimited data consists of 25GB in total. The validity of the plan is 30 days.

Jio Dongle Plans: Data Booster Packs

Oftentimes, we run out of the existing data limit in the given plan due to unforeseen circumstances or casual negligence. At such times, users can opt for Jio Dongle data booster packs at affordable prices! Here are the popular ones:

Popular Jio Dongle Data Booster Packs
Jio Dongle Plan CostData Offered

Jio Dongle Cashback Offers

JioFi comes with several offers. Most significantly, users can exchange their old model for the new one to get a discounted price. The discount is provided either directly or as a cashback voucher to the user's account. Additionally, here are some of the other popular cashback offers on Jio Dongle plans.

Popular Cashback Offers On Jio Dongle
Recharge OfferNew UsersOld Users
Paytm₹50 cashbackUp to ₹50 cashback
Freecharge₹25 cashbackRewards up to ₹1000
PhonePeRewards up to ₹600Rewards up to ₹400
AmazonRewards up to ₹600Rewards up to ₹125
MobikwikUp to ₹100 cashbackUp to ₹100 cashback

How to Recharge Jio Dongle Plans?

Arguably, one of Jio’s best features is how easy their services are to access. If you wish to recharge Jio Dongle plans, you can conveniently visit Jio's official website or download the MyJio App. Here are the simple steps through which you can make the payment in a few moments:

  1. Visit the official Jio website or open the MyJio App.
  2. Enter the registered contact number.
  3. Select the plan you want from the given list for recharging Jio Dongle plans.
  4. Enter the necessary details.
  5. Click on “Purchase”.
  6. Continue to checkout and complete the payment.
  7. You have now successfully completed the Jio dongle recharge process!

How to Use the JioFi?

Before you explore Jio Dongle plans, it is essential to figure out if JioFi is easy and convenient to use. If you feel the usage is too complicated, then getting Jio Dongle recharge plans isn’t as beneficial as it seems. Fortunately, the Jio Dongle is quite easy to use! There are two ways to use the Jio dongle: through USB or WiFi connection. To use Jio Dongle through USB, follow these steps:

  • Find a USB cable with a micro USB-B connector.
  • Plug one end into JioFi.
  • Plug the other end into the USB Port of your system, like a laptop/PC.
  • The system will detect the JioFi connection automatically.
  • Your JioFi connection is now ready to be used!

Here are the steps to using Jio dongle through WiFi:

  • Insert the battery and the activated Jio SIM card into the JioFi device.
  • Switch the device on.
  • Turn on the WiFi setting on your device.
  • Look for the name of your JioFi device in the list of available connections.
  • The temporary password will be on the inside panel of the battery cover. Enter the password.
  • Your JioFi connection is now ready to be used!

Top Features of Jio Dongle Plans (JioFi)

Before looking into the Jio Dongle plans, let us explore the top features of this portable, handy device. Not only does it provide excellent connectivity within a few moments, but it also enables you to share files and data wirelessly through a micro SD card. Here are the top features that make Jio Dongle plans one of our best recommendations.

  1. Long-lasting battery

    The Jio Dongle comes with a 2300 mAh battery that allows you to use the device continuously for five to six hours. You can experience uninterrupted Internet access for extended periods of time!

  2. Multiple connections

    JioFi is designed to support up to 10 devices, in addition to one USB connection, at the same time. This enables users to create their portable ecosystem of Internet access for work, study and more!

  3. Portability

    Because of the sleek and handy design of the Jio Dongle, it is lightweight and convenient to carry around. Consumers can access high-speed Internet in a cafe, college, meeting hall or practically anywhere they want!

  4. Fast Internet

    JioFi offers consistent 4G connections with a download speed of up to 150 Mbps and an upload speed of 50 Mbps.

*Unfortunately, Jio 5G Dongle plans aren't available yet.

What Is The JioCall App?

JioCall App is a unique feature of Reliance Jio that allows users to make VoIP calls in 4G HD voice and video calling on all 2G/3G (with a JioFi), and 4G LTE smartphones. It also enables all smartphones with Rich Communication (RCS) capabilities such as in-call sharing, location sharing, group chats and doodles.

Top Benefits You Can Get From Jio Dongle (JioFi)

Jio Dongle plans not only come with numerous advantageous features but also provide many benefits. Consumers can explore the pros of JioFi that make it a better choice than its competitors. Here are the top benefits:

JioFi Advantages

  • Voice and Data

    Through the JioCall App and JioFi services, users can experience 4G voice calling and data connection on their 2G and 3G smartphone devices.

  • High compatibility

    JioFi is highly compatible with almost all types of smartphones and laptops. Basically, any device that is WiFi-enabled or can be connected through a USB port is compatible with JioFi.

  • Additional Benefits

    JioFi users are often offered access to several other services on purchasing Jio Dongle plans. For instance, music, movies and TV services.

  • High Coverage

    Jio Dongle plans are enabled through 4G services which have a large coverage area throughout the country. Thus, users can experience unlimited connectivity at almost any place!

  • Cashback Offers

    Jio Dongle plans can be purchased at several offer plans and discounted rates. Users can also avail of cashback offers while getting JioFi services. Continue reading to find the best ones elaborated in one of the following sections!

Jio Dongle Vs Airtel Dongle

Similar to JioFi, Airtel also has a dongle that users can use for WiFi hotspot services. Although Jio has the top compensation and optimal benefits, the best way to determine which mobile network operator or service provider is better is to compare their features. The following table contains the top differences and similarities between Airtel Dongle and Jio Dongle.

Airtel Dongle Vs Jio Dongle
ParticularsJio DongleAirtel Dongle
DisplayJioFi has a display to show basic information.Airtel's Dongle does not have a display system. 
LifeJio claims its dongle lasts for 5 to 6 hours on a single charge.Airtel claims its dongle lasts for 6 hours on a single charge. 
CostsJioFi is offered at lower prices and better compensation.Airtel Dongle is priced comparatively higher. 
ConnectionsJioFi allows users to connect up to 10 devices at the same time.Airtel Dongle allows users to connect up to 10 devices at the same time. 
PortabilityJioFi has a compact design and is highly portable.Airtel Dongle has a compact design and is highly portable. 

Jio Dongle Customer Care

Jio customer care support and services ensure that the queries and grievances of each consumer are addressed and resolved to the best. There are 3 major ways to connect with Jio Support - chat, email and call. The details for contacting their representatives are mentioned here.

Jio Customer Care Details
ActionContact Details
Clear your queries on WhatsApp7000770007 (Now available in Hindi!)
Write an email[email protected]
For mobile queries199
For mobile complaints198
Enquire about recharge, data, validity and offer details1991
For international roaming grievances+917018899999

Jio Dongle Plans: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get unlimited data in Jio Dongle?

Maximum Jio Dongle plans offer data packs with daily limits (maximum of 3GB/day) and postpaid plans with total data for the billing cycle (maximum of 100GB). Thus, unless specifically mentioned for the plan you choose, Jio Dongle plans come with data limits.

Can I customize my Jio Dongle plan?

A user cannot tweak the offers and standard features of any Jio dongle plan. The data, validity, cost and other benefits are set. However, consumers are free to change their Jio Dongle plan to another whenever they want. This can be done easily through the MyJio App or Jio's official website.

Are there discounts for long-term commitments with Jio Dongle plans?

The discounts and cashback schemes offered usually differ from plan to plan. However, Jio Dongle postpaid plans usually have an 18-month lock-in period to ensure long-term commitment from the users. However, postpaid plans offer better compensation than other ones. For instance, you get comparatively more data for longer validity for relatively less money.

Are there perks with specific Jio Dongle plans?

Jio Dongle recharge plans for prepaid users may come with additional benefits like subscription to other Jio services, JioCinema, JioTV and more. Some Jio plans may also be eligible for cashback offers through different payment portals. However, these perks and benefits keep changing over time. It is advisable to verify on Jio's website or the MyJio App before purchasing a plan.

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