Best Jio International Roaming Plans for your Travel

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Jio International Roaming Plans

Jio offers various international roaming plans for its subscribers traveling abroad. Jio international roaming plans include options for voice calls, data, and SMS services. Prices and inclusions vary depending on the country you are visiting. You can check the Jio website or contact customer service for the most up-to-date information on international roaming plans and their prices.

Best Jio IR Pack To Receive OTPs abroad

While abroad, having an Indian phone number is crucial for receiving OTPs, especially if you have Indian bank accounts. Jio's international roaming packs maintain your Jio SIM's activity, and for long-term stays overseas, consider activating the annual international roaming pack.

Voice and Data pack - Annual IR pack at ₹2,799 for 365 days- 100 minutes voice,100 SMS and 2 GB Data

Jio International Roaming Plans

Jio International Roaming plans vary in terms of validity and pricing, and can be activated through the MyJio app or by contacting Jio customer care. Some of the available Jio international roaming include daily plans, validity plans, and zone-based plans. The plans are generally categorized into three:

  • Postpaid Non-Recurring Packs: This is specially for the Jio Postpaid users who want to reimburse their International Roaming Bill/take a GST credit. The charges are added to the monthly postpaid bill when you subscribe.
  • Pay As You Go Rates: This is for postpaid customers who just want to activate international roaming for travel. They do not want to purchase any separate pack. The standard PayGo rates (starting Rs.2/min). It is recommended to enhance your credit limit for worry-free travel.
  • Prepaid Packs on Postpaid: This pack could be availed by postpaid customers with one click Pre-on-Post recharge.

New Jio International Roaming Plans for the USA and UAE.

Reliance Jio has revealed new best international roaming plans for the UAE and the US, including an annual plan and discounted in-flight data packages.

  • Reliance Jio now offers roaming plans for the UAE (Dubai) and the US, including choices for call minutes, data, and SMS.
  • Jio International roaming plan for the UAE(Dubai)  comes in 3 choices:₹2,998, ₹1598, and ₹898
  • Jio International roaming plan for the USA is listed with 3 new options:₹3455, ₹2555, and ₹1555
  • You can get an annual roaming package for 51 countries at ₹2,799, giving you 2GB of data for 365 days.
  • Jio also introduced three in-flight data packages and four plans at ₹195, ₹295, and ₹595 for 22 airlines and 51 countries, each with different perks.

Jio Prepaid International Roaming Plans

What are the different International Roaming Prepaid Packs offered by Jio? There are two Global Packs: ₹1101 and ₹1102, usable in over 150 countries, providing voice and data services. The Jio International Roaming Plans for 2024 include various options with different data allowances, validity, and prices. For example, there are Voice and Data Packs with 250MB for 1 Day, a UAE Pack priced at ₹898 offering 1GB for 7 Days, and an IR Data Pack for ₹999. Choose the best plan for your needs and recharge securely using credit card, debit card, or Net banking.

It is recommended that you check with your device compatibility with the foreign network and also check if the destination country has Jio international roaming service availability before you leave.

Jio International Roaming Plans for Prepaid

IR Pack


Validity (Days)

Pack Benefit

Data (GB)

Calling (minutes)


IR Pack 575₹5751

Unlimited Outgoing Local Calls (calls made within the roamed country),

Calls to India, Incoming calls, Data usage and SMSs in 22 countries.
Commercial Usage Limit is applicable for the unlimited pack benefit.

250 MB per day100 per day100 per day
IR Pack 2875₹28757Unlimited100 per day100 per day
IR Pack 5751₹575130Unlimited15001500

Below listed are the benefits that come along with the above listed plans of ₹575, ₹2875 and ₹5751

Jio International Roaming Pack Benefits

IR usage leg


Within Commercial Usage limit

Beyond Commercial usage limit

Incoming Calls₹/MinFreeFree
Outgoing Local Calls₹/MinFreeStandard IR rate
Outgoing Calls to India₹/MinFreeStandard IR rate
Outgoing International Calls₹/MinStandard IR rateStandard IR rate
Outgoing SMS₹/SMSFreeStandard IR rate
Data₹/10 KBFree (at high speed)Free (64 Kbps speed)
  • Top Jio roaming plans for International Students
  • IR Pack With WI-Fi calling: For 28 days at ₹1,102.5 ISD SMS
  • IR Data Only pack: For 7 days at ₹2,999.5 GB High-Speed Data
  • IR Voice and Data pack: For 10 days at ₹2,499.100 minutes voice/day 100 SMS/day and 250 MB/day

What International Roaming Postpaid Packs does Jio offer?

We know our customers have varied needs, so Jio provides the flexibility to select from various plans. For postpaid customers, prepaid packs are available with a single click Pre-on-Post recharge.
If you don't want a pack, postpaid customers can activate International Roaming and roam abroad at standard PayGo rates (starting Rs. 2/min) with Jio's best rates. Jio suggests increasing your credit limit for stress-free travel.

  • Jio gives you different options for international roaming packs based on the country you're visiting:
  • Global Packs: ₹1101 and ₹1102 usable in 150+ countries
  • IR Voice & Data Packs: 4 options for up to 51 countries
  • UAE Packs: 3 options
  • Annual IR Pack: ₹2799 for 51 countries
  • US, Mexico and U.S.V.I Packs: 3 options for 3 countries
  • Plans with free in-flight benefits: 2 options for up to 51 countries
  • IR Data-only Packs: 3 options for 80 countries
  • Wi-Fi Calling to India-only (Voice Packs): 2 options for 150+ countries.

Jio International Roaming Data Plans

Reliance Jio being one of the most popular mobile operators in the country offers international roaming data plans so that you can get outgoing and incoming Wi-Fi calls from home country. Nowadays, most of the frequent travelers prefer to choose IR roaming data plans to avail the benefit of their home country mobile service provider during their travel. Also, it provides the leverage of having hassle-free network connectivity without the worry to switch to the network of their travel country.

Jio International Roaming Plans with Wi-Fi Calling: Buy at ₹1102

₹1102 plan comes with the option of Wi-Fi calling and other benefits like:

IR Pack validity28 days
IR Usage₹933.90
  • 100+ countries are covered under this plan.
  • Users can only use the Wi-Fi calling facility for call back to India
  • Incoming calls on Wi-Fi calling can be received from anywhere in the world at ₹1
  • Incoming SMS are delivered without any charge, but outgoing SMS over Wi-Fi calling is not allowed.
  • If you are using the service of voice calling through Wi-Fi, it will be charged at ₹1 per minute to India
  • Also, you should be aware that video calls through Wi-Fi calling can be made on a Jio number only. The data deduction will happen from the data balance available in your base plan and users will be charged at ₹1 per minute.

With Wi-Fi calling, you are able to place and receive calls using your existing Jio phone number over a Wi-Fi network. Your network remains connected at all times, enhancing its coverage!

Jio International Roaming Pack ₹1101:Without Wi-Fi Calling

IR Pack validity28 days
IR Usage₹933.05
  • Applicable List Of 100+ countries
  • Incoming calls on Wi-Fi calling can be received from anywhere in the world at ₹1
  • Outgoing calls over Wi-Fi calling are not allowed

Best Jio Roaming International Plans for Tourists & Students

Choose the best Jio Roaming International Plans tailored for tourists and students. Stay connected effortlessly while exploring new destinations or pursuing studies abroad with Jio's affordable and convenient roaming options. Whether you're sightseeing or attending classes, Jio ensures seamless communication and connectivity for your journey.

Top Jio Roaming Plans for Tourists

When you travel, you don't have to get a SIM card from another country. Instead, you can buy international roaming packs from Jio. These packs let you talk to friends and family in India, receive SMS messages, and use data while you're traveling. There are special calling plans for travel, but the regular costs vary depending on the country you're visiting.

IR Pack TypePack CostValidityUsage
With Wi-Fi calling₹1,10228 days5 ISD SMS
Without Wi-Fi calling₹1,10128 days5 ISD SMS
Data Only Pack₹9997 days1 GB High-Speed Data
Data plus Voice₹1,49914 days150 minutes voice.100 SMS.1 GB Data

Top Jio Roaming Plans for International Students

International students can choose temporary data and call roaming plans until they get a local SIM card in their new country. Jio's international packs can keep them connected with family and help with settling into the country and university. Here are some popular Jio roaming plans for international students.

IR Pack TypePack CostValidityUsage
With WI-Fi calling₹1,10228 days5 ISD SMS
Data Only pack₹2,9997 days5 GB High-Speed Data
Voice and Data pack₹2,49910 days100 minutes voice/day.100 SMS/day.250 MB/day

Jio International Roaming Countries List and Network Partners

Before you get your Jio recharge to the country you are travelling, know about the pack partner network specified for the respective country. We have listed the IR partners with Jio for its subscribers.

Jio IR Countries List and Partners


Applicable Partner Name

Handset Display

AustraliaOptusOptus AU / Optus
CanadaBell MobilityBell
Czech RepublicO2O2- CZ
DenmarkHi3G3 DK
GermanyTelefonicaO2- de/ E-Plus
IndonesiaHutchinson CP3
ItalyTelecom ItaliaTim
MalaysiaU-MobileU Mobile
NetherlandsKPNNL KPN
New ZealandSparkSpark NZ
SingaporeM1SGP-M1/ M1
South KoreaSK TelecomKOR SK Telecom / SKT
Sri LankaHutchisonHutch
Sri LankaMobitelMobitel LK
ThailandTrue MoveTH 3G+
TurkeyTurkcellTR Turkcell/ TCELL
United Arab EmiratesDUDU
United KingdomHutchison3 UK
United KingdomTelefonicaO2 – UK
United StatesAT&TAT&T
  • Unlimited Jio Roaming Plan: Points to Remember
  • Kindly ensure your number is connected to Jio network if you are activating the IR pack for the first time.
  • International roaming services are exempted on JioFi & JioPhone device.
  • The pack benefits are applicable only on the preferred partner network in the visited country if any other partner is chosen then standard rates will be applicable.

Most Travelled Countries by Indians and Their Standard PayGo Rates

Jio International Roaming Pack Benefits for Indians


Local Call (Rs/Min)

Call to India (Rs/Min)

Rest of the world (Rs/Min)

Incoming Call (Rs/Min)

Outgoing SMS (Rs/SMS)

Mobile Data (Rs/10 KB)

United Arab Emirates22100220.02
United Kingdom22100220.02

How to Activate Jio International Roaming Plan?

Activating international roaming services varies between prepaid and postpaid Jio numbers. Here's are the details about how to do it based on your plan type:

Activate Jio Prepaid International Roaming

Recharge Jio International Roaming Online: Follow the steps mentioned next for Jio Prepaid users:


Recharge Jio International Roaming Plan via MyJio App

  • Open MyJio App and login
  • Click on Get Jio Prepaid Plans
  • Select Extras
  • Select International Roaming
  • Select the country and plan
  • Make the payment and submit

Your plan gets activated within 4 hours of buying the pack. Make sure your Jio SIM card is well-connected with the Jio network.

Activate Jio Postpaid International Roaming

You can activate international roaming services for postpaid users on the Jio website:

  • Go to
  • Sign in and choose "Mobile."
  • Enter your Jio number and generate OTP.
  • Submit OTP.
  • Click "Settings" and choose "Manage Service."
  • Turn on International Roaming, then click "Submit."
  • You'll receive a confirmation message with a reference number.
  • Adjust your credit limit or buy an IR pack as needed.

Also, you can activate international roaming on postpaid Jio connections using the My Jio app:

  • Open the My Jio app.
  • Go to the Telecom Section.
  • Choose "ISD & Roaming."
  • Select "International Roaming" and tap "Activate."
  • You'll receive a message confirming your request. Make note of the reference number and your assigned credit limit from Jio.

How to Deactivate International Roaming Jio SIM?

If you have a prepaid pack, it automatically stops when it expires. For postpaid, here's how to turn off international roaming on your Jio SIM:

  • For postpaid, use the My Jio app:
  • Open the app and select "Mobile.
  • Find "International Services" and tap "International Activations.
  • Tap "Deactivate" at the bottom.
  • Confirm by tapping "OK."
  • You'll see a confirmation message. Alternatively, visit the Jio website for deactivation steps.

Jio International Roaming: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate the International Roaming service after reaching another country?

Even if you are in international location:you can buy the IR pack. Once the activation process begins, your phone will stop receiving signals. You need to restart your phone for your IR settings to be processed. It takes a minimum of 4 hours for activation to work.

How to register android device for international roaming services?

Follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that in your mobile device, the 'Preferred Network' type is set to GSM/WCDMA/LTE
  • If your device is not registered automatically then turn off 'Automatic' and select 'Available network'
  • Next go settings –>More→Mobile network→ Network Operators
  • If still not registered then look for Jio4G/ STK available on device Home screen select STK /Jio4G Menu
    Within STK / Jio4G select International Roaming and select "OFF"
  • Wait for 5 minutes and device will register to network

Under Jio prepaid plans, Is it possible that my Jio SIM work in all countries?

Jio International Roaming service is available in 170 countries.

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