BharatFiber Vs. RailWire Wifi: Which One is better?

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BSNL is one of the oldest government telecom companies in India. This company has a solid consumer base for its telecom services and is now branching into Fiber optic Broadband services. To do this, they have launched the BSNL Bharat Fiber.

BSNL Broadband has unlimited broadband plans at low prices for its users. They mainly provide broadband services in urban areas and cities. On the other hand, RailTel is a Govt. of India offering under the Ministry of Railways and has become a competitor to BSNL Broadband services.

Railtel has introduced their retail FTTH (Fibre to the Home) broadband service called RailWire in 2008. They are growing exponentially, and as of 21st October 2021, they have a four lakh+customer bases and over six thousand ANP’s working with them.

RailTel has a countrywide presence, is creating a solid consumer base, and has a high-speed internet connection at railway stations all over the country. They do so with the help of their 60,000+ km optic fiber network, which runs along railway tracks.

RailWire mainly provides broadband services in rural village areas under their three-tier business model. RailWire offers different plans in different areas/cities. Their plan prices are slightly higher than broadband services like Airtel, Reliance Jio, and others.

In this article, you will know more about these providers’ plans, prices, and other details.

BSNL Vs.RailWire Wifi Installation Charges Comparison

BSNL Charges
Particulars Price
BSNL Bharat Fiber

Installation charges

Rs 500
ONT Security deposit (refundable) Rs 1000
ONT Rent per month Rs 90
ONT along with ADSL (Asymmetric

Digital Subscriber Line) WiFi Modem: Rent per month

Rs 200
ONT purchase from BSNL with five

years AMC (Annual Maintenance contract)

Rs 12000
RailTel Charges
Particulars Price
Installation and activation.

(Inclusive of ONU with One year warranty and Maintenance support)

Rs 3000


BSNL’s initial charges are a lot lesser compared to Railtels charges. However, Railtel does give a 1-year warranty and maintenance support all under one price but the 5-year maintenance charge by BSNL is a whopping Rs.12000!

BSNL has no Installation Charges if you choose the Annual Payment option. Except for the maintenance charge the BSNL installation charges are quite minimal.

BSNL has an option of choosing a Free Modem which is available only with selected Plans.

BSNL Vs. RailWire Wifi Plans and Prices Comparison

BSNL Plan Details
BSNL plan Details Price
BBG UL 545 Up to 2 Mbps till 1 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 545/month
BBG Combo UL 675 Up to 2 Mbps till 1 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 675/month
BBG ULD 795 Up to 2 Mbps till 8 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 795/month
BBG Combo ULD 845 Up to 2 Mbps till 6 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 845/month
BBG Combo

ULD 945, Up to 2 Mbps till 8 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps

Rs 945/month
BBG Combo ULD 1445 Up to 2 Mbps till 20 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 1445/month
BBG ULD 1491EA Up to 2 Mbps till 30 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 1491/month
RailWire Price Details
RailTel Plan Details Price
RailTel 449 plan Up to 1 Mbps till 10 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 449/month
RailTel 499 plan 512 Kbps, Unlimited Rs 499/month
RailTel 549 plan Up to 1 Mbps till 20 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 549/month
RailTel 599 plan Up to 2 Mbps till 10 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 599/month
RailTel 699 plan Up to 2 Mbps till 20 GB, after which it’ll become 512 Kbps Rs 699/month
RailTel 899 plan 1 Mbps, Unlimited Rs 899/month
RailTel 1399 plan 2 Mbps, Unlimited Rs 1399/month

Customer Care Comparison


Railtel has a dedicated customer care network for each state. They have a separate customer care number and email id for each state. You can get your states customer care information on their official website -

RailTel customer care information:

  • Toll-Free Number: 1800 1039 139


Since BSNL offers many services like telecom, landline, broadband, etc, they have a dedicated service team for each of its services. They also have an option to download forms from their website which the user can print/fill and physically register for a new broadband/FTTH service in the BSNL office. You can find these forms here:

You can also get in touch with customer care via their BSNL mobile app.

  • BSNL customer care: Toll-free number: 1800-345-1504
  • Official website:

Bharat Fiber Or RaiWire WiFi: Which One Is Better?

So, which one should you choose? Bharat Fiber or RailWire? To sum it up, each of them has its own pros and cons. BSNL is definitely more popular than RailWire and has a more expansive presence. BSNL has a two-tier model for urban and semi-urban areas, and RailWire has a three-tier business model for rural and village areas.

Since the brand awareness of BSNL is higher than RailTel, they have good connections with local Cable TV operators who can utilize their fiber optic access networks to make their broadband plans a little less expensive than RailWire.

In terms of reliable network, BSNL has been a trusted brand for many years and has created an excellent reputation for itself in the market; and continues to provide a decent network to millions of Indians, so BSNL is more reliable. However, Railtel, in a short time, has created a loyal customer base. Because of positive feedback, many people are now looking forward to trying their broadband service because of its exciting plan and prices.

BSNL FTTH services are priced higher than Railtel. BSNL also has trusted customer services and is available in PAN India. RailWire consumers also are happy with the customer service and have admitted to having a less fluctuating network and lesser downtime. BSNL fiber broadband users have complained about having the network going down often. To conclude, RailWire offers cheaper plans with more data in comparison and has better network and customer service.


The above article will have provided a clear picture of the comparison between Bharat Fibre and Railwire Wifi. Find out more information about other popular network providers and their plans only on Selectra!

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