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The Internet has been an indispensable part of our daily lives over the past decade. Most of us rely on the internet to get around our daily tasks. This highlights the significance of choosing the top Internet Service Provider in your region for your workplace or at home.

Selecting an internet service provider is among the most perplexing investments that many people would make. With the rise in broadband providers as well as internet use, making this choice has been more difficult in recent years.

However, by comparing various broadband plans, you can ensure you find the perfect plan available on the market, that not only fits your budget but matches your requirements as well.

Why Compare Broadband Plans

With more people either opting to or forced to work from home, and the rise of OTT platforms, the need for a good broadband service provider has become crucial. However, many people are left struggling for a decent internet connection in between meetings or watching a movie due to poor network coverage.

However, if you take the time to compare all the different service providers and plans available, you’re more likely to get a better internet connection to match your demands. For example, if you’re currently using ACT’s broadband plan, but are receiving poor coverage, you could consider moving to a more reliable JioFiber that not only provides a better network but also offers more affordable plans and more features.

Moreover, you may currently be on your broadband provider’s best plan, but these providers are constantly upgrading their plans and rates to ensure they’re able to keep up with the competition. By comparing plans, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with all the offerings and choose the best one that matches your requirements.

What To Look For When Selecting a Broadband Provider?

In today's world, providing strong broadband service is one of the most essential home services. Decent broadband connectivity is a service that everybody, young and old, uses for jobs, remaining connected, or binging a favourite show. So, when you're searching for the best internet service, consider the following aspects.

Download and Upload Speed

It is often important to verify the download and upload speeds that are delivered to you when choosing or changing an internet service provider.

Ensure that you are accurately notified about the download and upload speeds that are needed for your use. If your job requires frequent downloads, you must have a fast internet connection. And if you're a YouTuber or even a blogger who uploads files to the internet, upload speed is an important factor to consider. It’s often recommended to choose a broadband provider that will improve your work and browsing quality.

Check Availability

You might like a plan provided by a rival broadband service provider, however before you choose it, definitely check to see if that provider's services are available in your region. If the service provider's compatibility is doubtful, no matter how good the service provided, you will run into technical difficulties.

As a result, prior to switching internet networks, you should always verify the accessibility of a service provider.

Keep An Eye Out For Hidden Charges

The cost of the plans is a major factor that affects consumers' decision to change broadband service providers. Several service providers do provide the first two to three months of coverage at a significantly reduced rate before increasing the normal prices.

However, switching to these types of deals can result in losses. You will undoubtedly incur a loss and you will be terminating the original deal for something you have previously paid in full. You can find a better deal for your needs, only to be shocked by the high exit fees imposed by broadband service providers. So, ensure you are well aware of all the charges levied to ensure you’re getting the right deal.

Select Bundle Packages

When changing your broadband internet service, always check for bundle packages as they can save you a lot of money. If you have a great plan and a reasonable limit, you can use the network for your tv and other gadgets shared by your family members without facing any difficulties.


Whenever it comes to selecting a high-speed internet link, reliability is surely vital. It is frustrating to have insecure internet service. You must ensure that the Internet service provider has a stable connection and excellent customer service. If there are any issues with the internet service, they should be fixed as soon as possible.

Accumulation of Peak and Off-Peak Downloads

Despite the fact that ISPs support unrestricted broadband in their advertising campaigns, all of them put limitations on the number of data that can be downloaded at peak hours. You must not be taken in by ISPs who promise to have unlimited broadband. You must confirm this by contacting any of their existing customers you might know.

Contract Duration

The majority of broadband contracts have free installation. However, you must adhere to the package for a minimum of 12 months until you can end the deal. You most likely will have to pay a contract termination charge if you do not. It is impossible to change ISPs when you are already under the agreement, even though you are dissatisfied with the output of your existing provider. Hence, when selecting a company, you must carefully consider each prospect's quality and credibility.

Know your Internet Usage

Knowing internet consumption is crucial when choosing a broadband provider. Make a list of the things for which you use internet resources, as well as the volume of data they use. Few popular approaches to remember are as follows:

  • The average number of emails sent/received

    The number and amount of emails you send or receive will have an impact on your internet requirements, particularly if you upload large files to them.

  • The need for File Download

    The requirement to transfer huge files on a daily basis often influences your choice of an appropriate broadband plan. Music and images are examples of large archives. Make a list of what you require from the Internet; this will assist you in determining the package that will meet your needs.

  • Online Games

    If you like playing video games, you may need a larger package to be capable of playing them without experiencing Internet speed issues. Significant amounts of data are needed to access online games. Significant amounts of data are needed to access online games.

  • The amount of computers that can link to your broadband network

    The number of users using your data plan at the same time is also important in deciding your bandwidth requirements. Before selecting a package, you must be able to calculate the number of machines that will be connected to your network, including each person's Internet activities. This would have a significant impact on broadband capacity, particularly if all users use the internet at the same point.

The Price

The price of your broadband service is important. There has to be a reasonable combination between speed and cost. Often homes use their internet connectivity to operate from home, such as sending emails or merely browsing the internet. Few homes make extensive use of internet data, uploading and downloading large amounts of data. As a result, you can make a detailed list of your exact needs before comparing high-speed broadband packages and deals.

The Best Broadband & Internet Providers In India

India now has the world's third-largest population count, with more than 100 thousand daily users browsing the internet regularly through smartphones, laptops, as well as desktop computers. As a consequence, there is no doubt that there's a slew of network operators offering a variety of plans to suit both social and regional groups in the nation.

Here are some of the most prominent broadband and internet providers in India that you can choose from.

How to Move from One Internet Service Provider to Another

With the rapid technological advances occurring across the globe, it is critical to have a really successful and reliable broadband plan that meets your needs. In case your internet service provider is incapable to hold strong on the promises made when you purchased their service, the only viable alternative is to shift!

To shift to a new internet service provider, below are the following steps :

  • Step 1 : First and foremost, you must locate a new service provider. In particular, it's better to have your termination date approved first, followed by booking the starting date for the new service, to prevent overlap or a time when you're without a connection.
  • Step 2 : Typically, it can take up to 2 weeks for the change to take place. This certainly varies by the provider and could last up to six weeks also. You have 14 days after signing a deal with the new company to withdraw for free. So, most networks would get you up and running within that time frame.
  • Step 3 : Identify the costs, if there are any, you would incur. If your deal with your existing ISP is coming to an end, you would be able to shift providers for free. However, if you're already in the middle of your deal, you'll almost certainly be charged a termination fee.
  • Step 4 : Contact the current internet company and inquire when they will be able to shift you to the new deal. Select a date for the switch.
  • Step 5 : Check with your old company that you intend to terminate on the day the new service begins.

How Selectra Can Help With Changing Broadband Providers

As mentioned above, there are a host of various broadband and WiFi providers in India. Hence, choosing the one that’s most suitable for you can be confused. At Selectra, we provide a comprehensive comparison between each provider, including their plans, coverage and customer service. This comparison provides you with all the information needed to make an informed decision.

At Selectra, you can avail the following, which can help you choose the best broadband provider :

  • Profiles : Our team of experts have conducted detailed research about each provider and we offer profiles for each service provider, enabling you to learn all relevant information.
  • Comparison : We provide in-depth comparison between providers, enabling you to identify the pros and cons of each provider.
  • Tips & Tricks : Are you looking to increase your network speed or are wondering how to choose the right provider? We offer tips and tricks to enable you to get the best of your network.

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