Comparing Popular Lifetime Validity Mobile Plans : Airtel, Vi, Jio & BSNL

lifetime validity plans

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a prepaid connection that doesn’t need to be recharged periodically to keep it active? More often than not, our hectic schedules or financial troubles cause us to overlook recharging our prepaid connections, which could result in them becoming deactivated. Reactivation is a hassle, and you might end up missing important calls in the bargain.

To prevent this from happening, you should consider recharging your phone with a lifetime validity mobile plan that ensures that your connection stays active without any conditions.

Due to its increasing popularity, almost every prominent mobile operator offers these plans at different price points and additional benefits. However, more recently, these plans have been restructured to long-term validity instead of lifetime. Basically, this means that if a customer purchases a lifetime validity plan, the connection will be active for 3 months, 6 months or up to 1 year.

In this blog, we have provided a list of all lifetime validity or long-term validity plans offered by the top telecom operators in the country, including Airtel, Vi, Reliance Jio and BSNL. You can compare these plans to find the right one for you.

Lifetime validity plans usually only provide incoming calls for extended periods. If you want to make outgoing calls or get internet access, you’ll need to recharge accordingly.

Vodafone Idea (Vi) Lifetime Or Long-Term Validity Plans

You may select from a range of prepaid plans that give validity for a longer period based on your mobile needs. Currently, Vi offers long-term validity Prepaid plans with validity periods of 180 days and 365 days.

Let's take a look at the costs and advantages of different programs.

Vodafone Idea Rs 1197 Plan

The long-term validity plan with a validity period of 180 days is offered at Rs 1197. It also includes the weekend data rollover promotion. Aside from that, the plan includes features like unlimited calls to all carriers, 1.5GB of internet each day, and 100 SMS each day. This package also includes access to Vi Movies and TV.

Vodafone Idea Rs 1499 Plan

The Rs 1499 package provides access to Vi Movies and TV and also has a 365-day validity term. This plan also contains unlimited local and long-distance calls, 3600 local and long-distance SMS, and 24GB of internet.

Vodafone Idea Rs 2399 Plan

The Rs 2399 long-term validity plan also includes Vi Movies and TV, unlimited locally and nationally calls, 100 locally and nationally SMS per day, and 1.5GB of internet per day. It additionally lets you take advantage of weekend data rollover. This plan is valid for 365 days.

Vodafone Idea Rs 2595 Plan

This prepaid long-term validity plan, priced at Rs 2595, is good for 365 days and incorporates the weekend data rollover benefit. Other advantages include unlimited calls, 2GB of internet, and 100 SMS each day. This package gives you access to ZEE5 Premium as well as Vi Movies and TV.

Other Vi Prepaid Plans with Relatively Long Validity

Vi also offers other plans that don’t require you to recharge your connection every month. These plans include 84-day and 56-day validity periods.

A few of the 84-day plans are worth Rs 819, Rs 599, Rs 699, and so on. This long-term validity prepaid plans include a variety of perks like unlimited calls, SMS, data, weekend internet rollover, double data offer, plus accessibility to Vi Movies and TV as well as ZEE5 Premium.

The programs Rs 595/-, Rs 399/- and Rs 449/- are good for 56 days. You can also get weekend data rollover, double data, a year of ZEE5 subscription, and a subscription to Vi Movies and TV with these packages. Unlimited calls, data access, and SMS are standard package perks.

BSNL Lifetime Or Long-Term Validity Plans

BSNL, a government-owned telecom company, provides multiple long-term validity plans that are active for 180 days at extremely low costs. For example, the company’s cheapest lifetime or long-term validity plan costs only Rs 36 and comes with a host of benefits.

With this plan, you can enjoy a 6-month validity period along with 50 MB of data and all outgoing calls will be billed on a per-minute basis. The cost is significantly lower compared to Airtel, Vi, and Jio lifetime validity plans.

In addition to this, BSNL is also planning to launch two new lifetime or long-term validity plans for Rs 74 and Rs 75, depending on your location. Stay tuned with Selectra for more details about this plan.

Airtel Lifetime Or Long-Term Validity Plans

Airtel is one of the few providers that is still offering lifetime validity with two of its plans. So, if you recharge your connection with these plans, you will be able to receive incoming calls till Airtel has the license to offer the service.

Check out the information for both of these plans below:

Airtel Lifetime Validity Plan 1:This plan will cost you Rs 100, for which you can avail of Talktime for Rs 81.75, outgoing validity for 28 days, and enjoy a lifetime of incoming validity. However, you don’t get any data with this plan.

Airtel Lifetime Validity Plan 2:Under this plan, you get a Talktime for Rs 420.73 and outgoing validity for 28 days, and a lifetime incoming validity for a lifetime at the cost of Rs 500. There is no data included in this plan.

Besides these plans, you can also avail of Airtel’s long-term validity plans for Rs 145 and Rs 245. The plan for Rs 145 is valid for 42 days and offers full Talktime with 30p/min on local and STD calls in addition to 1 GB of data.

On the other hand, the Rs 245 plan is valid for 84 days and offers Rs 245 Talktime with 30p/min on local and STD calls and 2 GB of data.

Reliance Jio Lifetime Or Long-Term Validity Plans

Long-term validity plans are the current buzz in the telecom sector, and Jio does not want to be left out. Following in the footsteps of Airtel and BSNL, Jio has launched two new long-term validity contracts for its subscribers, but with a twist.

Jio has announced two new extended validity plans priced at Rs 594 and Rs 297, however they are not available to all Jio customers. Basically, you can only benefit from Jio's new long validity plan if you are a JioPhone customer.

After a lengthy period of inactivity, the business has finally updated its JioPhone recharge plan list. Until now, JioPhone customers could only choose from monthly subscriptions.

The JioPhone Rs 594 plan includes unlimited voice calling, 300 SMS every 28 days, unlimited access to Jio applications, and 0.5GB of high-speed internet each day. When the FUP limit is met, the speed drops to 64Kbps. The plan has a validity period of 168 days from the date of recharge.

The next JioPhone long-term validity plan is Rs 297 and includes free voice calls, 300 SMS every 28 days, plus unlimited internet with 0.5GB high-speed data each day for 84 days. Both programs will have a 28-day cycle for a month. This indicates that the Rs 597 plan has a six-month validity period, whilst the Rs 297 plan has a three-month cycle.

A cheap plan doesn’t always mean the best plan. Make sure you compare each provider’s benefits and network coverage before choosing a plan that suits you.


There’s no doubt that prepaid connections have multiple benefits, but one of their major drawbacks is the need to recharge almost every month. By availing of these long-term or lifetime validity plans, you can ensure that you don’t have to face this problem ever again! That being said, it’s important to note that there may be regional differences in the cost and features of various packages. Hence, before choosing the right plan for you, you should consider checking with the service provider’s support team.

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