A Comparison Guide Between Tata Sky And Dish Tv

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tata sky vs dish tv

India has a wide variety of dish connections to choose from. Dish TV and Tata sky are two of the oldest satellite connections that have been providing excellent DTH connection in their own right to viewers. With this legacy comes the age-old question, which is better, Tata Sky or Dish TV?

We have made a comparison guide between these top DTH providers in the country to help you select the perfect dish for your home! The below comparison guide covers different set-top boxes of the respective brand, installation cost and channel services between both.

A Brief Introduction

Before we get started with the comparison, let’s first get a better understanding of the backgrounds of each of these companies.

Dish TV

Initially, Dish TV was under a lot of flak due to its merger with Videocon. Customers often felt that the technology was outdated and they weren’t getting the most of having a DTH service. However, Dish TV has recently made some major changes in its services, including new offers and rewards. With a subscriber base of nearly 28 million, Dish TV is the largest Indian DTH service as of now.

Tata Sky

Tata Sky has been in the news for its growing rural customer base, which it caters to via customized recharge packages. Even though its current subscriber base, at 10 million, is not as large as Dish TV, it is one of the only DTH platforms that is giving a stiff competition to the biggest DTH giant in India.

Dish TV vs Tata Sky: Set-Top Boxes

Tata Sky Set-Top Boxes

Tata sky has five set-top boxes for you to choose from!

Type of Set top Box Tata sky SD Tata Sky HD Tata Sky +HD Tata Sky Ultra HD 4k Tata Sky Binge+
Amount Rs. 1499 Rs. 1499 Rs. 4999 Rs. 6400 Rs. 2499
  1. Tata Sky SD

    Tata Sky Standard definition is the basic set-top box with Dolby Digital Surround audio, 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080i resolution, which is very good for its price.

  2. Tata Sky HD

    Tata Sky HD is the high definition version of the previous pack. It also includes Dolby Digital Surround audio, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1080i resolution, and promises high definition pictures and sound quality.

  3. Tata Sky+HD

    This is an upgrade to the Tata Sky HD box. Along with Dolby Digital Surround audio, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1080i resolution, this set-top box also gives you a 500GB hard disk space that helps you record your favourite shows and movies. It can record, skip, rewind, forward and pause your favourite series!

  4. Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K

    The Tata Sky Ultra HD 4k set-top box is the only set-top box among the five that supports 4k images that are higher than HD, true colour (10 bit colours), and HDMI 2.0 to support a higher frame rate. It also includes Dolby Digital Surround audio and a 16:9 aspect ratio. If you have a 4k TV, it makes the most sense to take this set-top box even though it is the most expensive one compared to the other four.

  5. Tata Sky Binge+

    This set-top box offers the best of both worlds, which is enjoying your favourite TV shows plus OTT apps like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, Voot, Zee5 etc. It has built-in Chromecast, supports Google Assistant, Bluetooth, and is 4k enabled. The users will get three months of free Amazon Prime Video subscription and six months of free Disney+ Hotstar, SunNxt, Hungama Play, Eros Now, and ShemarooMe subscription.

Dish TV Set-Top Boxes

DishTV has a variety of set-top box’s, and they have SMRT sticks and kit, offering a range of smart solutions.

Types of Set Top Box DishNXT DishNXT HD DishSMRT HUB DishSMRT Stick DishSMRT kit
Amount Rs. 1490 Rs. 1590 Rs. 2499 Rs. 599 Rs. 1199
  1. DishNXT

    DishNXT is their most basic set-top box that has stereophonic sound, multilingual channels and digital picture quality. This set-top box, however, only supports SD picture quality.

  2. DishNXT HD

    For just Rs.100 extra upgrade to HD with DishNXT HD. This set-top box has stereophonic sound, multilingual channels and High-Definition picture quality.

  3. DishSMRT HUB

    DishSMRT Hub is the company’s smart hybrid set-top box which is much like Tata Sky Binge. It lets you view your favourite TV shows and switch to online streaming seamlessly on OTT apps.

  4. The DishSMRT STICK

    This is not a set-top box, but it gives your set-top box the ability to stream content. You can watch content online and play games on your TV.

  5. DishSMRT Kit

    DishSMRT kit has built-in Alexa and all the features of DishSMRT HUB. You get 30% off on a six and twelve-month Zee5 Subscription. You can watch content from your favourite apps like Hungama, Eros now, YouTube, Alt Balaji etc.

Conclusion - Set -Top BoxTata Sky has more variety of Set-top boxes, but DishTV has more smart options. The Tata Sky Ultra HD 4k set-top wins with no comparison from DishTV if you want fantastic picture quality. Price-wise, both companies have set-top boxes around the exact cost, but Tata Sky’s Ultra HD 4k is the costliest amongst the lot. Tata Sky also has Dolby Digital Sound quality which DishTV doesn’t have. So if you have an expensive TV and sound system, you should go for Tata Sky as Dolby sound may not be produced by DishTV’s set-top box.

Dish TV vs Tata Sky: Installation

Tata Sky Installation

To install a new or old Tata Sky set-top box, you can go on their website and order online, or you can visit the nearest Tata Sky Authorized partner and book your set-top box.

You can also give a missed call on 074117 74117.

Below are the prices of installation:

Tata Sky No. Of Boxes Same Premise New Premise

(with kit)

New Premise

without kit

Residential – Regular


INR 300

INR 300

INR 800


INR 400

INR 400

INR 900


INR 500

INR 500

INR 1000


INR 600

INR 600

INR 1100

DishTV Installation

For DishTV’s Installation, you can SMS DISHTV DEALER <PINCODE> to 57575 to know your nearest DishTV dealer, and he will guide you. You can also call DishTV on 95017-95017, and they will send you a DishTV installation engineer. You can also book your set-top box online on their website.

Below are the prices of Installation:

DishSMRT HUB Box Warranties
On New connection On Box Upgrade
Android Box - 1 year Android Box- 1 Year
Adapter - 1 Year Bluetooth Remote- 1 Year
LNBF - 1 Year Adapter – 1 Year
Bluetooth Remote - 1 Year Service Warranty - 1 Month
Dish SMRT HUB Box spare parts charges for out of warranty product
Bluetooth Remote Rs.700 (Including GST)
Adapter Rs.350 (Including GST)
Dish SMRT HUB Box Rs.700 (Including GST)
DishSMRT Kit with Alexa Warranty
Spare Part Warranty
Dongle 6 Month
Alexa Remote 6 Month
Dish SMRT Kit with Alexa spare part charges for out of warranty product
Dongle Rs. 900 (Including GST)
Alexa Remote Rs. 700 (Including GST)
Charges Technician visit De-Installation Re-Installation DeInstallation + Re-Installation
Rs. 200


Rs. 200


Rs. 200


Rs. 400


Conclusion - InstallationAs mentioned in the cost tables above, Dish TV offers more affordable installation costs as compared to Tata Sky.

Dish TV vs Tata Sky: Channel Recording

Tata Sky Channel Recording

Tata Sky comes with a built-in 500GB Hard Disk space, making it easy to record as many of your favourite movies and series. With series recording, you can set the recording of any series once, and it will automatically record all the future episodes. This feature Is applicable in almost all channels of the set-top box. You can also record up to three channels at once.

Dish TV Channel Recording

DishTV doesn’t come with such a massive Hard Disk space; hence, it is impossible to record as many shows as Tata Sky. You also need to manually register every episode of the series, unlike Tata Sky’s automatic recording feature. DishTV also doesn’t allow more than one channel recording at once.

Conclusion - Channel RecordingTataSky has better recording features in comparison with DishTV.