How To Lodge A Complaint About Mobile Operators With TRAI

Ever since Covid-19, many lives have been changed forever. We have learnt to do a lot of things online and on calls. The entire work from home process requires us to be online constantly and have a good network connection.

Owing to this, many mobile operators have launched new broadband plans and have promising lucrative offers for calls and text messages. However, there still are times when the network is poor and calls drop suddenly. There’s no doubt that you’ve probably spent countless hours talking to customer care while they keep us on hold and fix our issue, only for it to reoccur later.

So, what can you do when you are in a bad network phase and calls to customer care just won’t help? One of the obvious answers is to change your mobile provider. But, what’s the guarantee that you won’t face similar issues again? Also, changing providers come with its fair share of problems. Instead, you should consider lodging a complaint with TRAI.

For any clarification/feedback regarding your complaint, you can contact Sr. Research Officer (Consumer Affairs) by emailing

How TRAI Has Helped Customers

A few months ago, TRAI warned the mobile operators to treat their users nicely and listen and resolve their complaint and not keep them on hold for hours rather talk to the users directly through a human operator and not a machine.

Now, suppose the consumers are having any difficulty resolving their issue with their mobile operators. In that case, they can complain through the Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System (CCMS), which was launched recently by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

Another benefit of lodging a complaint with TRAI is that the complaints received are forwarded to the mobile operators, and no follow up is taken with you regarding your complaint with you personally. So, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) does not call back the individual and verify the complaint about any clarification or feedback and simply gets in touch with the mobile operators directly.

How To Launch A Complaint With TRAI?

To launch a complaint through Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System, you have to:

Step 1: Log into a Consumer Complaints Monitoring Systems page on the TRAI website and select your service provider, state and district details from the menu.

Step 2: After you have put in your details, a new box will be displayed on your screen with your details and email on which you can raise a complaint.

Step 3: You need to keep your complaint ID handy after lodging the complaint as it will be required later if you want a follow up.

Step 4: The time limit for cases such as fault repair, service, disruption, and disconnection of service is three days.

Step 5: The maximum time limit given by TRAI for resolving your issue is seven days in accordance with the subject and three days for exceptional cases that do not specify a time limit.

Step 6: A point to be noted before you raise a complaint to TRAI is that you should try your respective service provider first. And if your complaint is not resolved at all. You can approach TRAI/CCMS.

Step 7: If your issue isn’t solved you can click on “NO” when they ask whether you have raised the query with the appellate authority. You will then get the email ID on which you can write in the details of your complaint.

TRAI’s customer care call centre for complaints is accessible between 8:00 am and 12:00 am on all days of the week.


TRAI MYCALL is an initiative taken by TRAI so that users can freely communicate their complaints to TRAI and get real-time feedback and assistance on their complaints. You can download this app from Play Store or App Store.

This app allows users to give real-time voice call quality rating to TRAI and give more data for phone calls like background noises and audio problems. Users can report calls getting dropped immediately to get marked as a poor network zone by TRAI. Users can also help the telecom authority in decision making and performance monitoring of Indian telcos.

The time limit for each type of complaint in the cases of telephone services and broadband is mentioned below:

Basic telephone service (wireline)
Sr. No. Service Parameter Time limit for service request or redressal of complaint.
1 Provision of Telephone All cases within 7 days
2 Fault Repair Within 3 days
3 Shift of telephone connection Within 3 days
4 Termination/closure of service Within 7 days
5 Resolution of billing/charging complaints All billing complaints to be resolved within 4 weeks.
6 Period of applying credit/waiver/adjustment Within one week of resolution of complaint
7 Time taken for refund of deposits after closure All cases of refund of deposits to be made within sixty days.
Cellular Mobile Services
Sr. No. Service Parameter Time limit for service request or redressal of complaint.
1 Resolution of billing/charging complaints All billing complaints to be resolved within 4 weeks.
2 Period of applying credit/waiver/adjustment to customers account Within one week of resolution of complaint
3 Termination/closure of service Within 7 days
4 Time taken for refund of deposits after closure All cases of refund of deposits to be made within sixty days.
Broadband service.
Sr. No. Service Parameter Time limit for service request or redressal of complaint.
1 Service Provisioning/ Activation Time. All cases within 15 days
2 Fault repair/ Restoration time. Within three days.

TRAI Contact Information

Address of TRAI:


Mahanagar Doorsanchar Bhawan, (next to Zakir Hussain College)

Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, (Old Minto Road)

New Delhi : 110 002

TRAI Customer Care Numbers:

  • 91-11232 36308 (Reception)
  • 2323 3466
  • 2322 0534
  • 2321 3223

TRAI complaint mail ID:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can TRAI help to resolve individual complaints of the consumer?

TRAI can help resolve a consumer’s complaint by raising their complaint to the Mobile operator. The first step the consumer has to do is call their respective service providers to the call centre, and you’ll receive a docket number, which will confirm the complaint.

What is the call centre's time limit for redressal of complaints?

The time limit for redressal of complaints is mentioned above in the tables, however, the time frame is usually between 3 to 15 days, depending on the nature of your complaint.

If my problem isn’t solved through the call centre, whom should I contact?

If the complaint is not getting resolved at the call centre level, you should contact the Nodal Officer of the service provider for further assistance. You can also ask the call centre for the Nodal officer’s contact details or email

What is the Nodal officer's time limit for redressal of a complaint?

The time limit for redressal of a complaint can take anywhere between 3 to 10 days, depending on the subject. If the Nodal Officer fails to resolve the issue in the specified time, you can appeal to the Appellate Authority of the service provider in the prescribed form.

Where can I get the prescribed form to contact the Appellate Authority?

You can find the form online on TRAI’s website or your service providers website and download it from there. You can also get the form from the Nodal Officers or Appellate Authority’s office, for no charge at all.

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