Emergency Recharge for DTH: All You Need To Know

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Dish To Home (DTH) is one of the most used platforms for infotainment. DTH has been widely popular in the country for a long time now, and almost every household in India has a DTH connection.

The leading DTH operators in India are DishTV, Tata Play (known as Tata Sky earlier), Airtel Digital TV, Videocon D2h, and Sun Direct NXT. There are many other DTH providers, but these giants have had a strong market hold for many years.

All providers compete to provide the best service and benefits to their customers. One of the best services these networks provide is DTH Emergency Recharge or instant credit to their users. You can continue watching your favourite shows, movies, and news channels through this option even if you miss the recharge date. How is this possible? Read on to find out.

What Is Emergency DTH Recharge/ Instant Credit?

In case you forget to recharge your DTH account before the date of expiry or cannot renew on a particular day due to any reason, you can choose the Emergency Recharge option.

An Emergency Recharge or Top-up scheme is a minimum amount credited to your DTH account. This instant credit is provided to the user by the specific DTH operator. You can choose this option anytime, but the amount is valid only for a limited time.

This is approximately three days’ worth of additional balance, ensuring that your DTH connection is not interrupted. For example, if your recharge amount is Rs. 600 and your DTH operator provides an emergency top-up for three days, Rs. 20 will be credited each day for the next three days.

This is a great option because it gives the user a 2-3 day window to recharge while still active. In most cases, this credited amount is auto-debited after you have made the last recharge, or the said amount is pre-deducted from your recharge amount.

Few DTH companies offer this service for free, which means no additional cost is required, whereas other DTH companies charge a nominal amount like Rs. 10 to Rs. 25. This option proved to be a lifesaver when users couldn’t physically visit the shop for recharge during lockdowns. This way, users could enjoy uninterrupted entertainment even during the lockdown.

Luckily there is no set number of times for using this facility. You can choose this option whenever required as long as your past dues are clear.

How To Do The Emergency Recharge?

Different DTH providers have various ways for Emergency Recharge or receiving Instant Credit. Below we have listed all the DTH operators and their Emergency Recharge methods.


DishTV is one of the leading DTH services in India. They have been providing DishTV emergency recharge services for a long time now. They regularly update their recharge plans and have recently extended the validity of all their plans.

DishTV has one simple step to get the emergency recharge/ instant credit. You have to call DishTV emergency recharge number: 1800-274-9050 from your registered mobile number (RMN).

Here are some latest DishTV plans

Dish TV Plans & PacksNo. of ChannelsValidityPrice
Dish TV Hindi Premium189 Channels1 Month₹122
Dish TV Super Family HSM HD205 Channels1 Month₹216
Dish TV Super Sports HSM231 Channels1 Month₹233
Dish TV Super Family Marathi208 Channels1 Month₹164
Dish TV Classic Hindi156 Channels1 Month₹16
Dish TV Premiere Telugu SD203 Channels1 Month₹113
Dish TV Super Sports Marathi HD262 Channels1 Month₹352
Dish TV Premiere Kannada SD219 Channels1 Month₹102
Dish TV Swagat Bangla181 Channels1 Month₹118
Dish TV Premiere Tamil HD259 Channels1 Month₹193

Videocon D2h

D2h also announced their emergency recharge feature. However, D2h emergency recharge will charge an additional fee of Rs. 10. This additional amount will be deducted from your next recharge. You can enjoy viewing all channels on your D2h for an extra three days by calling 1800 1370 333. D2h has also revised its DTH plans and is now offering set-top boxes at a lower price.

Here are some latest Videocon D2h plans

Videocon d2h Plans & PacksNo. of ChannelsValidityPrice
Videocon d2h Hamara Hindi Combo87 Channels1 Month₹175.86
Videocon d2h Platinum Combo114 Channels1 Month₹279.42
Videocon d2h Gold Kannada Combo55 Channels1 Month₹142.86
Videocon d2h Gold Telugu52 Channels1 Month₹154
Videocon d2h All Of Tamil18 Channels1 Month₹84.25
Videocon d2h Amcha Marathi Plus Combo71 Channels1 Month₹164.25
Videocon d2h Mega Sports12 Channels1 Month₹119.3
Videocon d2h Hamara Hindi HD Combo88 Channels1 Month₹315.9
Videocon d2h BST Malayalam(B)94 Channels1 MonthFree
Videocon d2h Gold HD Combo63 Channels1 Month₹201.7

Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV has used state-of-the-art technology to make its user’s life simpler. All of their DTH account information will be available on their Airtel Thanks App with just one click.

You can also get your DTH account details on your mobile number by calling on the number 08130081300. By calling on this number, you will receive an SMS with the following information:

  • Customer ID
  • Balance and Validity
  • Package Name
  • Monthly Rental
  • Base Package Rental
  • Top Up Rental
  • Last Recharge Date and Amount
  • No. of Connections

You can also send an SMS saying “BAL” to 54325 from your RMN (Registered mobile number) to check your DTH balance. If you want to send this message via an unregistered number, you must type “BAL” “Your Airtel Digital Customer ID” to 54325.

Here are some of the Airtel Digital TV recharge plans and packs:

Airtel DTH Plans & PackValidityNo. of ChannelsPrice
Airtel DTH HD Plan30 Days49Rs. 251
Airtel DTH ₹ 285 Pack channel list30 Days68Rs. 285
Airtel DTH ₹ 252 Pack30 Days76Rs. 252
Airtel DTH Recharge Offer 71030 Days141Rs. 710
Airtel DTH Recharge Offer 31030 Days85Rs. 310
Airtel DTH Recharge offer for 6 Month6 Month137Rs. 2541
Airtel DTH Recharge Offers for 1 Year1 Year110Rs. 3698
Airtel DTH New Connection with 1 Year Plan1 Year1 Year HD PackRs. 6,799
Airtel DTH Recharge Plans Telugu 6 months6 Month81Rs. 1521

Sun Direct NXT and DEN

Unfortunately, Sun Direct and DEN do not provide instant credit loans for their users yet. If your DTH connection is switched off, you can log onto their respective websites for a quick recharge.


Hopefully, this guide will help you the next time you need instant credit. Stay tuned with us for more information on the latest DTH providers, plans, and more.

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