Jio Emergency Data Loan: Affordable Data Booster Plans

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Reliance Jio offers its users Jio Emergency Data Loan Services, where they can avail of up to 2GB of data at ₹25 only. This facility is specifically designed for users who may run out of their available data before the next recharge, but need additional data immediately. Users can avail of high-speed Internet access in a few moments. Find out everything you need to open MyJio Emergency Data Loan service and Jio Data Booster plans below!

What is Jio's Emergency Data Loan?

Jio's Emergency Data Loan service is offered by Jio, a leading mobile provider in India, allowing users to get a data loan in case of emergency or when their data balance is low and they're unable to recharge it immediately. Thus, such consumers can avail of the Jio Emergency Data Loan facility and continue their work seamlessly. This flexibility of ‘Recharge Now, Pay Later’ allows an uninterrupted service for all users at low costs!

Jio Emergency Data Loan: Top Features

Before you explore the data loan packs for emergency data loans in Jio, it is essential to look at the salient features that make it a unique choice. Through the Jio Emergency Data Voucher facility, users can obtain “data loans” from Jio and pay for them later. This facility is specifically structured for consumers who need additional data right away but may not have the money to purchase it. Here are the top features:

  • The data offered through the Jio Emergency Data Loan service can be used right away after confirmation.
  • Consumers are required to pay at a later date.
  • Up to 2GB of additional high-speed Internet data can be availed through this service.
  • No extra fees or hidden charges are required to avail of this service. The only additional payment is for repaying the data loan amount.
  • Note that if you have opted for this service but haven’t used it, the validity of your base plan and emergency data loan plans may expire!

Jio Emergency Data Loan: Key Characteristics

Whether you have a Jio prepaid plan or a Jio postpaid plan, your data service may expire before the next recharge. Thus, the Jio Emergency Data Loan service is a handy facility for all. The key characteristics of Jio Emergency Data Loan packs will help you understand how their service works. It also helps us, as consumers, get insight into the top priorities of Reliance Jio.

  1. Recharge Now, Pay Later

    The Jio Emergency Data Loan service is based on the feature that users can recharge their data plans and start using them immediately, whereas the payments have to be made at a later time.

  2. Validity

    The validity of Jio Emergency Data Loan packs is until the base plan’s services are valid.

  3. Value

    The Jio Emergency Data Loan packs are all priced at ₹25, which is an incredibly affordable rate against the services provided.

  4. Payment

    Users can conveniently opt and pay for Jio Emergency Data Loan services through their MyJio App within a few moments.

What are the Plans for Emergency Data Loan in Jio?

Jio emergency data loan packs are a 2GB bundle of high-speed Internet facilities priced at ₹25. Each user can avail of 1 such plan. Thus, you can avail of 2GB of data at ₹25 only. As mentioned above, the validity of these plans is till the completion of your base plan’s validity. Moreover, you can conveniently avail of and pay for this service through the MyJio App.

Jio Data Booster Plans

Sometimes, a Jio Emergency Data Loan may not be sufficient for your requirements. In such cases, you can explore Jio data booster plans. This is an add-on service where users can procure additional high-speed Internet access at affordable costs for use. Check out some of the top Jio data booster plans in the following table. Note that the validity of each plan does not differ. All of these are active plans.

Jio Data Booster Plans
₹15Data: 1GB
₹19Data: 1.5GB
₹25Data: 2GB
₹29Data: 2.5GB
₹61Data: 6GB
₹121Data: 12GB
₹222Data: 50GB

Who is Eligible for the Jio Emergency Data Loans?

All prepaid users are automatically eligible to use the Jio emergency data loan services. Unfortunately, the service is currently unavailable for postpaid users or consumers of any other Jio services. The basic idea is to provide optimal functionality of data plans to users who are more likely to exhaust their available data before they recharge for their next plan.

How to Pay for Jio Emergency Data Loans?

Jio’s best feature is the convenience and ease of use. Users can easily repay their emergency data loan packs through the MyJio app within a few moments. Here are the steps to complete the payment. Once you’ve cleared all previous dues, you can notice that the ‘counter’ for this new service will be reset and you are free to avail of this facility again.

  1. Download and open the MyJio app on your mobile phone.
  2. Log into the app with the registered Jio number.
  3. Select the “Recharge” option.
  4. Go to the "4G Data voucher" tab.
  5. Click on the “Payment” option for the Jio Emergency Data Loan plan.
  6. Once the total amount of repayment is displayed, you can select any mode of payment according to your preferences.
  7. Confirm the payment and proceed.
  8. The Jio Emergency Data Loan counter will reset and you can use the facility again!

How to Apply for the Jio Emergency Data Loan?

Jio is one of the top mobile network operators & Internet service providers in India because of its easy functionality. Applying for the Jio Emergency Data Loan facility is quite simple. The user can avail of this facility in two major ways:

  1. Jio Emergency Data Loan through MyJio App
  2. Jio Emergency Data Loan through Jio Data Loan Number

Continue reading the following sections to find out how to avail of this service.

How to Get Jio Emergency Data Loan through the MyJio App?

MyJio App is a convenient one-stop destination for users to access all available Jio services. You can also contact their representatives for help through the MyJio App. To get the Emergency Data Loan in Jio through the MyJio App, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Download and open the MyJio App.
  2. Login with your registered Jio mobile number.
  3. Go to “Menu” on the top left corner of the page.
  4. Select “Emergency Data Voucher” under the option of “Mobile Services”.
  5. Click on “Proceed”.
  6. Click on “Get Emergency Data”.
  7. Click on “Activate Now”.
  8. Your Jio Emergency Data Voucher service is now activated and ready for use!

Jio Emergency Data Loan Through Jio Data Loan Number

In case you don’t have access to the MyJio App or are facing any issues during its use, you can activate the Jio Emergency Data Loan facility through the Jio Emergency Data Loan code number. To obtain additional data, users can contact the Jio Emergency Data Loan number 1299 to get extra high-speed Internet access.

Tips for Maximising Jio Data Booster Benefits

Whether you've opted for Jio Emergency Data Loan Service or Jio Data Booster Packs, the additional data access that you've procured remains limited. Thus, as a consumer, you need to find ways to make the most of the available data. Here are some of our top recommendations for maximising the benefits and obtaining optimal compensation:

  • Since the Jio Emergency Data Loan facility is limited to a maximum of 2GB, it is advisable to avail of the facility only when absolutely needed. Otherwise, you can explore the different Jio Data Booster Plans.
  • Do not exhaust all 2GB of data if not necessary.
  • Manage your personal data usage for streaming services, OTT Apps, etc.
  • Keep updated with the latest plans! By keeping a tab on the Jio Emergency Data Loan new updates, you can find better options for your usage.

Jio Emergency Data Loan: Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay Jio Emergency Data Loan offline?

Users can pay their Jio Emergency Data Loan through the MyJio App. No facility for offline payment is currently available.

What if I don't pay the Jio Emergency Data Loan?

Users are required to pay their dues for the Jio Emergency Data Loan within the validity of their base plan. In case they fail to make the payments, this facility won't be available for future use. Moreover, Jio may take legal action against the user for failure of repayment.

What if the Jio Emergency Data Loan is not working?

If the Jio Emergency Data Loan service isn't working, users are advised to verify whether their previous dues are clear. If yes, you can contact Jio customer care support on 1991 or 1800-889-9999 to clear your queries.

When can I avail Jio Emergency Data Loan?

Users are free to avail of the Jio Emergency Data Loan service whenever they please. However, this facility is specifically designed for prepaid users when they run out of their existing data limit, need additional data access immediately but are unable to pay for it.

How to borrow 5GB of data from Jio?

Currently, users can obtain up to 2GB of additional data from Jio Emergency Data Loan services, priced at ₹25/pack. If you need more data, you can explore the Jio Data Booster Plans available from ₹15 to ₹222.

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