How to Earn Money From Youtube in India : The Complete Guide

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Do you want to be able to make money from YouTube? Are you interested in learning how much YouTube pays for 1000 views in India? As we all know, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world right now. The majority of us choose to look for our inquiries on YouTube rather than Google or any other search engine.

YouTube allows you to create and post an infinite amount of HD or Full HD material. As a result, there are many opportunities for you to develop and advance your profession on YouTube in a short period of time.

All About Making Money With YouTube

YouTube and blogging are both Google offerings, as is Google+. When it comes to launching a profession, YouTube is the ideal choice since it is completely free to get started. After establishing your YouTube channel, you will not be required to pay a single penny in order to maintain your status. In order to get money from YouTube, it is necessary to adhere to a few basic guidelines.

  1. The YouTube channel has reached 1000 subscribers.
  2. 4000 hours ( That would be 2,40,000 minutes) of total watch time.

How To Earn Money From YouTube Channel

Mentioned below is a list of the two guidelines that you must follow in order to make money on YouTube.

How To Earn Money From YouTube Views?

A minimum of 1000 subscribers is required to begin earning money from a YouTube channel. So, here's a question that comes to mind- How can we get to the first 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel within a year?

Many of us create a YouTube channel and post some stuff, but after a few months, we decide to give up on it. It's all because you didn't choose the correct niche for your business. A niche refers to a subject; if you select a topic just for the sake of making money, you will not be able to exist for an extended period of time.

There are just a few basic actions to do in order to reach the milestone of 1000 YouTube subscribers:

  • Create a Channel devoted to your favourite niche or subject matter.
  • Before creating a video, do some preliminary research on the subject matter.
  • Create a video that isn't already accessible on YouTube or that isn't already available with decent information.
  • Create a video in which you appear, as this helps to establish a deep connection.
  • Inviting others to like, share, and subscribe to your channel is a good idea.
  • Always make an effort to publish popular videos that include useful information as quickly as feasible.
  • Post videos on a consistent basis, at least one video each day.
  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail. Make use of the Picsart or PixelLab smartphone applications.
  • Include a title that may be clicked on.
  • To examine the tags used by your competitors, use HTML Viewer. Additionally, include those relevant tags in your video.
  • If you have a PC or laptop, you can install the Chrome Extension and see where your video tags are ranking in relation to other videos.

Following the success of one video, strive to create several videos on comparable topics in order to maintain the momentum. To get greater results in a shorter amount of time, consider creating videos on prominent producers' channels. Always strive to develop videos that are favorable about them. Make an effort to be enthusiastic and focused on your material, and publish videos on a regular basis.

How To Complete 4000 Hours Of YouTube Watch Time?

As previously stated, in order to begin earning from your YouTube channel, you must have completed 4000 hours of view time during the previous year, as well as 1000 subscribers. If you follow the following YouTube 1000 Subscriber Complete guidelines, your channel's watch time will be completed automatically when 4000 hours of viewing time has been completed.

Tips To Make Your Videos Longer

Mentioned below are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to make longer and attention-grabbing videos on YouTube:

  1. Upload videos on a specific subject at least twice a week for a total of three times every week. For example, if your video Work From Home Jobs has a large number of views, you should submit further films on the same subject, such as how to discover the finest work from home jobs for students, how to make money from work from home jobs, and so on.
  2. Always make an effort to post videos that are at least 10 minutes long. According to research, the average amount of time spent watching a YouTube video is 4:17 minutes. Therefore, you must create videos that are at least as long as this.
  3. If your video is hilarious, vlogging, or anything similar, then take the greatest part from this video and use it at the beginning of your video as an introduction. This helps a great deal in gaining a few more minutes of viewing time. If you have one video that is 10 minutes long and it has an average view duration of 1 minute, you need to upload at least three films per day.
  4. Always pose a question in your video and invite viewers to respond by leaving a comment in the box below the video. It contributes to the creation of additional comments. The video has a good possibility of becoming viral if more people like and comment on it than the average.
  5. You should upload as many relevant subject videos as you can in a day that are relevant to your niche.
  6. Never modify your specialty; if you follow the fundamentals, you will see favorable results within 6-7 months of starting your business.

Other Ways On How To Earn Money From Youtube Channel In India

In order to make money from your YouTube channel, you may promote it in a variety of ways if you feel your material is excellent and you have a large enough subscriber base already. Remember that it might be discouraging to anticipate a reasonable amount of money from YouTube adverts even having excellent content. Here are three additional frequent methods to make money from your existing YouTube channel that you should be familiar with.

1. Create Sponsored Videos

Everyone wants to be recognised on the internet. It is possible to produce video content exclusively for a certain brand or company. For example, if your channel is dedicated to food, you may include sponsored restaurant reviews on your channel. Businesses are willing to invest money if you can guarantee them a high level of internet exposure.

2. Product Placement

It is identical to what is done in movies and on television channels. Inevitably, the price will vary depending on how well-established your channel is. Incorporating items from the sponsoring business into a normal YouTube video on your Food-based YouTube channel, for example, is one option.

When commenting on a specific product in your YouTube video, you can include an affiliate link in the description to earn money if a viewer clicks on the link and purchases something or signs up for a service on the internet. Although affiliate link income is not significant, it is something that should not be overlooked.


If you've already started a YouTube channel but haven't seen any results yet, it's likely that you're not following the fundamentals. You should not expect to see favourable effects from the very first day of your programme.

While many well-known YouTube content producers have left their full-time professions in order to further the success of their various channels, doing so is not recommended for anybody who is considering beginning a YouTube channel at this moment in particular. However, generating money on YouTube needs consistent, long-term work on the part of the creator together with a creative mind.

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