Top DTH Providers For The Corporate Sector

dth providers for business

Dish-to-home (DTH) services have become an essential part of our lives. Gone are the cable tv days where you had limited channels, lousy connectivity and low picture quality. With DTH all these issues are resolved and more.

Since DTH is wholly based on satellite connections, there are no hassles of wires or poor connectivity. Moreover, even in rural areas that are difficult to reach, DTH providers have managed to provide high-quality TV services which have been a game-changer across various sectors and services.

With more reach, there has been a tremendous surge of marketing that has reached an audience they could reach never before.

What has truly boosted their reach, however, is their corporate plans and services. In fact, DTH companies offer different packs and plans for all their users based on their needs and requirements. It also has an advantage: users can change their packs and packages and choose their favourite channels without changing the complete setup. You can also transact all your bills online, which comes in pretty handy in a dire situation of a pandemic.

When it comes to the corporate sector, all the DTH companies are providing their service across various sectors like Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial, Corporate, Residential, and more. So, to help you decide which DTH provider is the best option for you, we’ve provided the top DTH and their benefits, to help you make an informed decision.


Dish TV is one of the oldest names in DTH service. Ever since the transition from Cable tv to Digital TV began, dish TV made its name in the market. It became pretty popular because they had their subsidiary with Zee Entertainment which allowed them to dominate the market for quite some time.

What makes Dish TV a preferred choice among corporates is that their packages are affordable and offer a list of various channels to choose from. Along with that, they also provide services in sectors such as Corporate, Commercial, Hotels, Hospitals, etc.

DishTV has been able to maintain its position among customers as a leading service provider. It started at a slower pace and tried to cover a more significant share of the market, as it was one of the first players in the field, the company managed to still survive in the highly competitive market.

Their Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) services have many advantages. First, it doesn’t need to have a separate Antenna to receive DTH services that become easy to maintain and can also have multiple subscribers in one building.

Tata Sky

Tata Sky is immensely popular for its excellent and reliable service at affordable prices, especially in its corporate culture. Launched in 2006, it has come a long way from being just a Dish Service. It has benefits across sectors like Hospitals, Corporate, Residential, Hotels, etc., with a long list of channels for its users to choose from.

They have some excellent plans and benefits for users across all these sectors. Some of the benefits of getting Tata Sky (as listed on their website) are a Dedicated account manager, Annual service commitment, Maximum HD channels, Superior Viewing quality, Multiple recharge options, Single dish solutions.

Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV was launched not too long after Tata Sky and had a loyal customer base of millions of Indians. It provides over 500 channels in SD/HD across various genres and languages.

Airtel also has made the lives of their users easy by giving various benefits like users choosing their pack of channels with just a text!

Why Airtel Digital TV works well for corporates is because it allows its users to have multiple connections with only one dish. Airtel’s very own Digital set-top boxes have plans for everyone and offer free OTT app subscriptions and more! They have gone a step ahead with their firestick that is like a bunch of channels in your pocket, which makes them truly ahead of their game!

Reliance JIO DTH

In 2020, Reliance Jio announced their DTH services powered by MPEG 4 technology, along with their recently launched broadband services that have already created a stir in the market.

Jio company aims to have the cheapest DTH service in the country. Their primary focus is on updating their products from time to time to stay on top of the game. Launching various DTH plans like the Jio DTH Basic JIO DTH Basic home pack, JIO Silver DTH plan, JIO DTH Gold plan, and others, have given tough competition to the existing rulers of the DTH world.

The main benefits of Jio DTH for the corporate sector are their attractive 24x7 services, exclusive range of channels, and excellent customer service.

Videocon d2h

Videocon launched its DTH service Videocon d2h in 2009. It offers four-grade set-top boxes and has MPEG 4c technology like Jio that enhances video and picture quality of SD and HD channels that are affordable.

Videocon’s merger with Dish TV doesn’t affect the company’s management of its own packs and channels.

It offers various benefits to its users like add ons on existing packages, one dish for multiple connections and offers and deals on recharges, making it the perfect option for multiple corporate industries.


Getting DTH services in the corporate sector is extremely important in recent years, however, it’s important to get the right provider to get the best deal. Once you’ve decided which DTH provider is the right option for you, reach out to their customer care and they will provide a customized package based on your business and requirements.

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