How to Get Multi TV DTH Connection In India?

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multitv dth connection

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have more than one DTH TV connection at home? DTH service providers have come up with a wonderful way to keep their customers entertained. Now customers can enjoy multiple DTH connections right at home. They no longer have to get a new connection, it is now possible to use the same Set-Top box for multiple TV connections. 

Airtel Multi TV Connection

Are you looking for an Airtel Digital TV new connection? Why not try out another option? Airtel gives its DTH subscribers the option to add another DTH connection with many benefits. The DTH second connection charges is just Rs 899/-. Moreover, you can enjoy multiple tv connections with a single dish.

Airtel Multi TV Benefits

By using Airtel's multi TV feature, you can avail of the following benefits:

  1. One set-top-box for each television
  2. A common dish for the multiple Television connections
  3. Watch Different programmes on multiple televisions at any given time
  4. Enjoy Free installation for all your connections
  5. Airtel DTH multi-connection monthly rental options beginning at Rs 94/- per month!

Tata Sky Multi TV Connection

With Tata Sky, you are given the option to take up to 3 additional connections in addition to the primary Set Top Box. All family members can watch their favourite programs on separate Televisions. No interruptions, no quarrels about who holds the remote anymore. One Dish and 4 Set-top boxes. You get to pay for the content you watch only. Basically, you get multiple tv connections with a single dish!

Tata Sky Multi TV Benefits

By choosing Tata Sky's multi TV feature, you can avail of the following benefits:

  1. Watch different content on multiple Televisions.
  2. Pay just for what you like to watch
  3. You can pause programs in between and resume the Set Top Box when you wish
  4. 24x7 customer service and support available.

Dish TV Multi TV Connection

You can buy a Dish TV- Multi TV connection to enjoy maximum entertainment. With the secondary DTH connection, it is possible to enjoy over 500 channels, in which 50 plus HD channels are available.

Dish TV Multi TV Benefits

By choosing Dish TV's multi TV feature, you can avail of the following benefits:1 Month Multi TV subscription.

  1. Installation -The very next day anywhere in India.
  2. All-inclusive cost.
  3. No hidden charges.
  4. 1-year warranty
  5. Free on-site service.

You will not get a Dish Antenna along with the multi-connection. With one primary connection, up to 3 multi connections can be enjoyed.

Videocon d2h Multi TV Connection

Like the other major DTH service providers, Videocon D2h Multi Connection is also becoming highly popular amongst subscribers. Let us see what the details are.

Customers get a free subscription worth Rs 600 /month to one month of Platinum HD. The installation will be done within 6 hours of taking the multi-TV connection. Subscribers are allowed to update or edit channel packs according to their preferences. New users can get free installation.

Videocon d2h Multi TV Benefits

By choosing Videocon d2h's multi TV feature, you can avail of the following benefits:1 Month Multi TV subscription.

  1. One Multi-TV connection for a single television
  2. Subscribers get to watch different channels any time
  3. It is possible to avail of the same or a different channel package for primary connections when you take a Multi-TV connection.
  4. 24*7 customer care support

Sun Direct Multi TV Connection

Sun Direct DTH offers Multi TV connections, a grand success among subscribers, due to the connection and number of channels offered. Being innovative and creative in all its endeavours, Sun Direct has come up with affectionate names for the primary as well as secondary connections. The primary connection is known as the Parent connection while the secondary connections are the child connections. Hence, the Sun Direct multi-room connection is perfect for families.

The parent connection can be taken as normal with standard DTH rates. Each child connection is given a Rs 200/- discount from the actual DTH activation charges. The renewal of the child connection is also at a discounted price of around 20% of activation charges.

Sun Direct Multi TV Benefits

By choosing Sun Direct's multi TV feature, you can avail of the following benefits:

  1. A single set-up box for every television
  2. One common dish for all multiple connections
  3. Watch different channels anytime on different televisions
  4. The recording facility available free of cost, for all set-up boxes
  5. If the primary connection is disconnected, the Child connections will get deactivated as well.

Did you knowNCF stands for Network Capacity Fee

DTH Service Providers: Multi TV Price Policies

Let us take a look at the Multi -TV Price policies of major DTH service providers. You can have a good idea about how much it will cost to take a secondary DTH connection.

Multi-TV Price Policy- Videocon D2H and Dish Tv Videocon D2H and Dish Tv have the best price policy when it comes to Multiple TV DTH. For primary connections, D2H Customers need to pay Rs 153 NCF in addition to the content subscription charges for the paid channels. When it comes to Multiple DTH TV, they ask subscribers to pay a flat NCF of Rs50/- for each secondary connection. This is one of the best-priced policies that greatly leverage subscribers opting for more than one DTH TV connection.

Multi-TV Price Policy- Tata Sky Tata Sky is one of the most preferred DTH service operators. However, the pricing policy is not as popular. Secondary connections are a bit costlier than some of its competitors. Subscribers have to pay Rs 153 NCF for the secondary connections. This is the same amount as taking the primary connection. The Room service feature introduced has made it possible for subscribers to select various channels on the secondary Set-top box. There is no mirroring of the channels anymore.

Multi-TV Price Policy - Airtel Digital TV Airtel Digital TV can be placed in the middle of the line of DTH service operators when it comes to the Multi- Tv Pricing policy. Airtel DTH charges Rs 80 NCF for each multi TV secondary subscription. There is an additional charge of Rs 20/- for additional 25 channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Multi TV connection?

Using the multi-TV connection feature, a subscriber may receive DTH Services on up to three (3) additional Set Top Boxes in addition to the Primary Set Top Box using the same Subscriber ID (1 Primary + 3 Additional Set Top Boxes).

Which company is superior, Airtel DTH or Tata Sky?

Tata Sky and Airtel DTH are two of the most prominent DTH providers. While the cost seems to be the major difference between the two, there are some other factors you can consider as well. 

Which DTH provider is best for multi TV usage

When it comes to the top multi-TV DTH operator in the industry, Dish TV and D2h are the DTH operators with arguably the most convincing multi-TV policy.