Top 9 Platforms to Stream Korean Web Series in India

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K-Dramas (also known as Korean series) are simply web series in the Korean language. So besides the COVID-19 wave, we also had the ‘Hallyu’ wave that glued millions to their screens. But, wait, what is Hallyu?

The Chinese gave this word to the world. Hallyu means the ‘Korean Wave.’ We have seen a drastic change in consumers’ viewing and listening patterns in the last few years. It has never been so easy for foreign web series to enter new international territories.

After diving and deep swimming in the original K-soap culture (Ekta Kapoor’s), the Indian dwellers have been desperate to get over the ‘desi’ daily soaps and consume fresh imported content. Hence, comes the new K-craze into the picture.

In this Selectra blog, we will give you the names of the top OTT platforms, mobile applications, and websites where you can have a seamless experience of watching K-dramas.

For those still processing ‘why do people watch Korean web series,’ well, we have answered your silent question in the next section.

What is this hype around Korean Dramas?

K-dramas are regular television series. But, interestingly, the definition of ‘regular’ is different when we compare to the Indian tv shows that our older generation loved watching during the Ekta Kapoor wave.

If you have not watched a single Korean web series yet, then you probably don’t even know that you are missing out on consuming some of the finest dramas available out there.

From our viewing experience of K-dramas, we can say that these are not for mindless binge-watching. In fact, watching these can be considered a meaningful investment of your time and energy.

Most Korean shows are typically produced in South Korea, and their excellent direction skills will quickly make you associate yourselves with the characters.

Not only this, but Korean dramas will also give you a sneak peek into Korean pop culture, music, education, music, food, and others. These representations may not be truly embodied (like all other Hollywood or Bollywood movies) but will find a delicate balance between idealism, truth, and entertainment.

This is pretty much why we believe that Korean dramas are taking over the world. However, if you are still not convinced, why not watch one and see for yourself and tell us about your experience?

Where to Watch K-Dramas from India?

Now that we have got you intrigued into K-dramas, let us look at the top 9 places to consume Korean web series in India.


  • Google Play Store Rating: 4.4/5
  • No. of Downloads: 1 billion+

We are presuming that ‘Netflix’ as an OTT platform is not alien to most of you. With the contagious K-craze, Netflix too added various best K-drama into its content bank. All you have to do is type ‘Korean Drama/Movies’ in the search box and press enter.


  • Google Play Store Rating: 4.1/5
  • No. of Downloads: 100 million+

Viu is probably the most famous application for consuming Korean web series and movies in India. In fact, it has the highest number of Indian users as compared to other platforms offering K-content. Viu premiers web series and movies in real-time and, of course, with subtitles.

Rakuten Viki

  • Google Play Store Rating: 4.1/5
  • No. of Downloads: 10 million+

With Viki, users can watch all their favorite Asian dramas at their fingertips in 150+ languages. Not only this, but they can also join volunteer communities to interact with people with common interests. Its recommendation algorithm is shown to be more effective than other apps. Viki works on both ad-revenue and subscription business models.


  • Google Play Store Rating: 3.6/5
  • No. of Downloads: 5 million +

SBS has similar features to Viki when it comes to offering subtitles in around 150 languages. Moreover, SBS also gives access to Korean music and documentaries. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it popular among viewers.


  • Google Play Store Rating: 3.9/5
  • No. of Downloads: 100 k+

KissAsian probably has the longest Asian drama list, including high-quality K-dramas. In addition, users can enjoy Korean web series and movies for free.


  • Google Play Store Rating: 3.6/5
  • No. of Downloads: 10 k+

Considered a global destination for live Korean entertainment, KORTV, is a hub for thousands of Korean shows and movies. Users can improve their viewing experience by downloading videos and watching them later at a more convenient time.

Drama Cool 2.0

  • Google Play Store Rating: 3.7/5
  • No. of Downloads: 100 k+

Dramacool is probably the oldest and most widely-known platform for K-Drama lovers. Naturally, therefore, the K-drama list that you will find here may not be available anywhere else.

K-lovers can easily discover old dramas from the 90s and the newest ones not only from South Korea but also China, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries.


  • Google Play Store Rating: 3.1/5
  • No. of Downloads: 100 k+

You can hunt for the latest episodes of the Korean web series at Kdramas. The video streaming quality will be HD, and you will also get English subtitles.


TubiTV is a website where users can freely access their favorite Korean shows and movies without paying any subscription fees.

The 10 Best Korean Series to Watch

Here is a list of the 10 best Korean series that we recommend you do not miss out on:

  1. Mine (Drama, Dysfunctional Family),
  2. Vincenzo (Dramedy, Corruption),
  3. The Uncanny Counter (Fantasy TV, Exciting),
  4. Stranger (Cerebral, Suspenseful),
  5. Start-Up (Inspiring, Feel Good),
  6. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (Swoonworthy, Quirky),
  7. Kingdom (Gruesome, Gory)
  8. Itaewon Class (Inspiring, Emotional),
  9. Extra-curricular (Dark, Teen, Thriller),
  10. Hospital Playlist (Heartfelt, Dramedy)


In conclusion, we can safely say that ‘K-Dramas’ are here to stay! Yes, we just said it! While we are praying for the COVID-19 wave to die, many Korean drama lovers would never want the Hallyu to die.

We hope you loved this list of carefully picked K-drama platforms! So what are you waiting for? Go and click one of those to enter the world of amazement.

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