The Top Sports Channels In India & Where To Watch Them

The sports channels in India have skyrocketed in recent years. From only DD sports channels, we now have a plethora of sports channels which become our go-to place for all the most recent sporting events. You may watch Indian Super League, Indian Premier Leagues, as well as other sports on your television.

Moreover, aside from Cricket, a large number of people are interested in several other sports like football, hockey, kabaddi, tennis, volleyball, and plenty more. All due to DTH operators and various internet networks that supply all of the sports channels, you can now watch your favourite sports from the comfort of your own home.

What’s better is that sports networks are not only available on television but can also be seen online. From viewing live matches to stream online matches on mobile phones and devices, there’s something for everyone.

In this blog, we’ve listed all the top sports channels available as well as which channel number you can watch on various DTH providers.

Tata Sky

Tata Sky is among India's top DTH service operators. This network operator also offers the STAR Sports Select Experience, which really is a delight for sports fans.

Check out the Tata Sky Star Sports channel number and other popular sports channels.

Channel Name Channel Number
DD Sports 453
Sony TEN 1 465
Sony TEN 2 468
Sony TEN 3 470
Sony TEN 1 HD 464
Sony TEN 2 HD 467
Sony TEN 3 HD 469
Sony ESPN 476
Sony ESPN HD 475
Sony Six HD 473
Sony TEN Golf HD 471
Star Sports Select 1 464
Star Sports Select 2 466
Star Sports Select HD 1 463
Star Sports Select HD 2 465
Star Sports First 497
Star Sports 1 455
Star Sports 2 457
Star Sports HD 1 454
Star Sports HD 2 456
Star Sports 1 Hindi 460
Star Sports Hindi 1 HD 459

Airtel DTH

Airtel DTH is a well-known DTH service in the nation. It has a variety of channels, including sports networks. Below is a listing of all the sports channels available, including Airtel Star Sports channel number.

Channel Name Channel Number
DD Sports 298
Sony TEN 1 285
Sony TEN 2 287
Sony TEN 3 289
Sony TEN 1 HD 286
Sony TEN 2 HD 288
Sony TEN 3 HD 290
Sony ESPN 296
Sony ESPN HD 297
Sony Six 291
Sony Six HD 292
Star Sports Select 1 283
Star Sports Select 2 284
Star Sports Select HD 1 300
Star Sports Select HD 2 301
Star Sports First 303
Star Sports 1 277
Star Sports 2 279
Star Sports HD 1 278
Star Sports HD 2 280
Star Sports 1 Hindi 281
Star Sports Hindi 1 HD 282

Videocon d2h

Formerly known as Videocon D2H, D2h is one of India's satellite communication service providers. Dish TV, as well as Videocon, jointly control D2H. With over 29 million subscribers, it is recognized as the largest DTH provider.

Check out the top sports channels available, including Videocon D2H Star Sports channel number.

Channel Name Channel Number
DD Sports 435
Sony TEN 1 411
Sony TEN 2 413
Sony TEN 3 415
Sony TEN 1 HD 927
Sony TEN 2 HD 931
Sony ESPN 425
Sony Six 423
Sony Six HD 928
Star Sports Select 1 429
Star Sports Select 2 430
Star Sports Select HD 1 923
Star Sports Select HD 2 924
Star Sports First 930
Star Sports 1 431
Star Sports 2 401
Star Sports HD 1 403
Star Sports HD 2 923
Star Sports 1 Hindi 924
Star Sports Hindi 1 HD 925


DishTV India, which was founded in 2003, is among the Indian Direct Broadcast Satellite network operators. The Zee Group, as well as the Videocon Group, jointly own it. Dish TV was named India's most trustworthy DTH provider in 2014.

It has the majority of the sports channels, for which we’ve listed the channel numbers below.

Channel Name Channel Number
DD Sports 639
Sony TEN 1 611
Sony TEN 2 613
Sony TEN 3 615
Sony TEN 1 HD 610
Sony TEN 2 HD 612
Sony TEN 3 HD 614
Sony ESPN 621
Sony ESPN HD 620
Sony Six 623
Sony Six HD 622
Star Sports Select 1 646
Star Sports Select 2 648
Star Sports Select HD 1 645
Star Sports Select HD 2 647
Star Sports First 649
Star Sports 1 603
Star Sports 2 605
Star Sports HD 1 602
Star Sports HD 2 604
Star Sports 1 Hindi 607
Star Sports Hindi 1 HD 606

Sun Direct

Sun Direct is a satellite broadcast service provider located in Chennai. The satellite, which was deployed in 2007, broadcasts digital television to Indian homes. It is one of India's fastest growing Direct to Home (DTH) network operators.

Sun Direct has grown to become the market leader, with over 16 million members since its start in 2007. We have provided you with the Sun Direct Sports Channels List 2021, which contains all of the details about the sports channels including their numbers.

Channel Name Channel Number
Star Sports Select 2 HD 988
Star Sports Select 1 HD 987
Star Sports 2 HD (English, Hindi, Tamil) 986
Star Sports 1 HD 984
Sony Ten 2 HD 983
Sony Ten 1 HD 982
Sony ESPN HD 977
Sony Six HD 975

Online Streaming Live Sports Channels

If you are on the road and want to watch your favourite sports match, you may do it via the internet Live Sports channels. The following is a list of internet channels where you may watch sports matches and tournaments live.

  • Hotstar
  • Sony LIV
  • Jio Sports
  • Jio Sports HD
  • Jio Sports 1
  • Jio Sports 2
  • Jio Cricket 1
  • Jio Sports 2 HD
  • Jio Sports 1 HD
  • Jio Exlevlive 4K
  • Jio Cricket Hindi
  • Jio Sports Hindi
  • Jio Cricket 1
  • Jio Cricket 2
  • Jio Cricket 3
  • Jio Football HD
  • Jio Football 1
  • Jio Football 2
  • Jio Football 3


Sports networks have played a critical role in the growth of sports in the nation during the previous two decades. There are more than 20 sports networks in India, as well as several sports-related Live Apps that provide online streaming.

Users may now watch their favourite sports from anywhere in the world. Sports channels are available on all DTH providers, including D2H, Tata Sky, Airtel DTH, Dish TV, and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

DD Sports channel, Star Sports and Sony sports channel are three of India's most famous sports networks.

In India, how many sports networks are there?

There are currently 29 sports networks available in India.

How many sports are broadcast on television?

Just cricket was aired a decade earlier, however, with the introduction of tournaments like Pro Kabaddi as well as the Indian Super League, various sports such as Kabaddi, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Wrestling, and Basketball are now receiving extensive coverage on tv.

Cricket is India's most popular televised sport. On a worldwide scale, though, football is the most popular sport. The game has a big fan base all around the world. There are multiple channels, like the Star Sports cricket channel, which broadcasts round-the-clock cricket matches.

Which channel number does Sun Direct offer Sports Sports in?

The Sun Direct Star Sports channel number is 987.

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