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Cricket Updates & Live Scores

Sachin Tendulkar has dominated the majority of cricket records; he has scored the most ODI and Test runs, the most fifties, the most international centuries, and is one of the quickest players to reach the multiple of 1000 runs in ODI and Test Cricket.

If you are unable to watch the matches live, numerous cricket applications will keep you up to date on the latest developments, including real-time scores. In addition, certain applications would provide commentary updates.

Some would even add highlight snippets to ensure that you don't miss anything fascinating. Fans may also provide their own assessments of matches or how teams/players are performing. Aside from living cricket scores, at Selectra, we offer cricket updates, including match schedules, results, and information about players!

An Overview of Cricket In India

Cricket, which is now referred to as the unofficial national sport of India, was introduced by the British. The game consists of two teams of eleven players apiece. The two teams often flip a coin to determine who will bat or bowl first. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) governs all domestic events and selects the players of the Indian national cricket team.

Top players including Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Rohit Sharma often reach superstar status and are among the most prominent individuals in the nation. India and Pakistan have a long-standing rivalry, and India-Pakistan matches are among the most anticipated events globally and one of the most viewed television broadcasts.

Top Cricket Tournaments In India To Follow Live

As cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, it comes as no surprise that some tournaments are extremely popular and have a huge following on a yearly basis. Here's a list of the top cricket tournaments that the Indian Cricket Team participates in that you must follow live.

Men's Cricket

  1. ICC Cricket World Cup

    Every four years, the ICC Cricket World Cup is held. In 1975, England hosted the first tournament, which was won by the West Indies. Australia has the record for the most championships won with five, trailed by the West Indies & India with two apiece. Australia won the 2015 tournament after they beat New Zealand in the championship match. The 2019 FIFA World Cup will take place in England.

  2. ICC World T20

    The ICC World T20 is held every two years, however, future editions are slated to occur every four years. In 2007, South Africa hosted the first tournament, which India won by defeating Pakistan in the final. Up to 2015, the five champions were India, England, Pakistan, the West Indies, and Sri Lanka.

  3. ICC Champions Trophy

    Every two years, the ICC Champions Trophy is a one-day competition. South Africa defeated the West Indies to win the first tournament in 1988. India won the 2013 tournament held in England.

  4. Ranji Trophy

    Every year, 27 state teams compete for the Ranji Trophy, India's most prestigious competition. The competition is named after Ranjitsinhji, the very first Indian to play for England & Sussex. 1934-35 was the first year of the event. It was won by Bombay, which had won the most titles up till 2015.

  5. Indian Premier League

    The IPL is a Twenty20 cricket competition that takes place in April and May and is without a doubt the most popular BCCI event. Franchisees belonging to private owners play in the competition. With an estimated brand worth of USD 7.2 billion, the IPL is the most popular Twenty20 competition in the world. In 2008, the first tournament was won by the Rajasthan Royals.

Rohit Sharma is one of three Indian cricketers to score a double century in an ODI, and he is the only player to accomplish this feat three times. He has the greatest individual score in ODI history.

Women's Cricket

  1. ICC Women’s World Cup

    The ICC Women's World Cup is one of the oldest and most renowned international women's cricket competitions. The championship series is available in both One Day International (ODI) and Twenty 20 (T20) formats, which are both equally popular. The Indian women's cricket team has reached the World Cup finals twice before. However, they have yet to win an international competition.

  2. Women's Indian Premier League

    The BCCI, like the ICC, wants to promote women's cricket in India. The BCCI has shown an interest in launching a women's version of the famous Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket event. Fans are optimistic since prominent international women cricketers participated in a T20 game at Wankhede Stadium before the start of the IPL in 2018. The issue gained traction after India's women's cricket team advanced to the ICC World Cup finals.

FAQs About Cricket

When did the game of cricket begin?

Cricket is thought to have originated in the 13th century as a game played by village lads who bowled at a tree stump or the hurdle gate into a sheep pen.

When did the first cricket Test match take place?

Australia defeated England in the inaugural Test match, which took place in Melbourne in 1877. When Australia triumphed again at the Oval in Kennington, London, in 1882, the Sporting Times published an obituary note saying that English cricket would be cremated and the ashes sent to Australia, hence establishing the "play for the Ashes."

When did the International Women's Cricket Council get its start?

Australia, England, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa founded the International Women's Cricket Council in 1958, and it was later joined by India, Denmark, and other West Indian islands.

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