Sun Direct DTH: Packages, Languages, Buying Process, and Customer Support

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Launched in December 2007, Sun Direct is a leading Indian DTH (direct-to-home) broadcast satellite service provider. It is also the country’s first DTH provider to offer MPEG-4 technology.

Wait, what is the MPEG-4 technology? Well, this technology is the reason behind the good quality and compression strength of Sun’s DTH services.

With a customer base of 16 million+ subscribers, the company has been transmitting TV signals across the length and breadth of the Indian contingent.

We have written this guide to help you holistically understand Sun Direct packages, prices, coverage, installation process, and customer care.

Without further a due, let us jump right away on the specifics that will interest you.

Sun Direct Packages, Prices, and Coverage

Sun direct has a wide-ranging and entertaining list of DTH packs with more than 200 TV channels. These plans come in four (4) different bundles, which were created to best accommodate the unique needs of the 1.3 billion Indian population.

These bundles are:

  • Sun Direct Curated Packs
  • Sun Direct Bouquets
  • Broadcaster Bouquets
  • Broadcaster A La Carte

The above categories have both SD+ and HD+ services to choose from.

Sun direct has specially curated packages for specific regions/languages like Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, and the Rest of India.

The customers can enjoy the freedom to pick a plan based on their specific requirements (home/office/café/hospitals/etc.). The company offers an exhaustive list of DTH services at affordable prices. You can have access to a combination of different genres, including movies, sports, infotainment, leisure, kids, news, devotional, and others.

The below table covers the latest Sun direct recharge plans for you to refer to:

Sun DTH Recharge Plan No. of Channels Price
Telugu Cinema + Sports 173 Channels Rs. 259
Value Plus Pack (ROI) 154 Channels Rs. 300
Malayalam Super Value 181 Channels Rs. 289
Tamil Cinema + Sports 176 Channels Rs. 300
Kannada Super Value 178 Channels Rs. 289
Tamil Super Value 177 Channel Rs. 289
Telugu Super Value 175 Channels Rs. 289
Malayalam Cinema + Sports 173 Channels Rs. 259
Malayalam Cinema + Sports 207 Channels Rs. 399
Malayalam Cinema+Sports HD 184 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 409
Tamil Cinema+Sports HD 186 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 409
Telugu Super Value HD 193 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 439
Malayalam Super Value HD 190 Channels + 90 HD Channels Rs. 439
Kannada Super Value HD 190 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 439
Tamil Super Value HD 192 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 439
Telugu Cinema+Sports HD 187 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 405
Value Plus ROI HD 173 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 429
Kannada Cinema+Sports HD 185 Channels + 41 HD Channels Rs. 409
Mega Pack HD 206 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 529
Kannada World Pack HD 184 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 459
Telugu Value 134 Channels + 1 HD Channels Rs. 209
Tamil World Pack HD 185 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 459
Kannada Value 108 Channels Rs. 209
Tamil Value 110 Channels Rs. 209
Malayalam Value 147 Channels Rs. 309
Telugu World Pack 151 Channels Rs. 309
Tamil World Pack 148 Channels Rs. 309
Kannada World Pack 147 Channels Rs. 309
Malayalam World Pack HD 183Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 459
Telugu World Pack HD 187 Channels + 40 HD Channels Rs. 459
Kannada Cinema + Sports 131 Channels Rs. 259
Value Pack ROI 100 Channels Rs. 260
Tamil Kushi 97 Channels Rs. 219
Kannada Kushi 98 Channels Rs. 219
Malayalam Kushi 96 Channels Rs. 219

If you are the one who prefers one-month plans, then the below information is all you need:

Sun DTH Recharge Plan Validity (In Days) Price
Ala carte Denomination 30 Rs.100
FTA Basic 1 30 Rs.154
SD - Odia DPO Pack 1 30 Rs.197
SD - Bengali DPO Pack 1 30 Rs.198
SD - Tamil DPO Pack 1 30 Rs.199
Ala carte Denominaion 30 Rs.200
SD - Marathi DPO Pack 1 30 Rs.209
SD - Malayalam DPO Pack 1 30 Rs.219
SD - Kannada DPO Pack 1 30 Rs.220
SD - Telugu DPO Pack 1 30 Rs.225

If you are a sports enthusiast and don’t want to miss that next IPL or EPL match, here is a quick list of Sun DTH sports channels and their numbers:

Sun DTH Channel Channel Number
Star Sports Select 2 HD 988
Sony Ten 1 HD 982
Star Sports 1 HD 984
Star Sports 2 HD 986
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD 985
Star Sports 1 Select Hindi HD 987
Sony Ten 2 HD 983
Sony Six HD 975
Sony ESPN HD 977

Sun Direct Buying Process

You can buy a brand new Sun Direct DTH connection in three simple steps:

  1. It starts with choosing your subscription model. There are different DTH models available at your disposal:
    • Entrustment Model (Most Popular and preferred): Unlimited recording, 3 years warranty on Set Top Box, Free delivery, installation, activation, and demo.
    • Outright Model (allows you to own a DTH connection Set Top Box and accessories): Unlimited Recording, 1-year warranty on Set Top Box, Free delivery, installation, activation, and demo.
    • Rental Model (allows you to avail a new DTH connection Set Top Box and accessories on a monthly rental basis): Unlimited recording, 3 years warranty on Set Top Box, Free delivery, installation, activation, and demo, and refundable security deposit.

      You can pick either of these models in SD or HD services

  2. Next, you will be required to pick a language
  3. After picking the language, browse through all the available packages that meet your choices and finances.
  4. You will get an order summary flashing on your screen, inclusive of GST charges.
  5. Lastly, you will have to add your personal details to submit the new connection request.

Sun Direct Customer Care

Customers can access Sun Direct DTH Customer Care Support for any product-related, technical, or account issues via various platforms. These include:

  • Email Id (
  • Toll-free number (1800-103-7575, 1800-123-7575)
  • Regional customer care number details
  • Chatbox Services
  • 24*7 Helpline (76010 12345)
  • Complaint Management System (customers need to fill in their registered mobile number to register a new complaint or know the status of their opened complaint)

You can use either of the above platforms to find solutions to your issues. If you want to upgrade your packages, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sun Direct customer care.

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Sun Direct Customer Reviews

We have collated a list of feedback from Sun Direct customers:

Good build-quality, nice and compact, love the HD channel experience

Debashish NyatiSun Direct

Excellent picture clarity. Glad I subscribed to HD package.

Vinod RanaSun Direct

Sun Direct is an affordable option for those wishing for decent picture quality. However, the HD channel experience has not been so good. There has been connection issues now and then.

Lokesh GandhiSun Direct

Set Top Box and overall signal strength are good. However, I experienced signal drop for some channels (Star sports, MAA). But overall a good experience.

Rohit KumarSun Direct
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