Spotify : Subscription, Playlist and More You Need To Know

Launched in 2008, Spotify has been in the market for over a decade now. The digital music streaming service has acquired a substantial lead over competitors like Tidal and Apple Music. With Spotify, users can access over thousands of songs and browse through several podcasts for free.

In this article, we will be shedding some light on everything you need to know about Spotify, its unique features, how to download and use the app, and more.

About Spotify

Spotify is the world's largest music streaming and media services provider with over 381 million monthly users subscribed from different parts of the world. Out of these, about 172 million are paying subscribers. Spotify is considered to be a freemium service, which means the basic functions of the app are free but have advertisements.

However, to enjoy features like offline listening, no ads, and more, users will have to subscribe to Spotify’s premium version.

Artists prefer using Spotify over other music streaming platforms because Spotify pays them royalties depending upon the number of artist streams.

Spotify’s Unique Features

Apart from basic features such as songs from all record labels, artists, and media companies, users can avail of a multitude of other unique features as well.

Personalized Playlists

Spotify has playlists curated for every mood, genre, artist, and album. You can simply search for an artist's name and get all their songs in a playlist. There is a multitude of personalized playlists for music lovers in the mood for gym songs, romantic songs, rap songs, and more.

Podcasts Of Various Genres

Besides music, Spotify is known for its famous podcasts. From educational podcasts to a few entertaining ones, the music streaming platform accommodates podcasts of various genres. Many of these podcasts are made exclusively for the platform.

Share Your Playlists

One of the best features of Spotify is that it allows you to share your playlist with your friends and also listen to theirs. You can simply make a playlist and share the link even on social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also edit the playlists shared by your friends to customize them as per your preference.

How To Download Spotify?

Users can download Spotify on both Android and iOS devices. Spotify can be downloaded and accessed through smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home as well. Android users can download Spotify from the Google Play Store while iOS users can access the app from the App Store.

Users seeking to download Spotify on PC can do the same through Google Chrome. The Spotify web player is available for Windows operators and can be downloaded through Chrome.

How to use Spotify?

Spotify has a very simple user interface that can be easily understood by first-time users.

Listed below are a few steps first-time Spotify users can follow to navigate through the application with ease.

  1. Download Spotify on your device from the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Google Chrome directly.
  2. Log in to Spotify through your Google account, email, or mobile number.
  3. You can buy the premium account if you like or proceed with the free version.
  4. After successfully logging in to Spotify, choose your preferred language and proceed.
  5. Once you are inside the app, you can explore several options. Click on the ‘search button and type the name of any song, artist, album, or genre.
  6. You can then add the song to your favorites or create a playlist. Your playlists will be visible in the "Your Library" section.
  7. You can also scroll down on the homepage to explore various genres, recommendations, popular albums, and much more.
  8. Users can also browse through the homepage to discover several podcasts and start listening to the ones which interest them.
  9. If you have a premium account, you can download songs or podcasts to stream offline later.

How Much Does Spotify Cost?

Music lovers can stream Spotify for free if they are comfortable with regular advertisements in between songs. However, Spotify offers 3 plans for users seeking premium Spotify services:

Individual PlanThe individual plan, which is a one-time plan, costs around Rs.1000 for one year. Users can only access one account with this plan.

Duo PlanIf you are willing to share your account with someone, Spotify’s Duo Plan should be your top preference. The Duo plan is for two users and costs Rs.165 per month.

Family PlanThe Family plan is for a family of up to 6 members and costs only Rs.199 per month.

Bottom Line

If you stream music or listen to podcasts on a regular basis, you must be familiar with Spotify. It is one of the best music streaming platforms and has several features that are exclusive to the platform. Spotify’s premium version is ad-free, user-friendly, and supports unlimited downloads. Everything else that you need to know about Spotify is mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long can you access Spotify for free?

You can use Spotify for free for as long as you want. However, you can only access limited features with the free version. Features such as downloading podcasts, offline and commercial-free music streaming are not available in the free version.

Can I upload my playlists on Spotify?

Yes, users can upload playlists or music on Spotify under the artist's section. Spotify or Spotify Mod APK doesn't charge you any fees or commissions no matter how frequently you release music.

Can you set a timer on Spotify?

Yes, you can select a time limit for how long you want Spotify to play music before it turns off automatically. This time limit can range from five minutes to one hour. After setting the timer, you will get a notification for the same.

What is the limit on the number of songs that can be added to a playlist on Spotify?

Spotify has a limit of 10,000 songs for playlists. You cannot add more than 10,000 songs to a single playlist.

Is Spotify download for PC possible?

Yes, you can directly download Spotify from the Microsoft Windows store on Windows 10.

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